Office of the president

October 30, 2011

                      Call for the November 14, 2011 meeting.

Dear friends and colleagues, Sisters and Brothers in the Ethnic Press and Media: This is to remind you that Monday November the 14th, 2011 at 6:00 pm we have our monthly meeting for the month of November. The meeting is called for the committee room N# 2, main legislative building, Queen’s Park.

This is the reason that I am calling the meeting in accordance of our constitution and I am asking the members of board to join us for the discussion of the business and also the “Annual Get Together Event” which is scheduled for Friday December the 16th at 6:00 pm, at the Cypriot Community Centre, 6 Thorncliffe Park Drive, Toronto East. Tickets for the event are going to be given only in our meeting of November the 14th. Only 250 tickets will be available and I am asking all the members who want to attend to come at the meeting and get their tickets. Tickets WILL NOT BE AVAILABLE AT THE DOOR. If you bring with you a cheque for payment will be appreciates.

We dedicated this event to Hon. Dr. Eric Hoskins, whom we are going to name as our honourary member.

I am looking forward to welcome you all.

Thomas S. Saras                                                                  

President and CEO