Minutes of the Monthly Meeting held on November 08, 2010 at Queen’s Park



Thomas S. Saras

Asha Rajak

Saad Alsafar

Neel Nanda

Bahram Bahrami

Hassan Zerehi

Parry Long

Muse Kulow

Suleyman Guven

Mohammad-Bagher Samini

Nasser Nakeyar

Charles Devasegayam

Ahmad Shah Hotaki

Ned Blair

Viara Dimitrova

Patrick Callanghan

C. Sentenikathan

J. Ninisto

Adnan Hasmi

Ohannes (John) Baljian

Ismael Sambra

Savaj Haroutinia

Roffi Der- Boghossian

Logan Vehimaihim


Mohammed Tajdolati

Susana Donan

Ernesto Donan

Hai-Tien Lin

Jonathan Annobil

Emmanuel Ayiku

Pobeda Piskaceva

Blacoya Bob Risivic

Riaz Hussain

S. A. Milak

Aaron Berhane

Paulraj Rajapandan

Srimal Adeyewardene

Nagaman Logendidan

Muhammed Enad




1.      Welcome Remarks by the chair.

2.      Minutes of the previous meeting.

3.      Presentation by Andrea Horwath, Leader – Ontario New Democrat

4.      Presidents Report

5.      New Business

6.      Adjournment



Welcome Remarks by the Chair:


Thomas Saras chaired the meeting and declared the meeting open. Suleyman Guven moved a motion to approve the agenda. Ahmed Shah Hotaki seconded it. The motion was carried.



Minutes of the previous meeting:

Dr. Khan Khoda moved a motion to approve the minutes of the previous monthly meeting held on October 18, 2010 Dr. Tajdolati seconded it.  The motion was carried.


President’s Report/Discussions:


·         Thomas Saras thanked all the members who helped during the award ceremony. The event was a great success.

·         Thomas Saras encouraged all members to participate in this year’s annual dinner on December 17, as it will reflect the diversity of the organization.

·         Motion: Thomas Saras asked the council to endorse an expenditure of approximately of $900 towards buying wine and other beverages for the annual dinner on December 17. Dr. Khan Khoda moved a motion to this regard and Srimal Abeyawardene seconded it. The motion was carried.

·         Armed Forces invited the members   to a tour of Army base in Trenton. It is a good opportunity for the members to participate. President Thomas Saras encouraged members to respond to invitations sent by armed forces and participate in the tours organized by them.

·         The video recording of the awards ceremony is available for $20 and a copy of it will be mailed to LTG, Government of Ontario and Government of Canada. A few DVD copies were also available during the meeting.

·         Dr. Tajdolati suggested that the Order of Ontario be bestowed to Thomas Saras as the leader of NEPMCC. He said although awards are given to individuals and not organizations/institutions but by President Thomas Saras receiving the award it would mean that the award is being given to the entire ethnic media industry and their respective communities. Many members participated in this discussion and supported the suggestion of the Ombudsman Dr. Tajdaloti.

·         President Thomas S. Saras, thank everyone for the suggestion and their good will and responded by saying that “Whatever applies to other members also applies and bound the president without any exemption.

·         Thomas Saras has ask the Ministry of the Attorney General to appoint Asha Rajak, as officer of oath for the needs of the members of the NEPMCC. So in the future the organization will be able to provide  certificates about the circulation of its members. He would inform the members as soon as he receives some news on this.

·         NEPMCC had submitted a proposal to the Federal Government to carry out a survey reflecting on the economic condition of the members. There was a proposal submitted earlier for the awards ceremony which was rejected by the government due to some mistakes. The case is still open as Thomas S. Saras is struggling to revive the file.

·         President Thomas Saras stated that the purpose of the economic survey is to reflect on the economic condition of the members of the ethnic media who work very hard to put up a publication. The project has been accepted by the Government. The project is going to be conducted by Seneca College Markham.  Seneca College will prepare the questionnaire for the survey. This is the first ever survey done in Canada by the ethnic press for the members of the Ethnic Press and Media. Mila Garcia had earlier suggested that members could provide feedback to Seneca College for developing the questionnaire.

·         The economic survey is in the final steps.  This project is going to enrich our powers.  We have to demonstrate the power of ethnic media through the survey. President Thomas Saras said he will update members on the progress of this project.

·         President urged the members to cooperate and respond to the economic survey undertaken by NEPMCC as it was in their own interest to participate.

·         Tim Hudak would be one of the main speakers on the annual dinner on December 17.

·         The media buying agency or the Agency of Record of the Ontario Government has changed. ZenithOptimedia will begin placing all media buys as of November 29.

·         The awards to Shahrvand and Dimitri Soudas would be presented during the annual dinner on December 17. Also in the same occasion the organization will recognize all the volunteers helped for the successes during the 2010 year.

·         President Thomas Saras mentioned that when we are deciding on an award we are recognizing a publication due to their attendance and for their commitment in supporting the organization by working hard for the cause of the ethnic media and the Council.

·         Members who had earlier ordered tickets for the annual dinner were given tickets during the meeting upon payment. Tickets were almost sold out and the President hoped the remaining tickets would be brought by members of other communities so that its going to be an opportunity for all to be represented in an event of rich diversity that this organization carries.

·         President Thomas Saras sent a letter to Heritage Canada seeking some clarification under Publication Assistance Program.  Thomas Saras met with officials of Heritage Canada in Ottawa. Next year the program application will be on the website.  Effective immediately there is a program on September 2010 –Canada Business Innovation Fund for print periodicals. Members interested to know more about the program were asked to refer to the website of the Heritage Canada Ministry or contact the office of the President to seek clarification or more information. November 24 is the deadline for application under PAP.


Presentation by Andrea Horwath, Leader – Ontario New Democrat

Below are some excerpts from Andrea Horwath’s address to NEPMCC

“My family has roots from former Czechoslovakia.  My father got a good job in the auto industry.  He made a lot of sacrifices for the family and was a hard worker. Parents made sure to give a decent life for the family. They realized the best gift they can give their children is education. My father was a founding member of a cultural organization in Hamilton. As members of NEPMCC you do a good job in enriching the media market in bringing more voices. Mainstream Media does not serve every household.  The New Democrats are determined to speak with everybody.  Your readers and subscribers have concern regarding rising cost. The present government has misled facts on HST. Your readers and viewers/listeners are not making more money but are facing burden of rising cost due to HST. The verdict on HST is going to come in the election of 2011. We want an immediate removal of HST from the hydro bill. The government has the option of listening to our idea or we would bring it to the people.  The freedom of information is meant to work in such a way to use information on what government is doing. We need to lower the cost of freedom of information. We need to put teeth in FOI process. It is a matter of perspective. Today’s immigrants and children are going to build the future”.

Some of the highlights of the presentation of issues are as follows:

·         Dalton McGuinty’s new HST (Harmonized Sales Tax) will hurt thousands of Ontarians already paying more than their fair share of taxes. A new tax on gas, hydro and everyday purchases like coffee and newspapers will make life even less affordable for middle-class and working Ontarians.

·         Nothing is more important than a healthcare system that our friends, families and loved ones can all rely on. But Ontario seems to be heading in the wrong direction - waits for long-term care are growing, local emergency rooms are closing, and our government spends millions of scarce health dollars on sweetheart deals for well-connected insiders in scandal-plagued programs.

·         Our children’s future starts with our schools, colleges, training and universities. Your child’s education should not depend on your ability to pay fees for classroom necessities – but parents are fundraising over half a billion dollars annually to meet needs in our schools.

·         Ontario families are facing challenging times - and that’s why it’s more important than ever to commit to smart practical solutions to the challenges we face. Public transit is one of the best ways to do that.

Following the presentation of Ontario NDP Leader Andrea Horwath, there was a question and answer period for the members of NEPMCC.

Janus Raudkivi, William Doyle Marshall, Suleiman Guven and other members participated in the roundtable discussions.

A wide variety of topics such as

·         Restoring of food inspectors

·         How the Ontario NDP will make a difference in terms of Diverse Culture

·         Review of Multiculturalism and proportionate representation of diverse communities in NDP caucus and in Government.

These and other questions on other issues were candidly answered by the Ontario NDP Leader.


New Members:

The following new members were introduced to the council

Marcus Schwartz -www.alyssarubino.com; www.canadaeventscalendar.ca VIDEOGRAPHY

Blagoja Bob Ristic – Serbian Television Toronto

Logan Velumailum – Monsoon Journal

The President hoped that they would be active participants in the council.                              

 Adjournment: Suleiman Guven moved a motion to adjourn the meeting, Srimal Abeyawardene seconded it. The motion was carried. The chair adjourned the meeting at 10:30 pm. The next meeting would take place on December 13, 2010