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Office of the President

DECEMBER31, 2016

A call for our monthly meeting for Monday JANUARY 09, 2017


Please be advised that our monthly meeting for JANUARY, 2017, is called as planned for Monday JANUARY 09, 2017. The meeting is called from 6:00 pm to 9:30 at the council’s chambers on the THIRD FLOOR, TORONTO CITY HALL, 100 Queen Street West, Toronto On.
If you are planning to attend please notify my office as soon as possible of your intensions and how many person are attending from your organization. I will make parking arrangements with the security of the Toronto City Hall. In order to accommodate you I need to know if you attend or not. If you have any problems entering the building please call me on my cell 416- 996 4229 or Maria Voutsinas.
As the New Year is arriving full of hopes and dreams, I wish you all and your families a Joyful, Bright, Prosperous New Year with many happiest Days ahead. The good News are that we escape from the hands of the maniacs of the war.

Taking this opportunity please allow me to REMIND YOU that effective January 1st, 2017 all the members have to renew their membership in order for the organization to continue the work for the rights and benefits of the members. My gratitude to all of our members paying their membership. Effective January 02, 2017 we start building our massive digital web site of the members of the NEPMCC. The project was financed from the Government of Canada, TD BANK, and other private donors. Following this notification you will receive more information about the project. Thank you all and Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year.
I am looking forward to welcome you to our meeting.
Thank you,
Thomas S. Saras