Conseil national de la presse et des medias ethniques du Canada.

                                                               “Canada’s Other Voices”


Office of the President


December 30, 2010



                          To All Members of the NEPMCC


Dear friends and colleagues, Sisters and Brothers in the Ethnic Press and Media:

As the 2010 is coming to its end I am taking this opportunity to communicate with you, the power of the national Ethnic Press and Media Council of Canada.

The year which ends tomorrow, is one of the most successful in the history of the sector. Thanks to understanding and cooperation of premier McGuinty of the Province of Ontario, we have been blessed with an exemption from the HST. Unlikely to our Sisters and Brothers in the British Columbia, where they have to pay and collect HST. This is a situation I am prepared to work and ask the understanding and cooperation of the government of the province on behalf of our members.

This year we successfully completed all of our projects including Canada Day, the Annual Exhibition, the CNE, the Awards project, the Word on the Street, and finally the Annual Get Together Event.

Through this program we managed to uplift the sector and help the members, at the same time we organized our institutions with new faces. Dr. Mohammad Tajdolati, PhD in Humanities and languages is now our Ombudsman, and he remains our chief arbitrator for the upcoming year. Also Asha Rajak has been appointed as our official officer for administering the oath and soon she will be able to issue certificates of circulation for our members. This is one of the most serious services provided by this organization after the issuing of our Media Passes. Our web site is reflecting our daily activities and it is full of information for the organization and its members. I hope soon with the help and support of the Government of Canada, we will be able to bring some motivations in order to reflect the needs of our members. The New Year 2011 is an election year and I hope and trust that all of you will participate in the democratic process for the renewal of the member of the board of directors. The first meeting of the New Year is scheduled for Monday January the 10th, 2011 at the committee room N#2, Main Legislative Building, Queen’s Park, in Toronto. The meeting is starting at 6:00 pm and runs until 9:30. As we are planning to have to carry very serious business in this meeting I hope that all of you will be able to make it.

For the New Year also please keep free the following dates of the meetings:

Monday February 14, Monday March 14th, Monday April 11, Monday May 16, as we are organizing our annual exhibition at the Toronto City Hall from May 8 to may 15, Monday June 13, Monday July 11, Monday August 8, Monday September 12, Monday October 17, as October 28 we organize our awards ceremony, Monday November 14 and finally Monday December 12, 2011.

On Friday December 16 we are organizing our “Annual Get Together”.

Closing, allow me to express our sympathy to our brother and colleague, Saeed Soltanpour for the passing of his mother.

With my best wishes to all of you and yours for the New Year for good health, for prosperity for justice to these in need, hope that better days coming  with the New Year for all of us. Thank you for your trust, support and cooperation.

Happy and Prosperous New Year,

In Solidarity,

Thomas S. Saras

President and CEO