TORONTO: The sensational and charming Pakistani pop singer, Saima Khan, cast her magic on hundreds of cheering fans by her beauty and wonderful performance at a Live in Concert here.

      The concert was held on September 24, 2005, at the Payal Banquet Hall, Mississauga. The show was well organized and proved a great success. The hall was full and roared with sounds of `More and once more’. Bollywood’s internationally famed and top fashion designer Dinesh Ramsay exhibited his class in the Dinesh Ramsay Fashion Show held on the occasion.  There were also spectacular shows of Spanish Flamenco Dancers and DJ dancing. Saima’s brother Ryaan also performed. 

      Charming Saima Khan with a beautiful voice presented nostalgic hits of Lata Mangeshkar, Asha Bhosle, Geeta Dutt, Noor Jehan, duets of Rafi, Mukesh and Kishore and latest Indian and Pakistani songs with back up dancers.

      NMR’s Myanils Production presented the $5 CD of Saima Khan titled Saima Kay Sapney (Dreams of Saima). It was conceived and produced by Nilofer Yasmin, mother of Saima. The presentation chart comprised her eight hits:

1). Sapnay May Tujhe Dekha          2). Ajao Saajan

3). Nachnay Da Cha                         4). Makhan Malai

5). Sanu Nehr Walle Pul (Re-composed)    6). Kende Nai Naina (Re-composed)

7). Baatein Karo Pyaar Ki                8). Maa (Dedicated to her mother, Yasmin)

The chief guest on the occasion was Jim Karygiannis, PC, MP and Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Transport. Jim is very popular in the South Asian community and the constituency because of his contribution and bold stand. He has been serving the community for five consecutive terms. He represents one of the most ethnically diverse federal constituencies in Canada---Scarborough-Agincourt---He has been an active voice of the people he serves, taking the concerns of his constituents, on a wide variety of issues including immigration, taxation and justice to caucus for debate.

Jim and Saima cut the ribbon to launch the CD. He praised the stunning Saima Khan and termed release of her CD as a milestone. He said: “Saima has made the Pakistani community and Canada proud by her professional contribution. This is what Canada is all about. We highly appreciate people who make us proud. Such talents need to be encouraged and promoted.”

He asked the audience to stand up and give her a hand of applause. He presented a copy of Canadian Charter of Rights to Saima Khan in recognition of her contribution. Saima presented her CD to Jim. He was also greatly impressed by Nilofer Yasmin.


 Jim, who recently attended the three days meeting with NATO and EU officials on security, transportation and other issues including terrorism, said: “I informed them that in Canada people believe in love and peace. It is wrong to blame the Muslims as terrorists. In my constituency there are thousands of Muslims who are living peacefully and love and support me. They are contributing positively in all fields.” He hoped that Canadians will keep acting as ambassadors and always make Canada proud.

He said: “Terrorism is a real threat and we support all moves and plans against this menace. I will discuss the issues with the Federal Ministers involved with Canadian security. I will also work with the CTR and NATO officials to facilitate a conference of transportation experts to share best practices in the fight against terrorism.”

Jim said: “I believe in the power and potential of the human race. I believe in R.A.C.E (Respecting our neighbours, Accepting our differences, Celebrating our rich diversity and Embracing our heritage).”     

Earlier, Shahid Hashmi, Chairman, Canpak Chamber of Commerce, who believes in making bridges and bringing people closer, introduced Jim Karygiannis to the audience. Jim praised Shahid’s contribution in bringing people and communities closer.

Shahid Hashmi and Seema Hashmi presented flowers to Saima, who in return presented her CD to Seema. Both Nilofer Yasmin and Saima Khan thanked Shahid Hashmi for helping make the show a great success. They also thanked the sponsors and all those involved in the organizing of the show for their great help.

Saima is termed as the pride of the Pakistani community in North America. Singing is her passion. She says: “Aim for the moon because if you miss you will land among the stars.” Her advice to her fans: “Life is not what you always want but you have got to make the best of what you have.” The three famous F’s for Saima are: Family, Friends and Fans.

Saima is not only a talented performer and singer but has also presented a series of a style of programs in the media from cinema to fashion, society and community. She is also dabbling in acting, modeling and choreography.

Nilofer Yasmin is Saima Khan’s mother. She manages Saima’s entire wardrobe and has been her leading advisor, mentor and guide. She is President of the Association for the Canadians of Pakistani Origin (ACPO). The aims and objectives of ACPO are:

* To establish and operate a community club for the purpose of developing and fostering community spirit.

      * Sponsoring literary, musical and cultural events, fashion shows, pageants and recreational events for the promotion of the people of Pakistani descent.

      * Promoting interests of members and offering aid and assistance to interested persons when necessary.

      Membership of ACPO is free. Those interested can contact Dr Yasmin Khan @  (416)876-6460 or (905)275-9112 or  email: Website:

        `Maisoon’ magazine published a special edition on Saima Khan, which was compiled and edited by Nilofer Yasmin. The $45 ticket included snack, dinner and entertainment.