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Office of the President

SEPTEMBER 03, 2017

Please be informed that our monthly meeting will take place, as scheduled on Monday September the 11th, 6:00 pm at Committee room N# 2, second floor at Toronto City Hall. Details of the business of the day are on the attached agenda. As we have scheduled our two day seminar for Saturday and Sunday 23 and 24 of September, I requested time and again to have the names of the members planning to attend. As of today, only 6 members resister as attendees. This is a very important session as high ranking officials from the Department of Canadian Heritage, will be attending in order to explain to all of you how to apply successfully for funds for your publication. Probably this is going to be the last time you will have the ability to hear directly and ask questions pertaining your interests.
In any way, though, I cannot accept that the government is spending money to send civil servants to Toronto, only for 6 persons. To this extend, and if by the 11th of September 2017, day of our monthly meeting, I do not receive assurances that at least 60 members are attending, I have to call off the meeting. During the two days tenure the organization will provide to attendees food, coffee and beverages as well as cookies. It is a very expensing project for which we do not received any financial support by anyone. It is therefore that the Treasury of our organization will cover the expenses, something that we have to satisfy by the number of the attendees, or I have to call off this special and very important meeting. After this event I will refuse to help anyone feel his application in the coming October for the resent year, as he/she is not showing any interest to learn about the funds.
Thank you,
Thomas S. Saras---Maria Voutsinas----Neel Nanda----Srimal Abeyewardene-----Mohammad Tajdolati 
President and CEO----Executive Director--Secretary General-----Treasurer------Chair of the Assembly.

Agenda for Monday SEPTEMBER 11, 2017



Toronto City Hall, committee room N# 2, second floor
The meeting is called for 6:00 pm.

  1. Welcome Remarks by the Chair 6:00

  2. A call to order by the Chair
  3. Agenda of the Day 6:05
  4. Minutes of last meeting 6:07

  5. Presentations:

    Patrick Brown, MPP Leader of the Off. Opposition.: 6:10

  6. Committee of the Awards 7:00
  8. Report from the president :7:10

  9. Questions period
  10. CNE PARTICIPATION / Results :7:20

  12. New Business (Motions) Special Recognition of Members 8:20
  13. New Members: 9:00
  14. Adjournment. 9:30

  15. If you have any problem entering the building, please call my cell
    At 416- 996 4229 or Maria at 416- 727 3004
    This month’s meeting is taking place to committee room N# 2,
    Second Floor, Toronto City Hall. For Parking enter the Bay entrance of the City Hall basement parking and follow the REGISTERED Parking. The security officer will allow you to enter so you don’t pay. Our next meeting is scheduled for Monday October 16, 2017 at the committee room N# 2, Toronto City Hall. The November meeting is scheduled for Monday November 13, 2017.Please note that our Awards presentation is Friday November 17th, 2017 and will be open to all our members who want to attend. As this year we are celebrating the 150 Anniversary of the Dominion of Canada, we will recognize with our special Medal all the publications over 40 years in business in Canada.