TORONTO:  By almost total destruction of Lebanon and Gaza and massacre of innocent people in its pursuit of Hezbollah and Hamas, will Israel achieve its goal? Nay. Never. This time Israel has committed the gravest mistake and would pay a very heavy price. It is indeed a stupidity and a suicide.

Instead of finding a permanent political solution acceptable to all, which always is possible and badly needed but never seriously considered due to various reasons and vested interests, the United States particularly and supported by allies is adding fuel to the fire by fully backing and practically helping Israel in the process of destruction. This US and its allies are doing without any sensible understanding and good logic. 

RUIN MAP: The Middle East Road Map is becoming a Ruin Map for the region, particularly Israel, thanks to American policymakers of Bush Lobby and not the nice American people. Everybody now knows that Israel is fighting THIS WAR for vested interests of the US and not for its existence or people. The vested interests include routes, resources and rule. Supremacy is their dream.

Like all sovereign states, Israel too has every right to exist, progress and prosper and now almost all understand and accept this reality but wrong policies and decisions have landed it in a quicksand and have now endangered its own existence and the people. It is the innocent people of the whole region who are the worst sufferers. All warring parties leave them alone and let them live and die in PEACE.       

      Israel and its supporters claim but can they really destroy Hezbollah and Hamas? This time the Israeli policymakers, political and military experts have made a great blunder and have put all innocent Israelis in deep trouble. Now the Israelis cannot sleep in peace and would see death in the shape of rockets in their dreams The war Israel has started will continue for long and would prove disastrous for Israel itself and beneficial in all ways for Hezbollah and Hamas. Israel has made them heroes overnight.

Why would Iran and Syria intervene and get involved in THIS DIRTY WAR? The Hezbollah, Hamas and the people are there in the front and everywhere to fight on their behalf. Iran and Syria have thrown the ball in the court of Israel and the US and watching the situation from a distant.

ISRAEL TRAPPED: Israel, pushed by the US, has been trapped badly. This time it is the people and not rulers and armies versus Israel. It is now Israel versus people of the Muslim World, because of brutal killing of innocent people. Like the Lebanese Government, the power of the people would render rulers of Muslim countries too, particularly poodles, powerless and helpless. This is what is seen and is happening.

The world is heading towards a terrible war and a great disaster. Some even say it is the beginning of the Third World War. With ceasefire, Israel can be stopped but who is going to stop the Hezbollah, Hamas, people and the storm brewing? All groups including Al-Qaida have united. Now their strength will increase tremendously and they would become extremely powerful and difficult for Israel and its allies to handle. Even Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) would fail to stop or destroy them. Israel, US and allies will have to kill millions to only stop them but still cannot finish them.  

Groups like Hezbollah, Hamas and Al-Qaida are all part of the people and not the army. They are well organized and found everywhere in the world. Thanks to US and Israel, they have gained tremendous sympathy, trust and confidence of the people. To crush them, Israel and US will have to finish people of the Muslim World. This is perhaps what Israel is doing right now with mass destruction of Lebanon and Gaza and massacre of people including women, children and elderly. Even UN observers have not been spared.

TERROR UNLEASHED: At present Israel has unleashed terror against the innocent people of Lebanon and Gaza. With destruction it boasts of successes but has failed to dislocate and destroy Hezbollah and Hamas. It has only terrified the innocent people and made them enemies, more dangerous than any armies of the world. Hezbollah too are bombarding Israel with rockets and missiles and killing people.

Both are blaming each other for terrorism and trying to crush each other. For the warring parties everything is fair. In their fight, the innocent people are caught and being crushed. This is totally unfair and must be stopped immediately at any cost. The madness of war must end before it is too late and the situation takes a very ugly turn.

Instead of trying to end the conflict, the US has now started pushing Israel to punish Syria for supporting Hezbollah. For how long can Syria and Iran avoid the conflict? Very soon they too would be pulled into the war.

In this critical and confusing situation, how can efforts be made for a permanent peace in the region through diplomacy? It seems impossible. Preparations are being made for a big and long war and not peace. Destruction of the Middle East region is inevitable, unless something dramatic and charismatic happens. At any cost people must not support terrorism in any shape. There is vast difference between freedom fighters and terrorists. People must judge and understand this difference before blindly supporting anyone.

MUSLIMS WORRIED: Muslims living in the Western and European countries are very much worried and disturbed by the developing and the deteriorating situation. They are directly affected and face serious consequences. The fallout is detrimental. Although the government keeps a strict watch to ensure full rights, equality and protection, still the fallout affects both the policies and the people and promotes hatred and discrimination.

Moderate Muslims particularly understand this very well and prefer to live and work together with all the people. They remain busy in connecting communities and people in order to become an important part of the society, system and mainstream. This way they try to win the trust and confidence of all others and achieve success and progress with their help, support and cooperation.

Although a very difficult job and a tough challenge, community members are educated through proper awareness to understand the society, system and the people. This way the issues of hatred, racism and discrimination could be effectively tackled.

PROMOTE HUMANITY: Efforts are also made to check and counter exploitation and brainwashing of people in the name of religion, culture and country. People are told to always give top priority and importance to promotion and respect of humanity. This is what the fanatics and extremists lack due to wrong training and negative teaching. By promoting humanity we can connect people and communities.

The religious institutions need to be streamlined and equipped with properly trained staff, system and syllabus. The Holy Quran never teaches wrong but exploiters and illiterates teach Holy Quran the wrong way and mislead the people. They don’t understand the Holy Quran properly, due to lack of study and research, but compel the people to understand and accept their poor knowledge and wrong messages.

Unfortunately, these elements have converted most of the religious institutions into collection centers with very limited religious activities. These institutions are built with donations of the people but when completed become property of the lobby occupying it. Policies need to be formulated to free these institutions from exploiters and lobbies and make them really functional, effective and productive. Accountability of all activities must be made to keep them proper and clean.        

Although this is a universal problem, I have been witnessing this in Canada since April, 1999. Canada has given me a lot. Both the people and the government have always supported me. I am taking full advantage of freedom of expression and writing freely and fiercely. I became Veteran Active Member (VAM) of the Toronto Press Club and member of The Ontario Club in 1999 with support and recommendation of Ed Patrick, President of the TPC. Claude Isaac, a senior staff of The Ontario Club, keeps encouraging me. He puts most of my articles on the Notice Board for all to read.

NEPMCC: In 2002, I met Thomas Saras, President of the National Ethnic Press & Media Council of Canada (NEPMCC). He impressed me a lot. Even when I was not a member, my almost every article was posted on the site In the editorial section, over 90 per cent articles are mine. Now I am a member and can proudly claim that I am the only journalist in Canada whose so many articles have been posted in such an important website like NEPMCC. This is an honour for Pakistan and me. Thank you Thomas Saras, for this honour and for your support and encouragement.

Also in 2002, I met Shahid Hashmi, Chairman of Canpak Chamber of Commerce. He introduced me to many people and supported me greatly. The team of trio, Shahid Hashmi, Javed Zaheer and Hameeduddin, Publisher and Chief Editor of Awaz, became popular in the circle and community.

      Shahid Hashmi is highly respected and well connected with people and communities. I found him positive, sincere and different from many others. Despite heated arguments on issues and some differences, we remain close to each other. Although there is no compromise on principles, yet for the cause we are united. 

      Fortunately, the list of my friends and supporters is very long. They all are a great source of inspiration, help and support for me. My mailing list has over 2000 email addresses, mostly of media, distinguished officials and personalities, reputed and recognized organizations. In short, mostly people who matter and help others.

      CHURCH OF SCIENTOLOGY: Nicole Crellin, Director in the Church of Scientology, Toronto, Canada, is very friendly, supportive and cooperative. She never forgets me and always invites Hameeduddin and me in all her events. Her organization is serving and contributing tremendously in almost all fields by propagating, teaching and implementing the revolutionary ideas and works of L. Ron Hubbard, the founder, throughout the world and in a well organized and effective manner. 

Their performance and results are simply amazing.  I jokingly asked her: “Have you people left any field uncovered? What about cleaning politics and rehabilitating politicians? In many ways they are doing this challenging work as well and achieving success. Determination, interaction and implementation are their secrets of success.

      APPROACH: No doubt comments of Prime Minister Stephen Harper and policies of the Conservative Government are termed very disturbing for the Muslims. Still the approach and response of Muslims must always remain positive and constructive. Only exploiters would benefit from emotional reaction. Muslims are very much protected and respected in Canada. They proudly call themselves Canadians and want to live and serve as such.

      Examples are many. People like Shahid Hashmi keep organizing functions. The Canpak Chamber of Commerce celebrated on July 9, 2006, Canada Day in a befitting manner. A large number of dignitaries including Ghalib Iqbal, Consul General of Pakistan in Toronto, who is very popular and active in the community, Jim Karygiannis, MP, Joe Volpe, MP, and people from all walks of lives participated.  The World Cup Football Final was on that day and big screen arrangement was made for the audience. People enjoyed both the final and the celebration. The hall was full. The event included speeches, dances, documentaries on cancer support and campaign for homeless, etc.

      CANADA EXPRESS: On July 8, 2006, Urdu newspaper Weekly Canada Express celebrated its first anniversary and Canada Day. This function too was participated by distinguished personalities and a large number of people. Qaiser Sagheer of Canada Express is a young and energetic journalist. He focuses on local coverages.

      Another very prominent and popular figure is Khalid Usman, Councillor of Markham. He is known as `King Fundraiser’. Within hours he can collect thousands. This he does because he is well respected and enjoys trust and confidence of the people. He is again contesting for the councillor election from Markham, faces a tough challenge this time but still fully confident of support of the people and his victory.

      CANADIAN TRADITION: All these activities prove and show that the Muslim community is well protected and promoted in Canada. For stability and success, all one has to do is to become an active member of the society and important part of the system and mainstream. Canada not only welcomes all with open arms but takes care as well. This is the Canadian tradition and we must become part of this tradition.