Minutes of the Monthly Meeting held on October 18, 2010 at Queen’s Park



Thomas S. Saras

William Doyle-Marshall

Ahmed Hotaki

Viara Dimitrova

Neel Nanda

Asha Rajak

Parry Long

Bidigul Saad

Muse Kulow

Dumitru Popesku

Arzo Nakeyar

Nasser Nakeyar

Mohammad Tajdolati

Mohammad-Bagher Samimi

Khan Khoda, Dr.

Suleyman Guven

Ned Blair

Muluken Muchie

Bahram Bahrami

Hassan Zerehi

Irene Keroglidis

John Saras

Hermie Garcia

Mila Garcia

Pobeda Piskaceva

Aaron Berhane

Ranjit Wicks

Srimal Abeyewardene

Marek J. Goldyn

N. Longendralingham

Emm. Ayiku.



1.      Welcome Remarks by the chair.

2.      Minutes of the previous meeting.

3.      Presentation by Councilor Rocco Rossi a Mayoral Candidate

4.      Presidents Report

5.      New Business

6.      Adjournment



Welcome Remarks by the Chair:


At 6:10, Thomas Saras chaired the meeting and declared the meeting open.

Irene Kerogolidis moved a motion to approve the agenda with the exemption of item “3” of the agenda as Toronto Mayoral candidate Rocco Rossi was unable to make it to the meeting as he has withdrawn from the race of the mayor. Dr. Tajdolati seconded the motion.  The motion was carried.




Minutes of the previous meeting:

Dr. Khan Khoda moved a motion to approve the minutes of the previous monthly meeting held on September, 2010 Dr. Tajdolati seconded it.  The motion was carried.







President’s Report/Discussions:


·         President Thomas Saras sent a letter to Heritage Canada seeking some clarification under Publication Assistance Program.  Thomas Saras met with officials of Heritage Canada in Ottawa. Next year the program application will be on the website.  Effective immediately there is a program on September 2010 –Canada Business Innovation Fund for print periodicals. Members interested to know more about the program were asked to refer to the website of the Heritage Canada Ministry or contact the office of the President to seek clarification or more information. November 24 is the deadline for application under PAP for the year 2011.

·         Thomas Saras has recommended the name of Asha Rajak to be the officer of oath to the office of the Attorney General, Ontario.

·         NEPMCC had submitted a proposal to the Federal Government to carry out a survey reflecting on the Socio-economic condition of the members of the sector. There was a proposal submitted earlier for the awards ceremony which was rejected by the government due to some mistakes.

·         President Thomas Saras stated that the purpose of the economic survey is to reflect on the economic condition of the members of the ethnic media who work very hard to put up a publication. The project has been accepted by the Government. The project is going to be conducted by Seneca College Markham.  Seneca College will prepare the questionnaire for the survey. This is the first ever survey done in Canada by the ethnic press. Mila Garcia suggested that members could provide feedback to Seneca College for developing the questionnaire.

·         President urged members to cooperate and respond to the economic survey undertaken by NEPMCC as it was in their own interest to participate.

·         Tim Hudak would be one of the main speakers on the annual dinner on December 17.



·         Thomas Saras mentioned of the invitation send to Toronto’s ethnic media to attend a briefing and information session by City Hall on September 20.

·         The awards to Shahrvand and Dimitri Soudas would be presented during the annual dinner on December 17.

·         President Thomas Saras mentioned that when we are deciding on an award we are recognizing a publication due to their attendance and for their commitment in supporting the organization by working hard for the cause of the ethnic media and the council.

·         President Saras expressed disappointment when only three members turned for an event for ethnic media organized by the Canadian Forces.

·        William Doyle Marshall echoed the sentiment of the President in expressing disappointment of members not attending press conferences specially arranged for the ethnic press. He suggested of being better prepared in terms of questions asked during press conferences. Other members also gave their suggestion on this.

·         The annual Ethnic Press Festival at the CNE, sponsored by NEPMCC was an unbelievable success. NEPMCC had sponsored two shows at CNE this year celebrating the annual “Ethnic Press Festival”.  The shows took place at the International Building “Hall B” of the Direct Energy Centre on September, 5 at 1:30pm and 6:30 pm respectively. The President thanked all the members and performers who contributed towards the success of the event.

·        NEPMCC met with officials of the Ontario government Ministry of Revenue, as well as Revenue Canada on August 18 at 2:00 pm, to seek clarification regarding HST for ethnic media. The meeting was successful. There was conference call from Revenue Canada and from the Ministry of Revenue with Ottawa. NEPMCC managed to have the exemption authorized on HST. This was an historic achievement as it was a form of recognition to the ethnic media and NEPMCC.

·         The” word on the street” festival took place on September 26, 2010. Ahmed Shah Hotaki was in charge of the event. The President thanked Ahmed Shah Hotaki and other members who participated in the “Word on the Street Festival.

·        Members were asked to submit the number of tickets they wish to purchase for the annual get-together to Asha Rajak, after the meeting. All members would have to pay for their tickets at the next monthly meeting of November the 8th. The price per ticket is 30.00 dollars and this is going to offer full dinner and drinks or wine together with entertainment. Thomas Saras emphasized that he expects to see all the communities and publications to participate in this annual event with their families, so that we will start creating family connections. He made a plea to all members for their participation.




New Members: The council welcomed the following member


Marcus Schwartz -www.alyssarubino.com; www.canadaeventscalendar.ca VIDEOGRAPHY

Adzo Nakeyar – Foroogh Magazine

The President hoped that they would be active participants in the council.



 Adjournment: Suleiman Guven moved a motion to adjourn the meeting, Irene Keroglidis seconded it. The motion was carried. The chair adjourned the meeting at 10:30 pm. The next meeting would take place on November 9, 2010