TORONTO :  You may never know but there are many eyes set on you to harm and destroy you. The success and happiness is never tolerated. Yes this happens and is very common. Unfortunately, our community, whether Muslim or South Asian, is full of people of such crooked, cruel and criminal nature. This is what is harming Muslims most and keeping them distracted, scattered and shattered.

            The most dangerous enemies are in our own ranks and file and we keep blaming only others. Because the nature of such people is to pull down and harm others at any cost and they are damn good in their cunning activities therefore they are called PHD Specialists (Pull Him Down Specialists). The success and happiness of others keep them burning and boiling. They restlessly wait for any opportunity to strike hard, while engaged in tarnishing the image, creating hardships and obstructions.

There is a famous joke in this connection: Guards were guarding people of various communities thrown in fires at different places in the hell. There were no guards at the place where the condemned ones of the Muslim and South Asian communities were thrown. When the guards were asked as to why they have been left unattended, they replied: “Nobody can come out as anybody who tries will be pulled down by the others. This is why no guards needed.”

            DIFFICULT TASK: Yes, this is the situation we are facing today and it is a fact. Look towards any direction and you will observe this everywhere. The statistic is horrifying. I keep meeting people of all levels and types and my personal experience shows that over ninety percent of the community members, particularly leaders and well settled people, are of such nature. They may not look like but are like that. This is most unfortunate.

To serve the community in such circumstances and situation is one of the toughest and most difficult tasks. There is no option. Whether you like it or not, you will have to taste the painful prick and pinch. Several times I decided to stay away from the community but could not do so---because of my commitment and being a member. All you can do is to remain fully alert, determined to face the challenges and move ahead. 

EYE-OPENER SERMON: When I started writing this article, coincidentally the Friday Sermon in the Darus Salam Mosque in Thorncliffe Park Drive area on October 28 too covered this subject. The Imam, Mufti Amin, a guest speaker, bitterly criticized the Muslims for not following properly the teachings of the Holy Quran and character of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and asked them to become practically good and not get trapped by the negative and destructive messages of any media, society and system.

He said a Muslim can only become a Momin (Practical Muslim) if he follows the characteristics---Nobody should be harmed and everybody should be helped and benefit from him at all costs. But disappointingly most of the Muslims are not doing this. They are not following the Quran and the Prophet (PBUH). The Quran needs to be followed and not only respected and put on top of the shelf, he added.

            The Imam said that we must adopt good values and teachings of all religions. Every religion has some good values which must be judged and adopted. These are mostly in accordance with messages of the Holy Quran. Every good must be welcomed and become part of the lifestyle, society and system, he stated.

            He praised the Christians for still maintaining the good value of Christianity--- Tolerance---and said the Muslims must not feel ashamed in learning from them. Every good thing must be selected and adopted, he added.     

            The Imam was hundred percent right and tried to open the eyes of the Muslims. Very few Imams deliver such bold and eye-opener sermons. The Muslims were reminded of their overall duties and responsibilities. The double standards adopted by most of the Muslims are proving very costly for them. The community is at the lowest ebb of the success ladder and badly suffering. Success of only some does not mean anything. The whole community must become practically united, active and play its proper role in the society anywhere. Only this way it can create a good impression and become really effective and influential.

            MY EXPERIENCE: I arrived in Canada in 1999 and ever since trying to promote members of the community and society in the best possible way.  The objective is to bring people of all communities closer through proper awareness, better understanding and cooperation. My efforts have proved very successful and definitely with the help, support, cooperation and love of the people. My approach of constructive criticism is pricking and extremely painful for many, particularly PHD specialists, but is essential to help the right people come forward and move ahead.  

Attempts are made to distract and disgrace me. Even threats of deportation are hurled to stop me.  All these only make me stronger and determined. I enjoy every bit of my professional work and sufferings of the PHD Specialists.

            Competition in the community is a good thing and must be encouraged and promoted. Chance to serve and prove the worth must be given to all members of the community and society who have gained name, fame and position. Mere criticism will not work and should not be allowed. Stop must be put to this, wherever possible.

            Oh yes, The PHD Specialists will not stop because of their nature and interests. They are found in abundant and in almost every field and places. We can foil their attempts only by remaining alert and equally or more active in the right direction. Members of other communities are always ready to help us. PHD Specialists must be exposed and stopped from harming the people. This can be and must be done.

            WAJID ALI KHAN: Many community people are unhappy with Wajid Khan, MP, and Dr Shafiq Qadri, MPP, two leading personalities of the community, and keep saying: “What have they done or are doing for the community or people?” “Just tell us about their positive contribution for the people and we will support and promote them.”   

I told them to give the two leaders a chance to serve the people and fulfill their promises and commitments. If they do not contribute positively then they or their party can be questioned. Just keep an eye on their role and contributions. If they fail then the party will lose reputation, credibility and the most important thing---Vote and confidence of the people.

As regards Wajid Khan, Prime Minister Paul Martin highly praised him in front of the national media during a Press conference held after meeting with community leaders. This made particularly the Muslim and Pakistani communities proud. This will motivate and encourage others to come forward and play their role. It is indeed a very good omen.

For the community it is a big tribute and great success.

People are very much hopeful that Wajid Khan will not let down Prime Minister Paul Martin, the party and the people. To win the seat of MP is not such a big thing. The most important thing is to win the confidence, love and support of the people. This he must do and prove. His future success must be based on this, in order to silence his critics and defeat the PHD Specialists. He must never ignore and neglect the people.

 ATT: PRIME MINISTER PAUL MARTIN: Some highly reputed and influential members of the community felt badly neglected. They said that surprisingly they were not even invited to the Prime Minister’s community leaders meeting and other meetings concerning community issues, particularly for helping the earthquake victims in Pakistan . In the past they used to be entertained properly and respectfully.

They said there were many new faces with no notable contribution track record. The result was that they could not represent the community properly. They were not aware of the issues, problems and solutions. They asked Prime Minister Paul Martin to take serious notice of such developments which could harm the party and bring bad name to his very hard work and good image. New faces must be encouraged but not by ignoring and neglecting the oldies. Not at the cost of the experienced ones.

The name of Hameeduddin Ahmed, editor and publisher of monthly Awaz, a journalist belonging to the South Asian community, was included in the list of those who wanted to ask Paul Martin questions in the Press conference but surprisingly he was not allowed and his name was not called although he invited attention of the lady who was holding the list and had noted down the name. I too was present there and equally surprised. Some others too faced this situation as well and were disappointed. They felt that they should have been given preference keeping in view the nature of the Press conference but it was not done. This left a big question mark on the selection criteria.

PROMOTE RIGHT PEOPLE: There is no dearth of talent or men of commitment in the expatriates’ community. The only need is to recognize and promote them. We need people with the will and spirit to deliver results. Only they can help achieve success and protect us from the dangerous and cunning PHD Specialists. We must remember that the Devil fears only those who fear The Almighty and nothing else. We need to find and promote such persons who can protect us from the PHD Specialists. To defeat the enemy, we must focus on our aims and objectives and keeping serving the people sincerely.