TORONTO : Struggle for a cause is the main objective of mankind. Money is nothing, even lives and dearest ones and things are sacrificed to achieve the purpose. Every struggle should be made in the interest of humanity. All those involved and engaged in the struggle for the right causes need to be saluted for their commitment, determination, dedication, courage and sacrifices.

They indeed are contributing tremendously to show us the right direction, give us the real peace and happiness and protection from darkness and harms of all evils including illiteracy, racism, extremism, terrorism, fundamentalism and discrimination.  It is, therefore, our duty and responsibility to fully help and support them.

      This is exactly the real message of Islam, which means and stands for peace. The struggle of Islam is directed against all evils and its message is for all mankind and not only Muslims. The Holy Quran says this. The confusion and misunderstandings created could only be removed through proper communication, understanding and awareness.

OLD ENEMIES: Conspiracies against Islam are not new but being hatched since its advent---over thousand years. Despite all dirty plans, tricks and attempts of the evil, Islam progressed and spread to all corners of the world. Muslims are suffering badly today because of their own faults. They are not following properly the real message of Islam. They have become puppets in the hands of the enemies of the people and Islam.

The so-called religious leaders including Fake or Moron Mullahs and scholars are adding fuel to the fire by distorting the message of Islam, exploiting Muslims and distracting them from the right cause and direction. They are in fact the worst enemies of Islam, Muslims and mankind. Most of them, particularly Moron Mullahs, are either illiterates or doing it deliberately to promote their vested interests, particularly political and ideological. This is resulting in serious misunderstanding and great confusion. On October 4, 2004, I saw some literatures of ICNA Canada about Ramadan in the lobby of my building. The content shocked me. Just imagine the message it was giving:

First example: “Just for this month, I will not watch TV at all. My knowing of what is shown in the news does not affect any affairs of the world. Watching the news causes only frustration, despair and anxiety. If I do not watch for a month, it will not have any impact either on me, my Ummah or the world at large.”

Second example: “This Ramadan, I will decline all invitations to dinner meetings with non-Muslims because every moment is this month is too precious to be spent on these activities.”

What was the association trying to prove and portray Muslims as? It wants to keep the Muslims in darkness and isolation. It can only lead to differences and distances. Is this what Islam teaches? Not, Sir. This certainly needs explanation.

It’s time to change attitude and approach. On the one hand the Muslim World led by President Musharraf of Pakistan is trying to bring Israel and Muslims closer with proper communication and understanding to promote peace in the world while on the other such irresponsible acts by some. Is it right? The Arabs are moving closer to Israel and recognizing each other then why this hate? Can’t we solve issues with peace and understanding and without compromising our principles and demands? Yes, we can.

 Unfortunately, even highly educated, experienced and respected persons not only blindly follow but apparently worship the so-called religious leaders. Not Allah’s but their word is final for them. This has become common. Thousands of Fake Pirs are fleecing and fooling the people.

The evil is fully exploiting this situation and using such elements for harming Muslims and tarnishing the image of Islam. The result is that the true believers of The Almighty and followers of Islam---whether Mullahs, scholars and preachers---are being targeted, hunted and eliminated to crush Muslims and their supporters. This is the reality.

GLOBAL FREEDOM: Islam is struggling against Global Fear to give people Global Freedom. It is committed to ensure peace, democracy and happiness to all people---as per message of the Holy Quran and teachings and preaching of Islam. For America and allies the fight may be now and new but for Muslims and Islam it is centuries old and would continue for years and till complete victory. 

      So the serious situation needs proper focus and attention of all. Realization is there but action is needed to help and support the people by showing them the right path and providing them the necessary facilities and services. For these, moral and financial support (donations and assistances) are badly needed and could help in practical implementation of the plans and objectives. Every individual and penny counts and could work wonders for all the people. This is not a dream but a reality which could be practically and successfully achieved.

RICHMOND HILL MUSLIM ASSOCIATION (R.H.M.A): In Ontario , Canada , there are about 400,000 Muslims but not many Muslim associations. These associations despite being fewer in number are struggling extremely hard to serve not only the Muslims but all people irrespective of their color, caste, creed and religion. More associations run by trusted and dedicated people are badly needed.

Keeping this urgent need and the critical situation in mind and to ensure that Muslims are provided at least five times prayer facilities and real liberal Islamic teachings based on the Holy Quran in their vicinity and in proper manner, the Richmond Hill Muslim Association was formed.

 R.H.M.A is located at 120 Newkirk Street , Unit # 4, Richmond Hill , Ontario , L4C 9S7 , Canada . Tel # (905) 884-2765. It is a non-profit organization and has been incorporated and registered as of February 7, 2004. It has applied for charitable status and is hopeful of getting soon. 

Since 1997, R.H.M.A is already holding successfully Jummah (Friday) Prayers, Tarawih Prayers (In Ramazan) and educational programs for the learning of Quran. Since then, the Muslim community has grown so rapidly and contributing tremendously that the need for a Community Centre that can accommodate all of the increasing needs is now more than necessary. The pressure on the R.H.M.A to help build a strong and vibrant Muslim community is growing. This is the vision of both the R.H.M.A and Muslims.

COMMUNITY CENTRE: R.H.M.A plans to build and run the Community Centre on both religious and modern lines so as to impart not only purely liberal Islamic education, teaching and discipline based on the Holy Quran and character of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) but education and training based on modern curriculum as well.

R.H.M.A aims to bring the community closest to the Holy Quran and character of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). The focus will be on studying, knowing and understanding the contents, message and vision of the Holy Quran through recitation, translation and Tafseer. The task is not difficult and needs only commitment and determination. 

The main objective of R.H.M.A is to enable the Muslims to become fully ready and capable of joining the system and society as responsible and respectable citizens and help in the progress and prosperity of the people and the country in all fields including religious, social and cultural and of their choice.

Proper awareness and understanding will be created to give them a positive vision and make them broadminded, civilized and educated. This is extremely essential. R.H.M.A has felt it as its duty and responsibility to practically help them with the backing and support of the community.    

MAIN ROLE: The role of R.H.M.A will be totally non-political and completely educative, specifically directed towards establishment of a good society and system to protect people from hatred, exploitation, discrimination, extremism and all related negatives. The highly qualified teachers, counselors and instructors, all at least degree holders, selected would be fully trained ones and properly qualified in their respective subjects and fields. It would be made sure that they are dedicated, caring and attentive.

  Before selection, they would be carefully screened to check infiltration of the so-called Mullah-type elements who with poor knowledge and narrow thought promote hatred, discrimination and extremism. This aspect will be considered extremely important. The students and beneficiaries would be taught and trained to fully understand, respect and follow the federal, provincial and municipal laws. This way R.H.M.A plans to protect the Muslims from un-Islamic and destructive teachings and trainings.

 RECREATION: R.H.M.A gives great importance to recreation and related activities as part of best education, healthy environment and development. It held and would hold social and cultural activities including picnic, sports and entertainment programs. All people would be allowed to participate in such activities and even enter the religious places including mosque in the institution but in the acceptable manner. No one would be allowed to create or promote hatred and discrimination.

The association plans to acquire and maintain a cemetery, which will be acquired and maintained through donations and assistances.

TERRORISM CONDEMNED: R.H.M.A strongly condemns all acts of terrorism anywhere and would support strongest action against those responsible. The association believes that hatred and discrimination could only be ended through proper communication, understanding and awareness and considers it essential to build strong bridges to bring Muslims and others closest possible. R.H.M.A with its plans and objectives could play a very positive and constructive role in this connection. It sympathizes with all victims of terrorism and natural disasters.

The ongoing programs of R.H.M.A are: 1) Conducting daily, weekly and annual prayer sessions 2) Organizing social and family gathering 3) Counselling/Helping distressed and needy people 4) Fundraising charities/hospitals/education/disaster and     5) Building bridges between community and various levels of the government.

RAMADAN PROGRAM: For the Richmond Hill Community, this Ramadan is very special. It marks the first Ramadan in which Muslims of the vicinity are truly observing Ramadan together as a community. The Ramadan activities of R.H.M.A include Tarawih Prayers followed by Eid Prayers.

R.H.M.A in a short period of a year has managed to collect Canadian $86,174.74. The target of overall cost is over $3 million in order to acquire a permanent place for worship and community centre. Presently, R.H.M.A does not have its own place for five times prayers. During the holy month of Ramadan it hopes to receive generous donations from the people everywhere, particularly the community, to help acquire the place. R.H.M.A is renting places like Bayview Hill Community Centre, Lions Club, Spruce Community     Centre and Langstaff School for prayers.

The R.H.M.A plans to build the Community Centre in an area which covers Hwy 7, Yonge Street , Elgin Mills and Leslie. The preferred place is between Steeles and Elgin Mills, particularly Bayview and 16th Ave , where there are lot of worship places except mosque. The place will cover thousands of Muslims living in the vicinity and visiting the area. The nearest mosque from the vicinity is the Islamic Foundation Mosque, which is quite far away and it takes over 20 minutes to reach there.

BOARD OF DIRECTORS: The R.H.M.A team includes highly qualified, experienced, respectable, tested and trusted people. They are doctors, accountants, computer specialists and so on. The Board of Directors of the Richmond Hill Muslim Association comprises: Dr Saeed R. Faizi, President (905) 780-5734, Dr Abu Alam, Vice-President (416) 821-6644, Farheen Khawaja, Secretary (905) 884-2765, Azizul Mohammed, Treasurer (905) 508-8414, Dr M. Jamil Dar, Director (905) 737-7888 and Shahid Hashmi, Director (905) 832-6985.

 For queries and details any official can be contacted. The policy is to keep everything open and everyone aware of the programs, policies and progress. R.H.M.A wants to keep close contact with the community. The association needs people who are backbones of the community and ready to serve the people at any time and under any circumstances. The jawbones and knee bones types would be kept away because instead of supporting and contributing they always keep interfering and causing trouble for all.  

  R.H.M.A’S APPEAL: R.H.M.A has appealed to all the people in the interest of the community and to meet their urgent need of five times prayers and community centre facilities to generously donate to the association. For donation, use the TD Canada Trust Bank Account 1083 2 004 1083 526354. Those visiting the TD Branch can make a donation and send R.H.M.A the copy of the deposit slip for issuance of a receipt. No receipt will be issued without obtaining physical copy of the deposit receipt.

R.H.M.A is confident that if every member of the community deposits one dollar per month then it will make a huge difference in the association’s cash flow to fulfill the community’s requirement.