His Honour

The Honourable David C. Onley, O.Ont.


Speaking Notes for The National Ethnic Press and Media Awards


LG Suite, Toronto

Fri 28 October 2011                     Check against delivery



Good evening, ladies and gentlemen of the ethnic press and welcome to Queen’s Park.

Mr. Saras, it is a particular pleasure to have you here and to thank you for your unique contributions to our province.

For millions of new Canadians, the different ethnic media outlets media provide a friendly voice that speaks their native language and helps them understand their new land.

When that voice also keeps them informed on events in their homeland, then the service is invaluable.

Since the nineteenth century, the ethnic media in Canada has served as that friendly, informative and priceless voice.

In doing so, it has played a significant part in building Canada as have the families who have literally come from around the world and settled here over the centuries.

Together you have contributed greatly to Canada, helping build and develop a peaceful, pluralistic Canadian society.

The ethnic press is an important part of that ongoing process.

Through traditional media and social media, new immigrants can keep pace with technology and promote the best interests of their communities to the Canadian mainstream.

It does this by informing and transforming attitudes, raising ethnic awareness of the national issues of the day, and ensuring that nothing is lost in translation.

At the same time, the ethnic media have maintained the highest standards of journalism. Tonight’s awards are a reflection of that commitment.

As The Queen’s representative in Ontario, I commend the National Ethnic Press and Media Council of Canada for promoting the ideals and liberties of Canadian society.

And I congratulate this evening’s award recipients on being recognized by your peers.

Well done!