TORONTO : The enemies of Islam have successfully tampered with Arabic meanings of words of the Holy Qur’an and very cunningly created confusions and distortions in the translations of Quranic verses. This they did by corrupting and changing up to 90,000 translated words.

Shockingly, to my knowledge, no scholars and experts of Islam and Holy Qur’an have till now pointed this out. Those who must have dared must definitely have been condemned, isolated and eliminated. This was done as a part of a sinister conspiracy against Islam and Muslims, which even continues today. The whole Muslim World is suffering because of this.

This was disclosed by Akhtar Sherazi, scholar and researcher, at a selected gathering organized by Javed Yusuf, cartoonist, artist and a known personality, at his residence in Markham on March 11, 2006.

Akhtar Sherazi claims to have spent thirty years on research on the Holy Qur’an and during this work detected and discovered the dirty and sinister conspiracies of the enemies of The Almighty, His holy books and the people. I worked hard and honestly and was able to understand the facts and realities. Anybody can understand this just by sensibly studying the Holy Qur’an and the Arabic language and dictionary. It is just that simple.

Sherazi said there is no need to reach the sky or bottom of the ocean to find the truth. Everything is before us and for us. The message is for the whole mankind and not Muslims alone. Those who researched and understood the message have achieved great successes. The results are before us---Their successes and our failures. All we need to do is to understand the reasons for our failures and decline.

He said all one has to do is to find the real meanings and roots of the words of the Holy Qur’an with the help of the Arabic language and dictionary. Meanings of the words have been cunningly changed to confuse the people. One has to use his common sense, mind and vision properly to understand the true messages of the words, sentences, expressions, explanations and commands.

Akhtar said that don’t just think or dream that being Muslims The Almighty or His messengers will come and help us and we don’t need to do anything. The Almighty’s message is: Help yourselves and others. We instead have become selfish and cunning and only focus on our vested interests. For this we even harm and destroy others. We have divided ourselves into groups and claim that this is true Islam. This is our character and deeds and yet we expect The Almighty to help and save us.    

Sherazi said the biggest problem is that the real messages are not reaching the people. Most of the scholars and experts are acting like parrots and repeating and relaying the same distorted and corrupted messages. They claim to have full command on translations, Arabic and Holy Qur’an but still not telling the people the facts and realities.

May be they are on the payroll of the conspirators or fearing them badly. Also, they have made it a business and are making good money in the name of The Almighty and don’t want the people to know the truth and stop giving them charity, donations and so on. These can be the only reasons.

Akhtar Sherazi, in his talk, touched sensitive issues and with the help of the Holy Qur’an explained them scientifically and grammatically. He said that four-legged animals which ruminate and don’t have two big teeth are halal. Animals like pig, dog and donkey don’t ruminate and are not halal.

With the help of sketch of the cow and keeping in view translations of verse An-Nahl (16:66) by world renowned authorities like Prof. Hamidullah, Abdullah Yusuf Ali, R. Blachere, Dr. Maurice Bucaille, Maulana Muhammad Junagarhi, Maulana Fateh Muhammad Jalandari, Maulana Maudoodi, Maulana Abul Kalam Azad and Maulana Waheeduddin Khan, Sherazi explained his views on formation of cow milk and said the formation of milk has nothing to do with the excrement and should not be related. He said the cow has four stomachs and the pure milk is produced in a highly scientific manner. This is why cattle and milk have been specifically mentioned in the Quranic verse.

He said when animals are slaughtered in Islamic way and the blood allowed to drain out is to make sure that diseases of the blood don’t harm the people. Seafood like fish, crab and prawn are not slaughtered because they have no blood and also no heart. Big fishes have blood and heart and therefore are not halal. This is the scientific reason. Similarly, birds with two stomachs are declared halal. Those with one stomach like crow are not halal.

He spoke about creation of the universe (Quranic Verse Sajda (32:4) and Bible---Genesis CH.1 Verses 1-31 end and Genesis Ch.2 Verses 1-3)--- and said that it was created in six stages. The Holy Qur’an tells us as to how the universe and nature were formed in six stages and are controlled and balanced by set rules and ways. He briefly touched the stages and said everything is explained in the holy book in a very simple and scientific manner.

Sherazi said the entire planet is being run by set rules and regulations. The Almighty has given us a system so that all could benefit from it. We can benefit only if we understand and follow the rules, regulations and commands of the holy books. The Holy Qur’an contains relevant  details of all the holy books so that the whole mankind could benefit despite distortions of facts of other books, scrolls, etc.

Akhtar Sherazi spoke about creation of Adam and explained the translation of Verse Al-Baqarah (2:34-36). He said Jinns and angels are all nothing but very powerful forces. These forces were worried by creation of human being and considered themselves more powerful. The Almighty explained to them that the human being is being given such knowledge and power which they don’t have and can’t match. The human being will be able to control all the forces including electricity, nuclear and other similar discoveries and use them in the interest of the whole mankind.

He said Adam was actually only the name of a community like Bani Israel. This is why it was called Bani Adam.

Sherazi spoke about Moses and explained translations of Quranic Verses Al-Qasas (28:7-8), Al-Qasas (28:15) and Ash-Shu’Ara (26:64) and from Bible---Exodus (2:5-56), Exodus (2:11) and Exodus (14-16). He said crossing of the river was not a miracle. It was all because of low and high tidings and has scientific explanations. Moses lived there and knew well about the tiding and took advantage of the timing. The enemy was trapped and destroyed. This is what Qur’an and study of the location tells, he stated.

Akhtar Sherazi also spoke about Jesus and Mary. He explained the Quranic translations of Verse Al-e-Imran (3:47) and As-Saff (61:6) and from Bible---Luke (1:35), John Ch. 14 Verses (15-16) and John Ch.14 Verse (26). He said Jesus was born as a result of marriage of Mary. She married to break the centuries long tradition. Jesus had a father and brothers too. He said this is what Holy Qur’an tells us. A study of the historical facts explains all this. There are lots of distortions which have created confusions and which must be removed.

He spoke about Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) as well and explained translation of Quranic Verse Al-Ahzab (33: 50-52). He said Muhammad (PBUH) was a great personality and his character was based on the Holy Qur’an. Attempts were made by corrupting the translations and Hadeeths to tarnish the image of this great person who was trusted and respected by all including the enemies.

Sherazi said we must follow Muhammad (PBUH), Holy Qur’an and Islam instead of being trapped by Munafiqeen posing as Mullahs. These Munafiqeen Mullahs are putting us on the track of Mazhab-e-Mullah and showing us the path to hell (Mullah’s paradise).  They have divided the people into various groups and are tricking and forcing them to follow their rules, regulations and teachings. Most of their teachings are against Islam, Holy Qur’an and Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

Akhtar Sherazi claims that in order to protect the innocent people he has written the constitution of the Holy Qur’an and is preparing the right translation of the Holy Qur’an. This is extremely essential to save the people from the Munafiqeen Mullahs. We need to decide whom to support and follow---Muhammad (PBUH) or Munafiqeen Mullahs. The choice is very clear. We can reject the Munafiqeen Mullahs but definitely not Muhammad (PBUH).

We need to wage a war against the Munafiqeen Mullahs and clear the mosque and madrasas from such cunning devils. Every Munafiqeen Mullah must be exposed and kept away from the people. They must not be allowed to join our ranks and harm the people and Islam. The enemies of Islam are keenly interested in producing thousands of such Munafiqeen Mullahs and immediately give permission to them to build madarsas and mosques from where they can hatch conspiracies against Islam and Muslims. We need scholars and experts of Islam but definitely not Munafiqeen, Illiterate and Cunning Mullahs.  This must remain our goal.

Javed Yusuf played an important role in organizing the meeting of Akhtar Sherazi with the selected people including important religious personality like Hafiz Ishtiaq Talib. This was not an easy task. Some of the people were deadly against Akhtar Sherazi and not prepared to even see his handsome and innocent face. Even Akhtar Sherazi was worried and prepared for the worst including abuses and attacks.

Thanks to the sensible and conditional handling of the audience and the speaker, nothing untoward happened. The audience was told to listen attentively to the research work (translation) and explanations about the distortions and confusions. Those who could not stand it were given the option of leaving the scene quietly at any time. This worked and the hours long meeting went very smoothly and in the friendliest manner. Those who hated Akhtar Sherazi were greatly impressed by his talk and personality and openly admitted that Sherazi is a very good and knowledgeable person. Even those who did not agree with Sherazi became his friend. All congratulated Sherazi for the successful talk and discussion.

Most of the people demanded that more meetings be held so that they can learn more from Akhtar Sherazi, who became a hero of the audience.

One of the participants did not agree with Akhtar Sherazi on the ground that since the advent of Islam there was surprisingly not even a single person who could detect the corruption or give version of Akhtar Sherazi. How it could be possible that nobody understood Arabic grammar and detected the negative and destructive changes made? He asked: Is Akhtar Sherazi the only person to have achieved this feat? Were all others  incompetent and incapable? Is he the only genius in the Muslim World? Sherazi’s work, translations and interpretations need more study to understand the depth and authenticity of his achievements.

The gathering included atheist, Ahmedis, moderate and conservative Muslims. One of the Ahmadis said the talk was an eye-opener for him. He was shocked the way Ahmadis were presenting and teaching the Holy Qur’an to the followers including him. He said that now he will try to study and understand the Holy Qur’an properly in order to really benefit from the message of this great holy book. He was thankful to Akhtar Sherazi for giving him new knowledge and showing him the right direction.

Before the talk began, the hosts, Javed Yusuf and Anwer Javed, served the guests dinner comprising variety of tasty dishes.

In the end all the participants were asked to give their comments on the proceedings. All of them praised the way the talk was conducted. Javed Yusuf used his experience and influences to control both the speaker and some of the participants. Many times the speaker was almost distracted from the agenda point but Javed Yusuf quickly put him back on the track. The audience was also asked not to distract him and avoid irrelevant questions.

Javed Yusuf has prepared a video of the hours long discussion so that all interested could benefit from the very interesting discussion. For details, Javed Yusuf could be contacted through email: Tel # (905)479-0219.

Akhtar Sherazi is author of the famous book `The Quranic Concept of Nikah (Wedlock) Versus Religious Prostitution.’ Safdar Agha is the editor and Co-Writer of the book. He is considered the brain behind Sherazi. People know very little about this mysterious figure as he is seldom seen in any meeting or gathering. All little known about him is that he is associated with Akhtar Sherazi.

Sherazi claims that his book is a challenge for those conspiring against Islam and Muslims. It exposes those who distorted historical facts and realities and negatively changed the translations of the Holy Qur’an.

This book is an eye-opener for all. The price is $19.95 USD and $28.95 CND. Sherazi claims that this book is an effort to present the true perspective of the Qur’an, as it was implemented in the time of Mohammad (PBUH), with an earnest desire that it might prove to be a positive step in the right direction, to initiate revival of the Qur’anic society.

Akhtar Sherazi is a chemical engineer. He was born in Pakistan in 1949. He did Master’s in Chemistry in 1971. His bold expressions, both verbal and written, have mostly resulted in confrontation and rejection. He has the guts to express his views and interpretations. He strongly defends his work, identity and personality under all circumstances and in any situation.  

Akhtar Sherazi has been misunderstood and even accused of trying to gain popularity like of Salman Rushdi or planning to proclaim himself as a prophet. He was also openly called crazy, lunatic and Satan. Some allege that Safdar Agha and Akhtar Sherazi are a part of a sinister conspiracy against Islam and Muslims. They are bent upon creating confusions. The discussion of Akhtar Sherazi at Javed Yusuf residence showed no such signs. Instead he said and was found to be a true lover of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and believer of The Almighty. Such discussions have become necessary to remove all misunderstandings about him.

 Sherazi says that all this is an attempt by enemies of Islam, particularly Munafiqeen Mullahs, to condemn, isolate and eliminate him. He said that he also has the guts to face the enemies and any challenges and is prepared to face all threats including death but would never leave his mission of delivering the truth to the people and exposing and defeating the committed enemies of the people, Islam and The Almighty.  

Akhtar Sherazi could be contacted at Ph: # (905)508-4662. Email address: His address is 1 Royal Gala Cres , Richmond Hill , Ontario , L4S1y6, Canada .



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