Monthly Meeting of October 18th, 2010

  Main legislative Building, Queen’s Park, Committee room # 2, Toronto

        AGENDA  of the Business of the day



1.      Welcome Remarks by the Chair                                                 6:00

2.      A call to order                                                                               6:05


3.      Minutes of the previous meeting                                                 6:10

4.      Report by the President (HST) The last concerns                     6:15

 Presentation by Mayoral Candidate Rocco Rossi                           6:20


5.      Report by the president (Awards) Economic Survey on the Members.

6.      Upcoming  “Annual Get Together” Celebration                        8:00

7.      Tickets for the event

8.      New Business (motions)                                                                 8:30

9.      Adjournment                                                                                  9:30


Our next meeting is scheduled for Monday November 8th,  2010, at committee room N# 2, from 6:00 to 9:30 pm.

Dear Sisters and Brothers, by tradition we are holding every year the “Annual Get Together Event” celebrating our common destiny in a free and multicultural society, as we struggle for equal opportunities for all. In this years celebration we would honour Mr. Dimitri Soudas, Director communications of the Prime Minister’s Office.  I am expecting every one to attend this event.

Thank you very much for your cooperation.

Thomas S. Saras