TORONTO:  Pakistanis with dual-nationality have strongly reacted, condemned and expressed great resentment and anger on the reported announcement by the Election Commission of Pakistan that those with dual-nationality would be barred from elections.

            This is totally unfair and undemocratic. When it comes to remittances and monetary help in any form, the Overseas Pakistanis and those with dual-nationality are begged to support, promote and save Pakistan by donating and contributing generously. That money too does not reach the deserving ones and goes in the pockets of the corrupt mafia.

            The ECP decision is a very dangerous move to create disappointment and cut off Overseas Pakistanis and those with dual-nationality from Pakistan. It does not seem but is surely a very damaging move for Pakistan and Pakistanis. The corrupt lobby and enemies are bent upon destroying Pakistan and Pakistanis. This is one of their attempts and conspiracy.

            It is indeed a shame that mostly illiterate, cunning and crook persons with fake degrees and influences manage to become powerful bureaucrats and also reach the municipal councils, provincial and national assemblies and senate and rule over the helpless Pakistanis.

            Pakistanis with dual-nationality are mostly highly educated, financially powerful and definitely in a very strong position to contribute tremendously in many ways. Keeping them away from democratic process will harm real democracy in Pakistan. It will tantamount to fatally stabbing Pakistan and Pakistanis.

            With such decisions and moves, Pakistan certainly is being pushed towards complete disaster, destruction and break-up.

            Overseas Pakistanis dearly and deeply love the land and people of Pakistan. They have been shocked and badly hurt by this decision. With great pain, they are witnessing the destruction of Pakistan and their near and dear ones.

            The society, system, institutions and the fabric of Pakistan are all being destroyed   cunningly. Foreign powers are definitely involved in this destructive process. The web of international conspiracy is in the final shape and being completed at a very fast pace.    

            Instead of being deprived of rights and facilities, the Overseas Pakistanis and those with dual-nationality want that they too be allowed to play the important tremendous role in the promotion, progress and prosperity of Pakistan. They are demanding fairness, justice and equality.

            They hope that the true democratic forces would challenge and fight against all such fatal moves and the conspiracy to destroy Pakistan and the people.      

            According to the Geo News report, “Secretary, Election Commission, Ishtiaq Ahmed Khan said that in the next elections candidates would have to declare their nationalities and those with dual-nationality would be barred from elections.

            “He was speaking alongside Deputy Chairman, NADRA, at a Press conference in Islamabad in regards to the preparation of the voters list.

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