TORONTO: The US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) heaved a sigh of relieve when, after a long chase and hide-and seek game, it finally tracked and helped kill       Al-Zarqawi, one of the world’s most dreaded and wanted persons on its notoriously famous list of  `Use and Abuse’ targets. This was a real jolt to the top-most leadership of Al-Qaeda, the tough adversary of CIA. Al-Zarqawi was killed along with many other accomplices in a targeted air strike in Iraq. His end was celebrated worldwide. 

      Interestingly, the CIA had allegedly trained Al-Zarqawi, who was one of the top-most in the rank of Al-Qaeda Movement. He was a veteran mercenary who tremendously and successfully supported CIA and America, with the help of particularly Muslim World, win the war against the Soviet Union in Afghanistan.


Because of the landmark achievement against a really powerful and feared super power, Soviet Union, he became a super hero worldwide, particularly in the Muslim World, with the blessings of the CIA, and was widely respected and greatly praised for his contributions.

At the same time, because of great skills and mastery of planning and fighting and being mercenaries, he and his group members were considered a real threat to the vested interests of the US and allies. He too was put under close observation. Soon, as a result, his popularity as a super hero turned into notoriety as a terrorist. Thanks again to the CIA. 

         After accomplishment of the special missions in Afghanistan and else where, he was considered a serious threat to the world, particularly the CIA because he knew too much and became too popular and difficult to handle. He was declared really dangerous.


Al-Zarqawi, sensing CIA’s intentions and plans, started playing the game of hide-and-seek. The Al-Qaeda, which was effectively and successfully used against the Soviet Union, with the changing situation and U-Turn of US and allies turned the guns toward the CIA. From then onwards the hunting game started. This was in fact infighting between the CIA and Al-Qaeda, allegedly the group formed and funded by the CIA.


Thanks again to the CIA’s specialized training, there are hundreds and thousands of such mercenary-cum-hero-cum-terrorist almost in every corner of the world and terrorizing the people. They have made the world unsafe and an extremely dangerous place. Terrorists have unleashed havoc and made the lives of peaceful and innocent people miserable. People are living in great fear and tension. They are paying very dearly because of CIA’s Use and Abuse policy.

      Terrorists are simply terrorists and only extremely harmful. They just know one thing and that is killing and destruction. This is what they are taught, trained and paid to do. They follow no religion or fit into any other identity. They can be Muslims, Christians, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists and so on. They are brainwashed and are mentally sick elements. It is totally wrong to blame and label followers of any religion or people of any country or community as terrorists. Except strongest condemnation and strictest punishment, terrorists deserve nothing else. All those fighting terrorism must be support.      JOIN HANDS: Now we have to join hands with the world, specially the CIA and US, to find out and punish all those who were given specialized training in the art of warfare and intelligence but have become real terrorists, due to reasons best known to the CIA and US.  The cause of grave concern is the `Use and Abuse’ policy of the CIA, which is resulting in mass making of terrorists. CIA may like it or not but this is the reality.

The CIA must understand this and help the world in the fight against terrorism by seriously reviewing its dreaded policy. They must also understand that the Americans too are badly affected and suffering. Americans are one of the most loving, caring and best people in the world and they prove this all the time and are praised for this.

On the contrary, because of CIA’s policy, the US is allegedly blamed and hated for causing massive death and destruction in the world. This is in the mind and on the lip of most people. If this continues, the CIA could become responsible for the downfall and destruction of the United States as well. The writing is on the wall and must be seriously read and understood. Only the Americans could change and should change the hatred against US into love. They can and are capable of doing it.


The Muslim World proudly joined the world in defeating the dreaded super power, Soviet Union, and liberating Afghanistan. Muslims were in the forefront and gave tremendous sacrifices. The whole world knows this and praised the Muslim World at that time. Instead of being rewarded for the meritorious services and great sacrifices, Muslims were betrayed, isolated and targeted.

Even innocent and peaceful Muslims are since then being suspected, blamed, harassed, arrested and punished for terrorism.  This is unfair, racism and discrimination. Muslims have always remained in the forefront in the fight against terrorism, destructive policies and actions. The world knows this very well and must appreciate it. Muslims believe that all those involved in terrorist and criminal activities must be punished.


The Muslim World needs to seriously consider this problem. Muslims must be educated to not to become too emotional and react aggressively and violently. This is wrong and against the teachings of Islam and humanity. They must show sensibility and tolerance.

Also, Muslims must remain alert and stay away from all those persons, preachers, scholars and leaders who are cunningly brainwashing the innocent people and leading them towards wrong direction, disaster and destruction.  This is one of the major causes of setback and suffering of Muslims.


 The opportunists are only interested in their vested interests and are fully and freely exploiting the situation and harming the Muslims. They have formed lobbies, occupied religious institutions and through them control the mind of the people. It is not Islam what they preach but their own idea. It is time to use common sense and also keep the eyes and ears open so that the conspiracies and exploitation are timely and properly checked and foiled.

The Muslims must be educated to stop following blindly the opportunists and exploiters and instead study and understand the true message of Islam through all authentic means and individuals. Brainwashing of particularly kids in negative ways is proving extremely harmful. They are unable to understand the motive of the exploiters and the grave dangers faced.

It is the duty of the parents and guardians to keep a strict watch on all activities of their children in order to protect them from negative and destructive elements. Members of the community must also educate each other accordingly. 


The recent arrest of several persons in Canada on terrorism suspicion has badly shaken the people, particularly Muslim community. If they are found guilty by the court and charges proven, they should be strictly punished. All those sympathizing with them or supporting them despite knowing their mischievous intentions and nefarious plans must also not be spared. There is no room for terrorists in the Muslim community.  No sane or wise person of any community would support any terrorist.

Muslims form important part of Canada and would never allow anyone to cause harm to the people or the country. Their only objective is stability, progress and prosperity of Canada. Those thinking otherwise cannot be Muslims but posing as such.

       Muslims must not focus only on building religious institutions, they must also help build schools, hospitals and other institutions so that all could benefit. They must change this wrong trend. Establishment of non-religious institutions would help support the people and make them powerful and prosperous.


Disappointingly and unfortunately, any disturbing issue concerning the Muslim community is blown out of proportion by a section of the media. Their projection is directed towards defaming and harming the community. This negative approach only fans hatred and promotes racism and discrimination. The reflection of yellow journalism is seen and influences the people. As a result, Muslims are targeted, harassed and harmed.

      Only those who enjoy trust and confidence of the people and are reputed and true leaders of the Muslim community must be approached for comments and guidance. There are many self-proclaimed social, religious and political leaders but most of them are exploiters. They are causing more harm than good. The media has the means to judge them and must judge them before giving them promotion and projection. 

Media is the representative of the people and must act accordingly. It must stop pointing and painting Muslims as terrorists and criminals. It is not the characteristics of civilized people and society. Objective reporting helps both the media and the people.


The news of arrests spread like wild fire, thanks to the media. Whether they are punished or not but the wave of hatred against Muslims has started. This is more dangerous. The news coming in is really disturbing.

      INSULTING REMARKS: In one incident, a police officer stopped a high school boy driving a car. After checking the document, the police officer started abusing the boy. Insulting remarks including like “You Fucking Guys” from the mouth of responsible official means a lot. The boy, who is the son of my journalist friend, Hameeduddin Ahmed, was terribly scared and preferred silence, fearing harm by the police officer. This is the height of racism. No irresponsible person should be given responsible position. 

      In another incident, a person working as security officer heard some people talking and saying: “The employer must fire all such people from jobs. They must not be sent to jail or else we will have to work hard to feed them.”


So, the harmful effects are already being felt. Muslims need moral and practical support and protection and not insult and punishment. All must understand, come forward and help the Muslim community in this crucial period.

      Most of the Muslim community members live in Ontario and allege that the Conservative Government is not happy with them and, as a result, could give them hard time. Already they are very much disturbed by the strict immigration measures and expect worst actions. The government must take the Muslims into confidence and give them assurances that they would not be discriminated, harassed and harmed.

The Muslim identity is being connected with terrorism and criminal activities. They are two entirely different identities. The mix up is the result of anti-Muslim propaganda and campaigns. Muslims are strongly condemning terrorism. They are openly and practically supporting the fight against terrorism. What else is needed to show solidarity and loyalty?