This is An Editoral as Broadcast by Clyde Mc Neil on Saturday January 17, 2004 on Caribbean Dateline Caribbean Connection
CHIN Radio


Paul Martin has conjured up an unusual atmosphere of hope and goodwill.  And, perhaps, that is just what this Country needs to jumpstart National pride and that longing for political success.

The expectations aroused by Paul Martin are uncommon in politics, when examined they are, possibly, unattainable. 

And yet, there is almost no part of this vast country, no part of the national spirit is left unstirred by a sense of something new and something that might be workable. 

The country seems ready for change, ready to imagine, ready to do.

Ready to seize the opportunity. 

Paul Martin wants to usher in a new era of U.S. and world relations, where we can confidently ally, mentor and advise.  

He wants to develop global institutions that are imbedded with the values that Canadians treasure  

Rule of law, 



Equality of opportunity and fairness.