Michelle Jean. The new General Governor of Canada

We should be all happy and rejoicing that A Black woman has been appointed Governor General of Canada.  Michelle Jean will be an inspiration to all.  At 48 years, this appointment is a marvelous one.  The Prime Minister has covered 4 important bases before the next election expected in months.

 She is Black, a Woman, A Quebecois, and from the Caribbean - Haitian.  What ever his motives were, I think it is a great appointment.

 Let us look at the other side.  The Liberal Party is in political trouble in Quebec, if this appointment is accepted for what it is, it will be a win win situation for all Canadians. 

 If there are any concerns about Michelle Jean, it is the fact that she is succeeding Adrianne Clarkson who has lifted the office of Governor General to new heights.  The Prime Minister in confirming Michelle Jeanís appointment said that she is an impressive woman taking a new place in the country's immigrant history and declaring that Michelle Jeanís story is Canadaís story.  The Governor General Designate is who we are and what we want to be as Canadians.  Certainly from my point of view she is a success story, even if, it is one known only in Quebec.  She is Elegant, she is cultured, multilingual, a mother and a wife with an active social conscience, she will set, like her predecessor, a high standard, and, in time, will prove an inspired choice.   

 Appointments at this level tell as much about those choosing as those chosen and this one reveals plenty about the Government and our National problems. Along with sending the message to immigrants everywhere that Canada belongs to everyone, Martin is also communicating other signals to Quebec.  Whether it is thanking the ethnics for tilting the last sovereignty vote or reminding them that Canada will need them in the not to distant future when a next sovereignty vote is expected.

 That being said Ottawa is striving to embrace diversity in its highest office.

 On All four counts the signals has been well received so we must celebrate Michelle Jean and let her know not only the Blacks but all of Canada is behind her and is rooting for her success.

 My name is Clyde Mc Neil for viewpoint CHIN Radio Ė August 6, 2005.