TORONTO: A team of reputed, experienced and recognized professionals and personalities of Pakistani origin introduced the unique idea of weekly video magazine in Canada. The aim is to link and promote cultural and social values and help bring all people and communities closer.

            DVD Media World Inc. (DMW) organized the media launch of Bollywood Plus at the Maple Banquet Hall, Mississauga, on November 19, 2006. It was attended by a select gathering of mostly renowned and distinguished personalities of Toronto.

            Founding members and veterans of Pakistan Television (PTV) Mohsin Sherazee, Mudabbir Rizvi, Nazimuddin Nazim, and Tasleem Elahi Zulfi, Hazara Singh Ramta, a famous singer and Punjabi poet of India, Bashir Khan, Badar Munir Chaudhary, Latafat Ali Siddiqui and Arshad Bhatti, all leading media personalities of Toronto, addressed the audience and highly praised the unique idea, professionals and the team effort.

Mohsin Sherazee said: "The DMW video magazine is a result of innovative ideas. It will help promote more the Pakistani dramas, which are already popular in the world."

Hazara Singh Ramta said: "This DVD will link countries, love and business."

Mudabbir Rizvi said: "I am pleased to see so many talented and highly experienced professionals of Pakistani origin in Toronto. This is really great. Canada is lucky to have them and must fully benefit from their skills, talents and rich experience." 

Badar Munir Chaudhary of Akhbaar-e-Pakistan said: "This new project will tremendously help the media. It's a totally different idea otherwise usually a new journal is launched. He thanked them for not launching a new journal and instead giving something new and unique to the people."

Bashir Khan of Vision of Pakistan said: "The quality of the product could be imagined with the type of best professionals involved in the project."

Arshad Bhatti said: "It is indeed a very good idea and the product would be highly successful. People must promote it."

Latafat Ali Siddiqui of Canadian Asian News said: "The team is well experienced, highly qualified and has a vision. This is an era of professionalism and specialization. We need to follow the pace, changes and challenges."

Roshan Khayal, Resident Director of Manhattan Canada, a highly reputed advertising agency, acted as MC, welcomed the audience and introduced the project, which was support by a video show of the DVD magazine. Mirza (Mekiael) Khorasanee, CEO of DMW, and Shakeel Mirza, Marketing Consultant of DMW, explained in detail the DMW weekly video magazine concept and scope.

            Roshan Khayal said: "This is not an ordinary DVD. It is full of entertainment and knowledge for people of all ages. Manhattan Canada is the official advertising agency for the DMW video magazine."

Mirza (Mekiael) Khorasanee, CEO of DMW, thanked the team of professionals for their efforts and tremendous contribution in giving this unique concept a practical shape. He said: "It will help educate people, create awareness and bring a revolution in the cultural and social fields. The idea is purposeful, constructive and positive. Already the response is very good and we hope to achieve great success. All we need is encouragement and support."

Khorasanee said: "Bollywood Plus, a weekly entertainment DVD, has been introduced first time in Canada. It will link expectations. It is priced $2 per week and new release would be made every Friday and available at prominent South Asian stores."

He said: "We pursued our dreams and found our niche. Only professionals do work of excellence. The video magazine. It contains best quality of entertainment segment. The contents are made by us or for us. All programs in Bollywood Plus are copyrighted and produced by, or exclusively for DVD Media World Inc."

Shakil Mirza, Marketing Consultant of DMW, explained the marketing policies of DMW. He said: "It will have high quality television, radio and newspaper advertisements along with flyers & posters to support its promotion. Those interested in advertising in Bollywood Plus could call at (905)612-0200."

He stated: "Universal Promotions of Amir Shamsi would handle marketing and distribution rights of the DMW video magazine in Toronto. Ethnic American Media Inc. has been appointed DMW's first franchise for city of Chicago, USA."

He presented the North American data and said: "The population is increasing very fast due to mainly immigration. The population of Canada is 32 million whereas there are 32 million cell users in Pakistan. This shows the interest of our people in electronics and using latest gadgets. The media is becoming cheaper and more accessible. The next evolution is the DVD. The DVD video magazine too is related to the media."

Nazimuddin Nazim, Bollywood Plus Program Director, said: "This project was unique, very difficult but not impossible. Our team's hard work, rich experience and determination made it possible. It will bring India and Pakistan and South Asians in North America and Europe closer. Indian films are popular in Pakistan whereas Pakistani dramas in India. This interest of public will click and work. It will be a tremendous contribution in bringing people and countries closer."

He said: "The video magazine contains 2 hours of action packed South Asian entertainment. It includes news, gossips, latest happenings, dramas, comedy programs, quiz shows, weekly and annual prizes and many more. It has most comprehensive & fun source of entertainment for the South Asian community in North America and Europe. There is no time restriction like television. The viewing is 24/7 on DVD and website (          

            Tribute was paid to the great Dadasaheb Phalke, the founder of Bollywood, who made the first feature film of South Asia in 1913. His portrait was displayed.  

            The main attraction of the program was the audio video presentation between Nazimuddin Nazim, Programs Director, and Roshan Khayal, MC and Resident Director of Manhattan Canada. Nazimuddin Nazim while having a conversation from recorded interview appears live on the stage. The timing and coordination of the presentation was greatly praised and applauded by all.

Shahid Hashmi of Canpak Chamber of Commerce highly praised the efforts of the team and launching of the DVD video magazine. He, however, said the launching could have been made in a much better planned and organized way keeping in view the over half a million dollar investment quoted by the DMW CEO. Also, free distribution of 5,000 DVDs to the people would have made much difference in promotion of the project. He wished the team great success.

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