TORONTO: This is an era of amazing achievements,  breakthroughs and  advancements and the world could
 have benefited tremendously and made the cradle of  peace and love but instead it has been turned into  hell by the enemies of people, who love only their  vested interests. Because of them, humanity is endangered and is facing grave crises---mass merciless killings, great destruction and unimaginable sufferings.
 Despite this very disappointing situation, a lot is
 being done to help, protect and promote humanity.
 Individuals and organizations are very much active at  all levels and sincerely and courageously serving the  people, irrespective of the hazards, hurdles and  threats. Because of them millions of people have been  given new lives, the hope to live again and love and help each other. This indeed is a great service to humanity.
 Rotary International is one such organization. In
 1910, the National Association of Rotary Clubs was formed which later became the Rotary International.
 Now Rotary has 32,000 clubs in 166 countries with 1.3 million members worldwide. It is the largest charitable organization in the world and its motto is `Service Above Self'. The only aim of Rotary is service to the community. Rotary Foundation is the only charitable organization in the world which is funded by contributions from Rotarians, for programs and projects identified by Rotarians, and administered by Rotarians at the project site.
 BRIEF HISTORY: The foundation of Rotary was laid on February 23, 1905, in Chicago as the Rotary Club of Chicago by Paul P. Harris, an attorney, and his close friend Silvester Schiele, a coal dealer. Now it is hundred years old. In March 1905, the Rotary Club started holding weekly meetings, rotating the location among members' offices. This is how the name Rotary
 came. The organization also rotates leadership
 positions each year. Chicagoan Chesley R. Perry headed Rotary International from 1910 to 1942. He was a great leader and Rotarian and because of his contributions and efforts earned recognition as the builder of Rotary.
 The Rotary International started the PolioPlus
 program in 1985 and has since raised more than $500 million to eradicate polio worldwide by providing and facilitating polio vaccination and other help. It hopes to successfully meet the target this year---2005. This indeed is a tremendous achievement.
 So, Rotary believes in action and not acting. This makes it different from others. The proof is positive and practical results as a result of sincere commitment and implementation. This is what the people need and want.
 CONVENTION: To expand its arms and bring Rotarians and people closest, it does everything. The 2005 Rotary International 96th Annual Convention is being held from June 18-22, 2005, in Chicago, Illinois, USA, in which 60,000 Rotarians from all over the world are expected to attend. There are about 5,000 Rotarians in
 Chicago area alone. Leading personalities of the world  including UN Secretary General Kofi Annan and President Bush are expected to grace the occasion, which is expected to be a memorable event.
 ACHIEVEMENTS: The fact is that Rotary International has put humanity in motion. Rotary has completed 100 years of helping others. Rotary clubs, consisting of leaders from all walks of life, work together to address urgent issues facing their own communities and the world. Each year, Rotary spends over $20 million
 on international scholarships, benefiting 1,000
 students worldwide. Rotary programs address an array of pressing social and economic issues.
 Rotary has spent over $1.5 billion on various
 humanitarian programs to promote literacy, alleviate hunger, provide safe drinking water and protect the environment. Rotary clubs worldwide acted quickly to call for help by communities affected by the Tsunami disaster.
 The object of Rotary is to encourage and foster the ideal of service as a basis of worthy enterprise and, in particular, to encourage and foster the advancement of international understanding, goodwill and peace through a world fellowship of business and professional persons united in the ideal of service.
 AIMS & OBJECTIVES: Rotary International aims to and is committed and determined to alleviate poverty, educate the illiterates, relieve the scourge of disease and lend a hand of friendship to family of Rotary. Rotarians believe that since Rotary is a vital link it can play a vital role in creating awareness for peaceful co-existence, bringing together a global
 family, laying the foundation of global understanding and peace with a message of solace to those who are deprived.
 JAIPUR LIMB: The Rotary International is planning another major project in collaboration with BMVSS (Bhagwan Mahaveer Viklang Sahatya Samiti) of Jaipur, India. It is likely to be finalized and implemented  soon.  They plan to hold a camp to provide 1000 artificial limbs in Pakistan in coordination with District Rotary of Pakistan (3270) and various clubs in Pakistan.
  Syed Zahir Akhtar, International Coordinator for
 India and Pakistan, who belongs to District 6450 Chicago and is a very active Rotarian, is being nominated to assist them in coordinating this camp in Pakistan. Zahir is US Citizen of Pakistani origin and is expected to play an important role in successful holding of the camp.
 BMVSS is the world's largest artificial limbs fitting charitable organization, also known as Jaipur Foot.
 They have 8 branches in different parts of India.
 Services are provided free of cost, irrespective of race, religion, colour or any other criteria.
 The Jaipur Limb is so efficient that after this limb is fitted a person can walk like a normal person without a stick or support and even run, ride a bicycle and climb a tree. Many of the patients can, after the fitment, go back to work in field, factory, shop and office. The average cost of each artificial limb being given by the society is only about $30, which is only a fraction of what is being charged abroad.