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Minutes of the Monthly Meeting held on May 08, 2017, at Committee Room #2 , Toronto City Hall.


Thomas S. Saras
Neel Nanda
Maria Saras-Voutsinas
Rosemary Sadler
Ricky Castellvi
Daniela Spirlac
Wilson Song
Mohammad-Bagher Samimi
Sandeep Prabhakar
Rakhee Prabhakar
Dirk Tissera
Michelle Tissera
Ali Mahmoooub
Jonathan Annobil
Leila Monteiro Lins
Teshome Worleamanuel
Tony Song
Nishanthy Duw
Suleyman Guven
Isik Bora Kelil
Mohammad Tajdolati
S. Kristalingham
Eugenea Bakehsnow
Yanus Raunkivi
Marek Goldyn
John Saraidaris
Kiruba/  Easy 24 News
Ken Lister (TDSB)
Ranjit Wicks
Srimal Abeyewardene
Susana Donan
Ahmed Shah Hotaki
Emmanuel Ayiku
Logan Logaringan
Anna Lykha
Ingra CurneioPaul Nguyen
Usha Pudukkdai
Elisabeth Burrell.
Upali Obeyesekere
Janusz Niemczyk
Charles Devasasanam
Ernesto Donan
Susana Donan



  1. Welcome Remarks by the chair.
  2. Minutes of the previous meeting
  3. Report of the President/Discussions
  4. Presentation by Tony Song – Yi Jing Association of Canada
  5. Presentation by Ken Lister TDSB Trustee Ward 17 Don Valley East
  6. Presentation by Anna Lihaya – Norbekov Canada
  7. Presentation by Rakhee Prabhakar on Enigma Events organizing India Instyle Expo
  8. New Members
  9. Adjournment


    Welcome Remarks by the Chair:

    Dr. Tajdolati chaired the meeting and declared the meeting open. Rakhee Prabhakar moved a motion to approve the agenda. Isa Melo seconded it. The motion was carried. .


    Minutes of the previous meeting:

    Rakhee Prabhakar moved a motion to approve the minutes of the previous monthly meeting Paul Nguyen seconded it.  The motion was carried.

    President’s Report/Discussions:

  11. President Thomas Saras reminded the members to renew their membership this year in order to enjoy the benefits and privileges of being a member of NEPMCC. He expressed disappointed that only a portion of members have renewed their membership.
  12. President Thomas Saras informed the members that the first phase of the digital publishing platform has begun from January 2017 and the first phase will be completed by March 2018. He mentioned that the company responsible for the implementation of the Digital Publishing Platform would update 5 websites every month and as a result 60 websites can be migrated every year to the Digital Publishing Platform. He mentioned that the project has been tentatively approved by the Federal Government. With the proposed digital publishing platform, NEPMCC members will be able to publish their content digitally so that it can be consumed by the readers anywhere in the world using their computers and cell phones.  This will save the members from maintaining expensive Information Technology (IT) infrastructures that they cannot afford. There were lot of discussions on this project and the President categorically answered all questions on this project posed by the members. He requested members to take advantage of this opportunity and be part of this historic project since there were limited spaces available for enrollment in the first year.
  13. President Thomas Saras suggested that a 2 day educational seminar on the digital platform be held on September 23 and September 24, where NEPMCC members from all over Canada would be invited for participation.
  14. President Thomas Saras informed the members that the new Director of Canada Magazines Fund visited the offices of NEPMCC and they had the opportunity of a meeting at the office of the President and they discussed most of the issues facing the ethnic media industry.
  15. President Thomas Saras suggested that NEPMCC members should display in their front page 150 years celebrating Canada’s Birthday-He suggested a committee be formed on celebrating the 150 years of Canada’s formation on Canada Day. The committee is as follows: Maria Voutsinas, Logan Logarincham, Isa Melo, Susana Donan, Ricky Castellvi, Ranjit Wicks and John Saras.
  16. Thomas Saras informed the members that nomination for this year’s annual award will close in May 31, at 5:00 pm.
  17. Motion: Thomas Saras suggested that the office of the President be authorized to spend the necessary amount of money in order to create special medals commemorating and honoring the 150 years of the Canadian Confederation, to organizations and individuals who would be recognized this year at the Annual Awards, and also the Canada Day celebrations. The President suggested that together with Dr. Tajdolati decided to give this special honor to all member publications with more than 30 years in the publishing business in Canada. Srimal Abeyewardene moved a motion in this regard and Jonathan Annobil seconded it. The motion was carried.
  18. President Thomas Saras informed the members about the revenue in 2015 and 2016 by reading part of the income statements as received by the controller.
  19. Presentation by Tony Song -Yi Jing Association of Canada

    Tony Song made a brief presentation on Yi Jing and how it can be and used in life, according to good and humane, so that physical and mental health, happiness, family happiness, social harmony, and ultimately achieve the purpose of world peace. He informed that classes are free and members interested in attending the classes can register free of cost. The opening ceremony of new class will take place on May 24. 2017. He gave examples and stories of how Yi Jing and Feng Shui can make life experiences better. Isabelle a student at the Yi Jing Association shared her story with the members of NEPMCC.


    Presentation by Anna Lihaya - Norbekov Canada

    Anna Lihaya informed the members of the patented self healing and rejuvenation system of Norbekov developed from Ancient East wisdom and modern science. The patented self-healing rejuvenation system is a worldwide health and life improvement lifestyle that has existed for over 35 years. She invited all members of NEPMCC to attend a seminar on Norbekov in Toronto from June 23 to June 30 to gain benefit from this self-healing system.
    Presentation by Rakhee Prabhakar on Enigma Events organizing India Instyle Expo.
    Rakhee Prabhakar invited all members to the opening ceremony of India Instyle Expo on June 9 from 7 pm onwards at the Queen Elizabeth Hall Exhibition Place. The Exhibition would be opened by Mr. Dinesh Bhatia, Consul General of India. Honourable Ministers and Members of Parliament from different constituencies would be attending the opening ceremony. With a team of 200 exhibitors from Asia, the motive is to expand and promote goods and services made in India along with promoting the cultural heritage.

    Presentation by Ken Lister TDSB Trustee Ward 17 Don Valley East

    The TDSB has a $3.6 billion dollar backlog for repairs to our schools. Each day this backlog grows by $1.67 million! These repairs are important because our children need well maintained schools. Many schools in Don Valley East are in desperate need of repairs and funding to build new classrooms so that portables are not required. He emphasized that all political parties should commit to the ongoing funding for repairs. The second issue he addressed was of equity like fundraising, equitable access to school board programs. Equity is a very broad term and there are certainly many areas to address including equitable access to programs and opportunities in hiring. He also underlined other important issues facing the TDSB for which he will be raising questions for possible solutions.
    Rakhee Prabhakar, Mereck Goodyn, Logan L and other members asked a wide variety of questions on issues affecting the TDSB such as Real Estate, Repairs, Equity, Languages and Curriculum etc.
    The chair thanked Ken Lister for bring important issues of TDSB in front of NEPMCC.

    Presentation by Imran Bashir CEO Apptellect

    The Chair Dr.Tajdolati invited the next speaker to make his presentation.
    Imran Bashir updated the members on the progress of the Digital Publishing Platform. He informed as per the target every month 5 publications are added to the digital platform. He answered a wide variety of questions dealing with all the technical aspects of the digital platform. He offered all possible assistance to the members who are interested in participating in the project
    Motion: Rakhee Prabhakar moved a motion to have the June monthly meeting dedicated for training on the Digital Publishing Platform of NEPMCC by Imran Bashir. Maria Saras Voutsinas seconded the motion. The motion was unanimously carried. Members attending the next monthly meeting were urged to get their laptops or tablets for the purpose of training.

    New Members/ New Business:

    Usha Pudukkotai – Chief Editor, Namaste Newsline.
    The chair welcomed the new member and hoped that there would be active participation from new members joining NEPMCC.
    Adjournment: Rakhee Prabhakar moved a motion to adjourn the meeting and Isa Melo seconded it. The motion was carried. The Chair, Dr Tajdolati adjourned the meeting at 9 pm. The next monthly meeting would take place on Monday, June 12, 2017 at the Committee Room of the Toronto City Hall. This is going to be a special meeting with a two hour introduction of maintenance the new web site.