TORONTO: It’s like David stepping forward to challenge Goliath. Unbelievably, all eyes of the South Asian community and other communities are set on the 19-year-old brave student, Khalid Ahmed, whose eyes are ambitiously set on Queen’s Park.

            Sensing that the South Asian and Muslim communities lacked true leadership and are being exploited and harmed by hypocrites and opportunist, Khalid Ahmed decided to accept the leadership challenge.

            Realizing the need for someone to come forward and work for changes, Khalid boldly prepared and presented himself for the task. He is now determined to reach Queen’s Park from where he could do something really good for all people by bringing positive practical changes.

            The young Khalid Ahmed has committed to lead and serve all people. He is not at all afraid of defeat and would take everything as a very valuable experience. He said: “My goal is success and victory. I am planning and working on this pattern. I don’t even think of losing. Why should I demoralize myself by thinking of defeat? I dream of victory and hope to emerge victorious.”      

            Khalid Ahmed was already respected, loved and liked by the people. Now his sincerity, courage, boldness, determination and commitment have greatly influenced and impressed most of the people. He has already started winning their trust and confidence and assurances of vote and support.

            In the case of victory or defeat, he will create history. The votes for him would definitely lead to defeat of one of the heavyweights. His victory will be a big shock. Seeing the interest of the people in Khalid Ahmed, it can happen. This is what the major political parties fear. They are fully aware of the situation and the danger ahead.

            He has already created history by being nominated for MPP at such a young age.  

He was nominated for MPP on the NDP platform from the Don Valley West constituency. This constituency is one of the most important ones in Ontario.

            When he decided to step into the leadership race and politics, he faced a lot of pressure to back out. He remained determined and decided to contest only from the locality of his best choice---Don Valley West.

            Khalid Ahmed says: “I respect all good people and leaders. I have nothing against anyone, except wrong policies and people. I am focusing only on my aim to lead and serve all people. This is my commitment. I need help and support of the people for this. I am sure people will trust and support me. I have done nothing wrong or bad to hurt them. This is why I am confident of support and victory.”

            The people are giving him this message: Lagey Raho Nanney Bhai (Keep it up young one).   

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