TORONTO: Canadians are really very nice and great people. They have the sense and open mind to understand and appreciate messages, the beautiful heart to accept others in their country and the love and will to live and work with them. 

            I have witnessed this and praise these excellent qualities of my wonderful fellow Canadians comprising communities of different religions and origins.

            I thank all Canadians, communities and organizations including National Ethnic Press & Media Council of Canada ( &, English Weekly `Pakistan AbroadĒ and Urdu Weekly `Fardaí(, and numerous other internationally renowned publications and websites for the recognition, appreciation and promotion of my social, human rights and professional contributions.

            Regarding the community, yes I am somewhat disappointed but not at all discouraged and disheartened by the irresponsible attitude, actions and responses of some of my community members---The so-called and self-proclaimed leaders and distinguished members. This is because I am mentally prepared and used to it.

            In fact I am least bothered and donít even consider them as an obstacle or threat. I understand their problems---mindset, genetic fault and hypocrisy. Sadly, they cannot be changed. Only The Almighty can guide and help them. They are harming themselves and the community. 

            Such people are found in every community and society and in every part of the world but, unfortunately, we have little more than others. It is a matter of time only as the new generation does not faces this issue. It is very clear, confident and determined. 

            Such people must understand the realities, accept them and adjust accordingly. Only this way they can win respect, trust and confidence of all people. 

            Despite this condition and situation, I keep promoting and supporting them with the understanding that even if they donít understand then at least I understand what I have to and need to do. My work is nothing without the help and support of the people. They are my inspiration, motivation and strength.

            I have to perform my duties and responsibilities as a member of the community and society. I need to play my role in the best possible manner to create proper awareness and understanding, build bridges and bring all people and communities closer. 

            The new generation of any community is entirely different and better and the next generation will be much superior. Most of them are brightest ones and moving ahead smoothly and successfully. Their very good performances and record in schools, work places, community and society prove this.

            This is why I am very much hopeful of bright future for all, particularly the Pakistani and South Asian communities. They have tremendous potential and talent.

            The new generation is mostly very well-equipped with brilliant education and excellent qualities and skills. They have very broad and open mind, are very straightforward, honest and have good understanding of people, issues and messages. 

            They clearly understand the purpose of education and struggle, aims and objectives of life, cultural, social and religious values. They know how to love and care and live and work with each other and with other people and communities. 

            They have the will, capability and most importantly the vision to emerge as greats and legends and make Canada, people and communities and countries of their origin really proud.

            The credit for all this goes to the best opportunities, facilities, inspiration, motivation, love, care, help and support provided by Canada and the people. We must always acknowledge and never forget this. We must prepare ourselves to give back to Canada, the people, communities and the countries of origin in the best possible ways. This is our moral duty and responsibility. They have this right on us and we must come up to the expectations. 

            We have to give best attention and take great care of all, particularly the new generation. They are an easy prey for the exploiters, opportunists and hypocrites.

The hypocrites are the most dangerous ones. They brainwash the people and in the name of The Almighty and humanity use them for their vested interests and nefarious designs.

            This is why our main focus must remain on protecting the people by exposing the black sheep and evil in the community, society, system and governments. As a journalist and watchdog, this is my duty and responsibility.  

            Generally, people think that I am against Mullahs. They are badly mistaken. I am against all those posing as Mullahs, good people and leaders just to cheat and harm people. They are evil people of bad nature and character.

            In the name of The Almighty, gods and humanity, they commit the greatest crimes and gravest sins. It is our duty and responsibility to check, stop and punish them. Only this way we can protect and save people. Their accountability is a must.

            I like, love and support good people and true leaders whether they are moderates or Mullahs. This is because they are god-fearing and honest persons and serve the people in the real sense and with full sincerity. They deserve to be supported and promoted.   

            The bad nature and character of evil people will never change. This is for sure. This is because of the strange, really strange and very strange human nature and nature cannot change---Whether good or bad. This is neither surprising nor shocking at all.

            Why not surprising and shocking at all? Because nature---good or bad---has been created like that and told to us very clearly and candidly by The Almighty in His divine messages---The original holy books, scrolls and scriptures.

            Most of us are completely aware of and understand the reality of The Almighty: His oneness, greatness, goodness, blessings, anger and wrath. We have been told and shown the two paths---Good and Bad---and given choices and options. Yes, we know all this and other facts but still we carelessly take things easily and for granted.

            Fortunately, it is His extreme love that makes Him forgive, give us happiness and  success and prevent us from unhappiness, disaster and destruction.

            Unfortunately, it is our senselessness, carelessness, greediness, stubbornness and sins which lead us towards unhappiness and destruction. We all know all this yet we dare go against The Almighty. Yes, this is strange human nature.

            The uneducated, innocent and naïve persons lack basic or proper knowledge, awareness and understanding. They trust and depend on the literate, highly educated and knowledgeable ones including priests, teachers, intellectuals, scholars, researchers, scientists, journalists and politicians for help and support to get awareness, understanding and guidance.

            Unfortunately, instead of getting help, support and guidance from most of the dependable and knowledgeable persons, the people get distracted, exploited, cheated, harmed and destroyed. Yes, this keeps happening and is a reality.

            Again the nature plays its role. This has been very clearly and beautifully defined and explained in the original holy books including Bible and Quran.

            The cunning dependable and knowledgeable persons remain engaged in conspiracies and distortions in order to hide the truth and confuse and distract the people. This way they lead people towards darkness and destruction, keep playing with them, implementing their nefarious designs and achieving their vested interests.

            Unfortunately, most people, even the highly educated ones, canít and donít understand the cunningness and conspiracies and are easily trapped. It becomes extremely difficult to get out of the trap.    

            Is it not strange that most of the highly educated and very knowledgeable authorities and people proudly boast of reading and understanding hundreds of even very difficult books and decoding ancient languages and texts and yet they fail to understand the very simple message of The Almighty in the original books? Is it really so hard and difficult for them to understand the divine messages or they deliberately donít want to?

            How can these highly educated and very knowledgeable authorities and persons help, support and guide the people when they themselves canít understand the facts and realities of the truth, divine messages of The Almighty, are on the wrong path and direction and found lost in darkness? Are they in a position to help and lead? The answer is a big NO. They can only mislead and distract the people and lead them on the wrong path---Leading towards destruction and hell.

            Therefore, it is important to understand the human nature and intentions in order to get right help for right direction and right destination. Carelessness, selfishness and greediness do prove very costly and destructive.

            Because of the strange human nature, we are our worst enemy. We must understand this very well and make all others understand. The Almighty is there to forgive, help and support us. We must avail the opportunities offered by The Almighty. His doors of Love, Mercy and Forgiveness always remain open.

            It is we who either donít understand or donít want to understand. We mostly remain under the evil spell of the Whisperer (Devil). We have to protect ourselves from the Whisperer and his evil spells.                        

            In the original holy books, we are told to believe in the unseen. The body is dead and useless without the soul, which is not seen. We can feel the pain but cannot see it. We can hear the sound but cannot see it.

            There are hundreds of examples proving the unseen. The Almighty is unseen but His signs are visible and His reality is a truth. We have to only understand and believe it. Those who tried to become gods and dared challenged The Almighty perished.

                        There are all sorts of people in the community and society. Always make friends with people of good nature and character. This will help us all. Friendship with people of bad nature and character will make us our worst enemy and result in our destruction.

             People with bad nature and character are like drunkards---unable to stand or understand. They remain intoxicated under the evil spell of the Whisperer (Devil). They do whatever he desires and demands. They become his puppets.

            Donít be such naïve that gives the look and impression of dumb and stupid. Bad characters are bad characters of any religion or origin. Even sons, wives and relatives of prophets were punished by The Almighty. They faced the wrath of The Almighty. Fate of such people is mentioned in the Quran.

            People general say that it is forbidden in Islam to say bad about Arabs because of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). What about people of bad nature and character belonging to Arab origin?

            Read Sura 111 (Al-Masadd) in the holy Quran in which The Almighty Himself has cursed Abu Lahab, the uncle of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), and his wife.

            When The Almighty can curse and condemn the people of bad nature and character then how can Islam protect them by prohibiting us not to say bad about them?

            How can we dare compare equally thugs, thieves and robbers of Arab origin with Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and his companions? It will indeed be a great insult.

            So we must think seriously before we say anything nonsense. Only the people of bad nature and character dare say this. This is because they do it purposely.

            Only with proper awareness, understand and use of common sense we can protect ourselves from becoming our own worst enemy.

            It is the good nature of Canadians and the best status of Canada which has greatly impressed and influenced people and attracted them, mostly greats and legends of all fields, from all over the world to Canada. Millions more want to make Canada their home.

            Those in Canada want to set up research and promotion institutions so that all those who want to do something could get help and support of these institutions. Without institutions run by serious and genuine persons and supported by the government and community nothing productive could be achieved. Only the institutions can help produce the real greats and legends. Only they can provide the resources and materials needed for research and promotion purposes. 

             Canada and the people have always extended maximum help and support to all those who are serving the country, society and community with tremendous contributions and remarkable achievements. It is in the interest of Canada to produce greats and legends. This is why Canada and the people give great importance to all such efforts and works. We must avail all the best opportunities and facilities and contribute accordingly.

            ---Javed Zaheer (JAZA/JAYZEE/JZEE), Free Expression Award Winner, Desi Idol Recognition Award Winner, Member/Honorary Director of NEPMCC, Veteran Active Member (VAM) of Toronto Press Club, Ex-Member of The National Club and The Ontario Club, Honorary Editor of English Weekly `Pakistan Abroadí, ex-Chief Editor (Honorary) of English Weekly `The Ambassadorí, ex-Senior Sub-Editor of English Daily DAWN, Pakistan, Chairman, CANOPI, and Director, Canpak Camber of Commerce, is contributing purely on Voluntary and Honorary Basis in order to serve all people and communities. Contact: (416)696-0981/ read more JZís exclusive articles, please visit the following websites: (Pressing needs section),  and  (Home Pages & Editorial Sections. Scan years from 2004 to 2011.