Conseil national de la press et des medias ethniques du Canada.

    Canada’s Other Voices

OCTOBER  31, 2010



                    MEETING MONDAY NOVEMBER 08, 2010

  Main Legislative Building, Queen’s Park, Committee room N# 2, Toronto.

                        The meeting is called for 6:00 pm.


                        1.  Welcome Remarks by the Chair                         6:00

                     2. -A call to order by the Chair                                6:00


                     A  Delegation from CIDA (External Affairs Canada) 

3. - Minutes

4. -   Report by the President – ( Survey 2010)

                     5. - New Business (Motions)

                     6.- New Members                                                

                    7. - Adjournment.                                                      9:30


Please use the south entrance small door (front of the building) to enter the building. Take the elevator to first (1st) floor.

Should you have any questions concerning entry procedures, please contact Security Services at 416- 325 7996 or my cell 416- 996 4229.

 It is very important that all the members from Toronto buy their tickets for the "Annual Get Together". The ticket is only $ 30.00 dollars per person and only 150 Tickets are available.  Will be with us and participate Dimitri Soudas, the Director of Communications to the Prime Minister.

Please bring a cheque with you if it is possible.

The Next meeting is scheduled for Monday, December 12, 2010, Committee Room #2 of the Main Legislative building, Queen’s park, Toronto. For the members who renewed their membership THANK YOU.


Coffee, refreshments and pastries will be served by the organization.