TORONTO:  I read a very interesting and informative article by renowned journalist Gordon Duff titled `Who is Rupert Murdoch?’

             Gordon Duff is a Marine Vietnam veteran.  A 100% disabled vet.  He has been a featured commentator on TV and radio, including Al Jazeera, and his articles have been carried by news services around the world.

             Gordon has been a UN Diplomat, defence contractor and is a widely published expert on military and defence issues.  Duff is Senior Editor at one of the most widely read Veterans Online publications `Veterans Today’

             I was attracted by the specific mention and description of ultra-nationalists in the article. Gordon Duff first asked: “Who are Ultra-nationalists?” and then went on to describe: “Ultra-nationalists are known to support wars, plan terrorist acts, manipulate populations into strife and racism, foster fear and panic, even financial ruin.”

            In short, known to be committed enemy of mankind and a potential threat to global peace, world and humanity, they are considered extremely dangerous and deadly. Credit for the massive death and destruction all over the world and suffering of the people goes to them. This was never a secret.

             They pose as Good Human Beings, lovers, followers and believers of The Almighty and the people, but in reality they are worse than the most dreaded beasts, criminals and cannibals found in any part of the universe. Their cunningness, cruel nature and evil character just cannot be described in words.

             I appreciate the efforts of Gordon Duff and would like to invite him and all Veterans to consult and study the Holy Quran and other original holy books as well in order to understand the true definition and description of ultra-nationalists. This will help  a lot in the analyses and writings. This way Gordon can create proper awareness and understanding and contribute tremendously. He will help in bringing a real change. 

            The holy books are the best sources to understand and expose the non-believers, ultra-nationalists, terrorists and all people of bad and harmful nature.

             The Almighty has clearly, openly and strongly condemned and angrily cursed them in the original holy books including Bible, Quran and the scriptures. The Wrath of God did destroy some of them and both the history and holy books tell us about this.   

            People are warned not to follow them. Yet it happens and most of the people become their prey. Only those who read carefully, understand sensibly, believe and follow truly the holy books, wise and good people do not become their victim. The Almighty says that they cannot be harmed because they enjoy His special blessings and protection.  

             Unfortunately, most of us despite aware of the facts fail to read, understand and follow the holy messages and the signs told to us repeatedly in the holy books. 

             The Almighty in the original holy books including Bible, Quran and scriptures through narrations and commands tells and warns us about the stubbornness, cunningness, cruel nature and bad character of the dangerous people.

             They knowingly and deliberately work against The Almighty, His holy books and true believers. The Almighty says that He Himself will deal with them because they belong to the category and army of the devil and will never reform and become good. Those who follow them will automatically become part of the group and face similar consequences. This is very serious.

             We must understand this and remain fully alert. Unfortunately, most of us know these common messages and signs and also love and respect The Almighty but don’t fear, follow and worship Him in the true sense.

            The Almighty openly, clearly and proudly says in the holy books that His true lovers, followers and believers will never ever worship any other god or follow any other message than La Ilaaha Illallah (There is no deity except Allah). All prophets, saints and true believers of The Almighty believed in and promoted this common message.  

            The distraction, differences and hatred among the people were created through distortions of the holy messages, dirty propaganda and conspiracies by these very cunning and evil character people---The Devils and Demons.

             They are extremely powerful and influential. They control the economy, governments, media, institutions, leaders and important people. This is how they make the people, belonging to any religion, and all under their control and influence helpless and their slaves. This is how they promote and protect their vested interests and cause massive deaths and destruction.    

             It is rightly said that Islam is the best religion and Muslims are the worst followers. Since over 1400 years, most Muslims have proved this right. This is one of the main reasons of their sufferings, defeat and downfall. Numerically their number is very high and it is almost impossible to convert even the most uneducated and least sensible Muslim.   

            Most Muslims keep strongly condemning, criticizing and pointing finger towards others but what they don’t understand and realize is that they are committing a Grave Sin by knowingly acting against the commands and messages of The Almighty. 

            They blindly follow the fake, fraud and anal-sex-crazy Mullahs posing as wise men, pious persons and saints. Just look around and you will find hundreds, thousands and millions.

             The enemies of mankind mentioned in the original holy books could not succeed in distorting the messages of The Almighty in the holy Quran. They then found other ways to distract and harm the Muslims. One of the best was posing as Mullahs. For this they formed Munafiq Mafia (Hypocrites Mafia).

             The Munafiq Mafia started building madressas (Religious institutions) and mosques and from there started confusing and distracting people and creating hatred, differences and divisions. The innocent people listening to them were trapped and started following them. They started giving more importance to such fake, fraud and anal-sex-crazy Mullahs than The Almighty. They lost touch with The Almighty.

             Imagine some Muslims saying: “In Islam there is least use of brain, mind and common sense.” With such thinking where would one head---definitely darkness and disaster.

             In order to understand properly messages and commands of The Almighty, we need to read or listen, understand and then follow or act accordingly. For all this we need to use brain, mind and common sense. Unfortunately, many Muslims, even educated ones, don’t agree and don’t want to understand this fact? This is happening because of influence of Munafiqs (hypocrites) posing as Mullahs and exploiting the people.

             Because such Muslims are acting as brainless therefore others easily make them emotional, fool and exploit them. They easily fall into traps and become victims. This way it becomes easier to harm and kill them.

              The Fake, Fraud and Anal-Sex-Crazy Mullahs hook and trap them easily and keep playing with them. They keep dancing on their tunes, thinking and considering them as supreme. They would not listen to anybody including The Almighty but would only obey and follow the Munafiqs posing as Mullahs.

             Because of thousands of Munafiqs posing as Mullahs, the Muslim community is facing a tough time and challenge. It is a clash between Allah-Waley and Mullah-Waley. The Allah-Waley are true believers and very few but protected by The Almighty. The Mullah-Waley are in millions and making millions through their followers. Their main interest is in making money by any means including donations and appeals.

             The Munafiq Mafia (hypocrites Mafia) dominates and manages the affairs of madressas (Religious institutions) and mosques so that they can harm the Muslims and defame Islam. They are bringing bad name to Islam and real Mullahs or good Muslims.

             The Allah-Waley (True believers and good Muslims) want to build the character of Muslims and help them through proper teaching and make them really powerful through proper resources but the Munafiq mafia does not allow them to work properly and keeps troubling them in one way or the other.

             It is time to check and control the Munafiq Mafia and free Muslims, mosques and madressas from their dangerous and dirty influence and control. They must not be allowed to exploit and play with the good and true Muslims and any people.

              Illiteracy, an important tool used and promoted by the Munafiq Mafia and ultra-nationalists, is another main reason and enemy of the Muslims and other people. It is causing tremendous harm to the Muslim community and humanity.

             There are hundreds of shocking examples. Taboos and un-Islamic social, cultural and religious traditions have destroyed the Muslims and made their lives miserable. 

             The ultra-nationalists, the Munafiqs (hypocrites) and their likes are all Human Beasts. They have badly gripped the people, harming and killing them mercilessly. When are the people going to wake up, stand up and challenge the Human Beasts and free the helpless people from their claws, clutches and grips?  

             The solution is very simple. Instead of becoming follower of the devil, become friend of The Almighty, His believers and all good people. He fulfils His promise of protection. Nobody can deny this. Conscience is the voice of God and good. So make conscience our guide and listen to what it says. Whisper is the magical voice of the devil and can only harm and destroy us. So avoid listening to it and stop obeying it.

             I was presented a book titled `Way to Happiness’ by Nicole Crellin, scientologist, community outreach coordinator for Youth for Human Rights International, and Human Rights Director of the Church of Scientology of Toronto. Email:

             I am also a human rights activist and strongly support the cause. I found the book interesting. The human rights content of the book matches the message of the holy books. So I was not surprised. As regards Human Rights, it was a very informative book.

             I told her: “Most of the human rights contents match the holy books. If you read the holy books than you can see and understand the similarity. Amazingly, this book is being promoted as good for all but the holy book Quran is labelled as promoting terrorism. How can the same message be looked so differently?”

             We need to accept everything good but at the same time remain very protective. We never know about the hidden agendas and intentions. If there is anything doubtful we can always withdraw and say NO.  

            I always keep promoting and supporting the messages and effort of Nicole Crellin with good intentions. Our understanding is based completely on awareness, understanding and promotion of Human Rights.

             In short, we are promoting Human Rights to help the people understand and fight the Human Beasts like Ultra-nationalists and other committed enemies of mankind.

              I told Nicole to change her approach if she wants to work with the Muslim community. Firstly, she will have to convince that the Human Rights contents do match that of the Holy Quran and holy books. She will have to prove this to win the trust and confidence of the Muslim community. Secondly, that her intentions are good and does not in any manner aimed to harm or convert Muslims.

             Nicole says that she is associated with the Church of Scientology but the Youth for Human Rights International (YHRI) project is a totally different thing. This is meant to help people of all communities. Those who have doubts can visit the websites including of Church of Scientology, which promotes the works of Ron L. Hubbard.

             If people have doubts of any kind and evidences of any type which prove that she is working against the people and certain community like Muslim then they can always expose her.

             Finally, if we want to make the world a safe place to live in and serve humanity with in the real sense, then we need to change our thinking, attitude, approach and character according to what The Almighty commands and wants.

             We need to show courage, determination and unity for this. It seems but is definitely not difficult and impossible. We have to impress and convince the people in order to win their trust, confidence and support. Remember conscience is your best friend and guide and whisper your destroyer and worst enemy.

             ---Javed Zaheer (JAZA/JAYZEE/JZEE), Free Expression Award Winner, Desi Idol Recognition Award Winner, Member/Honorary Director of NEPMCC, Veteran Active Member (VAM) of Toronto Press Club, Ex-Member of The National Club and The Ontario Club, Honorary Editor of English Weekly `Pakistan Abroad’, ex-Chief Editor (Honorary) of English Weekly `The Ambassador’, ex-Senior Sub-Editor of English Daily DAWN, Pakistan, Chairman, CANOPI, and Director, Canpak Camber of Commerce, is contributing purely on Voluntary and Honorary Basis in order to serve all people and communities. Contact: (416)696-0981/ .


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