Join the Struggle for  Freedom, Help Save People


                              BY JAVED ZAHEER


TORONTO :  Poverty and corruption are playing havoc with the people in the poor and developing countries. The societies have either been militarized or vulgarized. In many places, there is no one to pick up the bodies and human flesh is the food of stray dogs, vultures and wild animals.

Corruption is the root cause of poverty and immorality. Such a situation and system is created, like emotional blackmailing and ruthless exploitation, that people are compelled to sell their body and soul for survival. The rich, cunning and opportunist elements in order to achieve and promote their vested interests exploit the people.

These elements, mostly wealthy, highly influential and very powerful, in order to promote corruption and poverty create the poor and helpless class. For their vested interests, which they worship, they stoop to any lows. One the one hand, they crush and exploit humanity to achieve their nefarious designs, while on the other they pose as champions of human rights, servants of humanity, civilized and cultured. These beasts are roaming freely and are million times dangerous than those confined to the jungle.

FREEDOM FIGHTERS: Freedom fighters and true leaders mobilize and motivate the masses for struggle for independence. Once independence is achieved, people think they are no more needed. They are treated and respected as heroes and put in a corner for this purpose only. From here starts the drama. Those who take charge from them fix their own priorities, mostly based on their vested interests. The heroes who try to interfere or correct them are eliminated or taught a good lesson and silenced.

Once we lose the leadership, we land in hell and face the cruel beasts, dirty crooks and hardened criminals. They don’t allow any government and system to function. They don’t want the people to live in peace and the country to prosper. Their eyes are set only on wealth and resources of the country and how to loot and grab them. This is the situation in most of the poor and developing countries.   

Only people who have the qualities and the guts to become freedom fighters and true leaders can save us from such punishment. These heroes must be promoted because they live and die for the people and cause. They know the meaning of sacrifice and their struggle never ends even after their last breath. They prepare thousands to follow their foot steps and who continue moving ahead.

 They must always be respected, protected and kept in the front and never put in the corner as a show piece.  Yes, only then we can proudly call ourselves free and independent. The struggle for freedom never ends. In fact it begins after independence. First we struggle to gain freedom then we struggle to protect and implement it in the real sense. It’s not easy but not impossible as well. Only will and determination is required.

My country of origin is Pakistan . No doubt, it is one of the best and most beautiful countries in the world. Both the land and people are simply wonderful. Unfortunately, they were never allowed to become stable and prosper---because of the Loyalists of the Colonial Masters and international conspiracies.

 Both poverty and corruption were promoted by the anti-people and anti-state elements. They are vampires and plunderers--- sucking blood of the people and looting wealth of the country. They are like termites eating the roots of the nation and dreaded virus affecting the blood and the body of the people. They are found in all sectors of the government and segment of the society.

Corrupt and characterless elements manage to reach the parliament and assemblies by hook or crook. They assume the leadership and become respectable. The people are also are to be blamed and deserve the punishment because they support and vote the wrong and dirty people. Instead of struggling for a positive change and looking for the true leadership, they compromise and surrender themselves to such creatures.

One such leader who allegedly does not even know how many legitimate or illegitimate children he has in many countries is dreaming of becoming the prime minister. If such traitors, who claim to be champions of the rights of the people and had brought bad name to the country through their bad decisions and deeds, are promoted and chosen, only God knows what will be the fate of the people.   

 HELPLESSNESS: What can Gen Musharraf or any government do in such a terrible situation? Just like the people, the government too is helpless. One retired Indian Army Colonel remarked: “The army saved and protected Pakistan otherwise there would be no Pakistan . Because of the corrupt political elements and stooge generals and their conspiracies Pakistan was broken. The army was made scapegoat and over 90,000 had to surrender. The army dare not capture power and had to bring a politician, Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, from Paris to make hi! m the first Civilian Martial Law Administrator. Unfortunately, the corrupt elements like always are active again and pushing Pakistan towards disaster.” 

        The fact is that the right people were always suppressed and eliminated. They were never allowed to come forward. Those who managed to fight and come to the front always faced tough challenges and hard times.  Wherever they are, they are trying their best to serve the people honestly, irrespective of the results and consequences.   

SHOCKING EXAMPLES: What worse could you expect when things like I am about to narrate start happening. May The Almighty save our people, society and the country.  Silence is not the solution. We have to fight back to save this and the coming generations. We have to root out the evil from our society and establish a sound and workable system. For all this, we have to find the freedom fighters and true leaders and promote them sincerely and courageously.

I will give some examples of the horrible situation we are facing and which needs immediate attention. Mostly children and women are involved. I am perhaps the only journalist who presented an open and detailed review of Dr Zakir Molvi’s book `Human Sex Relations’ and which was published in a leading journal, prominently and with my byline.  It is considered a taboo to write openly on such a sensitive subject in Pakistan or any other Muslim country. Fortunately, my presentation was appreciated and helped create awareness about the subject. The incidents I am reporting took place in the 1980s and 1990s. I left Pakistan in April, 1999, for Canada .

How badly the cable system’s misuse corrupted the minds of even small children could be judged from the examples given below. Violence too contributed greatly.  Children and women were the worst affected.

FIRST EXAMPLE: I was standing in front of a video shop in Nazimabad area in Karachi . Four boys hardly over the ages of six to eight were playing. They belonged to the poor class but had cable, with over 200 channels, in their hut in the slum area called Jalalabad. Just look at their ages and imagine the shocking comments they were passing.

 One of them said: “I am planning to grab my neighbour’s daughter. She is eight  and damn sexy and I want to have sex with her. Yesterday I saw her in my dream and I had sex with her. I enjoyed every bit and made her scream with all the styles and techniques which I mastered by watching XXX movies on the cable. Now, after seeing her naked and having sex with her in the dream, I won’t leave her. You bet I will make her crazy and both of us will enjoy.”

   The other said: “I was watching XXX movie late in the night. My cousin, aged seven, who was visiting us, woke up to quench her thirst.  She saw me watching the movie and I switched the channel. On my insistence, she sat near me. I told her that the movie is interesting, she too should watch and not tell anyone. When I switched to XXX she became shy and wanted to run away but I somehow stopped her. Later, she too started enjoying and both us became naked and tried to copy the styles of the movie. I enjoyed very much playing sexy games with her. Now this has become a regular feature. She is luring other cousins and friends as well. I enjoy different varieties. Now we watch the movies and have fun even in the day when the parents are at work. Someday I int! end to become a sex champion.”

The third one said: “I never used to watch TV so much. One day I woke up in the night and found my sister, aged ten, watching the XXX program on the cable. I too enjoyed the sexy scenes. My sister could not control herself and she grabbed me. Both of us became naked and had sex. She now gives me toffees and money and both of us play the game and watch movies. I love having sex with her. She is a house commodity.”

The fourth one said: “I too had a dream and sex with a girl. My cousin, who is older than me, had sex with me but I never touched a girl. Now I am planning to find one. I love having sex with boys. It gives me a lot of pleasure. The credit goes to my cousin. He watches the XXX cable movies and uses the techniques on me.”

All the four boys were taking loudly and without any shame or fear. Someone tried to stop them but they threatened him with dire consequences. They said: “If you try to stop us we will target your children, beat them up and rape them. You better mind your own business. We will call our gang and beat you up if you disturb us.”

 The person got scared, said sorry and fled from the scene. He knew that the boys and their gangs, most of whom were police touts and informers and members of the drug, gun, gambling and prostitution mafia, attacked many people and hurt them seriously. They even attacked the houses of such people and ransacked them, breaking the windows, doors and the furniture.  Obviously, bones of the people too were not spared.        

  These boys had made the lives of women and children, particularly girls, of respectable families miserable by passing vulgar remarks and harassing them. It became difficult for them to leave and enter their houses. Many respectable families sold their houses and moved quietly from the area. They were aware of the consequences.

My observation and study of this trend revealed that not only such kids but most boys and girls of respectable families of all classes were watching and getting addicted to the XXX taste. Curiosity and emotional pulls attracted them. They were becoming sex addicts. Practical sex and homosexuality was becoming common in children of all ages of all families. The cable was creating more than enough awareness. It was making even infants mature and ready for sex of all categories. Incest was common in the posh areas but now it was becoming common even in the middle class and particularly the poor class. Thanks to the XXX cable culture. What a progress! What a curse!   

 SECOND EXAMPLE: Usually the cable operators show latest Hindi films, which are yet to be released even in the Indian theatres, in the night. They are viewed by 90 per cent of the families. One day I wanted to watch the film. I was shocked when a XXX movie was being shown on the Hindi channel. I sent my cousin to the cable operator to stop screening of the blue film. He and his colleagues were fully drunk and thrashed my cousin badly. He was bruised and shaken. The next day when they came to their senses they apologized to me and my cousin and said: “We have to follow the orders of our bosses. Please stay away from us because big fishes are involved in this business. They are all very respectable, influential and powerful people. Nobody can do anything against ! them. Please take our advice seriously and consider it as a warning from bosses.”

The XXX film on the Hindi channel became a regular feature. The operator said: “The public demand is great. It was shown late in the night or in the day so that even the kids could watch them when their parents are asleep or at work. Even the girls call and ask us to show the XXX movies. They suggest us the names of their favourite movies.”

THIRD EXAMPLE: I was sitting in the office of the Director of Anti-Corruption Department with a friend. He was boastfully speaking of his achievements, raids, honesty and dedication. I was getting impressed.  A woman, along with her two beautiful daughters, aged eight and ten, came in and sat with us.  It seemed both the girls were forced to come. There was fear in their eyes and they had cried very much. I was wondering what the problem was.

Suddenly the women, assuming we were close friends of the director, said: “The girls are minor and afraid but don’t worry they will not disappoint you. I will bring them to the arranged bungalow where you can do whatever you like. They are all yours now.  The director became very impatient on seeing the beautiful girls and remarked: “I now they will prove juicy and sexy.”

The mother said: “I have been forced to use my girls for sex because of poverty. We are starving.  There is no source of income. We are now using our bodies for survival. It was very difficult to bring them on line. I now show them the XXX movies on the cable to make them mature and emotionally charged. It has worked. The girls are now mentally prepared for any sex. They have learnt a lot from the XXX cable movies.”

Imagine the Director of Anti-Corruption Department promoting moral corruption and destroying the lives of young girls. No need to be shocked because police and the law enforcement officials are behind all forms of corruption. They protect and promote it. Without their support and protection, corruption cannot exist or flourish.  

After some months, I saw the girls with their mother in a market in a posh area of the city. They were buying expensive clothes. I could hardly recognize them. They had changed so much and looked like grown up women. A different glow had replaced the fear in their eyes.  Now they had everything except honour. Perhaps, they were left with no choices. What a compromise and helplessness. For survival, they were compelled to crush their conscience, sell their bodies and soul. This is how they became respectable.   

FOURTH EXAMPLE: My youngest brother, his Chinese wife and their daughter came from abroad on a visit. A lot of people were coming to meet them. Something strange was happening and we were shocked. All the shoes and slippers they had left outside the balcony door were missing.  This happened twice and the guests had to leave without shoes. One day we kept the shoes and waited to nab the thief. What we saw shocked us. A five-year old boy climbed the stairs silently and was collecting the shoes in a bag. We caught him red handed but could not understand what to do with him.

We tried to ask his name, about his family and home but he kept lying. He was simply fearless and smiling all the time. He was looking cute. Some people of the area recognized him and we took him to his house. His mother opened the door and said: “Why did you bring this bastard here. Take him to the police station. He has been to the police station and stayed in the in lock up several times. He is a hardened criminal now. He has been thrashed badly many times but does not desist from his activities. His father and uncle both are factory workers and drug addicts. They have made him a thief to meet their expenses.  He is now a very clever and cunning thief. I am fed up. In the night he  watches the XXX cable movies and knows more than us about sex. Take him away wherev! er you like.”  We could not do anything except release the boy.

FIFTH EXAMPLE: I was sitting in a library. In front of me a six-year old boy was sitting. The man sitting beside him seemed quite restless. Suddenly he stood up, caught hold of the boy and took him to the librarian. He told the librarian: “This boy was playing with my sensitive parts and asking me to take him somewhere. I am not that type of a person. Hand him over to the police. He needs to be punished.” 

The boy started crying and the people who gathered there helped in letting him go. When asked why he did this, he said: “I approached my neighbour for monetary help. He called me in and after giving some money had sex with me. I could not refuse because my family needed the money badly. Now I have adopted this to help my family. They don’t know my activities and think that I work hard and earn this money. We are very poor and face starvation. I am trying to help and support them.”

SIXTH EXAMPLE: Most of the Christian women and girls in our country who belong to the Punjab province are illiterate and work as sweepers and maid servants. Their earning is very less as sweeper but much better as a maid servant. Slowly, most of the girls started leaving the business and becoming professionals. They were earning more and living a luxurious life. Their life styles changed. Now it was becoming difficult to find sweepers. There was a shortage.

The positive aspect was that some of them had started going to schools and looking for good and respectable jobs. They were never discouraged by anyone and with their hard work and support of the people and the government managed to reach good positions like teachers, nurses, technicians. Christians are even allowed to reach the parliament and assemblies. Whenever they needed, the support was there.

 Minorities in Pakistan enjoy a lot of protection and privileges and are allowed to mix, live and work together with all people. This is a mere propaganda that they are victimized. Many international organizations tried to defame and harm Pakistan by presenting the wrong picture and distorting facts. Some incidents did happen but then they happen everywhere. Why target Pakistan only?

The negative aspect was that most of them had illicit relations with boys of the area. They started making good money. In the late night, the area turned into a brothel. It was visited by influential people even from far off places.  Most of the area boys and men were found enjoying there. The police and influential personalities were there to protect them. They were well off now. There was no issue of discrimination or harassment. Everyone was concerned with his motive and business and nothing else. In almost every house you can find the cable. The XXX movies were there to train and entertain them.

 The boys were spoilt so much that even during day time they used to daringly approach these girls and romance with them. I am using the word daringly because in Pakistan you cannot romance openly like in the West.  It is not in our culture or character.

Progress through modernization is a good thing but not at the cost of honour and dignity.  Cable system and net cafes are indeed very effective sources and good medium for creating proper awareness and education, provided used positively. Their negative use could destroy the moral fabric of the society and system and structure of the country. You can only expect one result and that is complete disaster.

INDIAN FILMS: The ban on the Indian films to some extent is justified. But the ban must be applied only on those films which are not fit for screening due to various factors. Otherwise, the screening must be allowed. It will help greatly in promoting good relations between the two countries and bringing the people closer.

The Indian film industry used to produce very good and memorable films. Those films were worth watching and their golden songs worth listening then, are even now and would be in future too. Now the trend has changed. The film industry is in control of the notorious mafia. Most of the films promote hatred, discrimination, extreme violence, soft pornography and Hindu fundamentalism.

The mafia through soft pornography is brainwashing the viewers and making them porn addicts. By giving them this taste, the mafia is luring them towards the XXX cable movies. Once they get the taste and become porn and sex addicts they automatically switch over to the XXX cable movies and practical sex. They need to watch the movies for training and entertainment only because sex is very cheap in India due to poverty. Even for a piece of bread you can have sex as much as you like.

 So, the mafia is literally turning the Indian film industry into a sex promotion industry. Sensationally sexy nude poses of Indian actresses including Aishwarya Rai are available on the internet. Yes, most of the people would not like deleting them and watch them in the night for a good dream and in the day for a good breakfast. The sex business would definitely not only prosper but boom. The mafia is doing its job perfectly. They know the psychology and mentality of the people. Their promotional policy is clicking. The mafia is also promoting drug and gun culture through the films. The talented and good producers are helpless and hostage of the mafia. Raj Kapoor, where are you? The Indian film industry needs and misses you badly.  

The government must act fast and control all the unwanted channels and check misuse of net cafes, most of which too have become sex centres. The users are mostly sex customers and viewers of XXX movies. Somebody mailed me several pictures of the sex activities openly taking place there.  I was not surprised but shocked and shaken.

 GUN CULTURE: How much violence and gun culture has affected the society could be judged from this incident, which also compelled me, along with many other factors including education and future of my children, to migrate to Canada .

I was coming from my newspaper office in the afternoon. Near my house I saw two boys, hardly aged over eight, quarrelling. One of them threw a stone which hit me hard in the leg. I stared at them and before I could say anything one of them came to me and said: “Stop staring at me and get lost.” He pulled out a TT pistol and said: “Let’s go to the torture cell where we will teach you a good lesson and throw your body in a bag.”   

Fortunately, one person from his locality came there and recognized me. He slapped the boy and apologized to me. He said: “You know what these boys are doing these days and how they are making money. They take people to the torture cells and demand heavy ransom and even kill them. We can’t do anything to stop them. They have become terrorists and kidnappers. They do not belong to any party but pose as members of political parties.  They actually work for the drug and gun mafia.”

There are thousands of such incidents happening in Karachi and rest of the country. In Karachi , nowadays people are daringly looted in the daylight and even in crowded places. Mostly mobiles, cash, wristwatches, gold ornaments are snatched at gun point. People fear them because they know who are behind and protecting them. They don’t want to put their lives in danger.           

BEWARE OF THE BEASTS: The so-called Mullahs, political and social leaders have miserably failed to practically check the menace of poverty and corruption. During sectarian and ethnic clashes and for issues of their interests, they are seen on the streets loaded with sophisticated weapons. They indulge in burning, looting and killing. They voice anger against screening of Indian films but proudly have the cable system in their own homes and they along with their families watch all sorts of programs and enjoy them. They are least bothered about the condition and sufferings of the people but more concerned about their own fate, survival, progress and prosperity.

 In the name of Allah and Islam, people are being exploited. In the name of Jihad, they are being butchered.  While the people are starving and dying, the fake, quack and corrupt Mullahs and elements, who are worse than vultures, crooks and beasts, are prospering. You will hardly find any such corrupt Mullahs and elements thin and poor. They are in fact devil in disguise and need to be checked, chained and punished.

Sadly, the people are following them blindly and being drifted away from Allah and Islam. Because of these criminals, the real Mullahs, Islam and people are suffering. The real Mullahs are unable to serve the people because they are deliberately neglected and not allowed to come forward. They must be protected and promoted. Unfortunately, even the West considers them their enemy while the corrupt Mullahs keep touring the world and have sent their children and families abroad for better quality of life and education.  While the fake and corrupt ones are enjoying the best, making money and grabbing positions, the real ones are facing all the tests, trials and sufferings.

One Sikh, who is a retired senior Indian Army Officer, said: “I have read Quran carefully and found Islam a very peaceful and loving religion. There is nothing wrong at all. Only the quack Mullahs are taking the Muslims in the wrong direction. They are responsible for defaming Islam and Muslims and for the present condition. They are not following and teaching the Quran properly. The worst will come because of them.”

Most of the Mullahs associated with the mosques and madrassas think they own the property. They dictate their orders and expect others to follow them blindly, whether they are right or wrong. They act like prophets and dictators. They collect the generous donations but forget that the property belongs to the public. A change is needed. The corrupt Mullahs must be thrown out of all such places and replaced by the genuine ones.      

Pakistan , which is a heaven on the earth, is just one example. My intention is not to criticize or defame Pakistan or the people but to invite attention of all towards the extremely disturbing situation and condition created by the corrupt elements. Almost all the poor and developing countries are facing most of the serious problems mentioned above in one form or the other.

CANADA :  In Toronto , the heart of Canada , too crime rate is increasing. The government is trying its best to check it and find out the causes. Here too children are getting out of hand. Two incidents would justify this. A famous social worker of the city said: “I was standing near the bus stop when a small boy came in front of me, lowered his pants and showed me his penis. Although I was shocked and mad at him, still I could do nothing. He was passing vulgar remarks. I told him to come and get me and on hearing this he fled from the scene.”

In another incident, some boys were playing in the parking area of a library. A lady wanted to park her car there and requested the boys to move. They did not listen. When she repeated her request, they surrounded her car, started abusing her and said they would smash the car. When she said she will call the police, they ran away. After reporting of many incidents and request of the residents, police have increased patrolling in the Thorncliffe area of Toronto . Now the incidents have considerably decreased.”  

DIRTY PEOPLE: The society contains both good and bad elements. It is the system which keeps checking them. The system in Canada is very good and effective. The society is very rich. Still the sick minds try to discriminate and create hatred and misunderstanding. One Pakistani was shocked and furious on a remark by a leading Canadian personality that Pakistanis are dirty people. In anger, he said: “Why don’t such sick minds look at their stinking asses before calling us dirty.” I told the person: “Don’t ever say this again. I don’t want to hear this again. This is the wrong way. Remain calm and be normal. We must win their hearts and confidence through our good deeds and character. If not today then some day we will succeed.”

        The Pakistanis are working very hard and contributing tremendously in making both Canada and Pakistan strong and prosperous. There are hundreds of examples. Even the MPs and MPPs have acknowledged this. Many have been elected with their support. Pakistanis have become MP (Wajid Ali Khan) and MPP (Dr Shafiq Qadri).

We highly appreciate that the over 80 years old Mayor of Mississauga is actively serving the people and enjoys great respect and support. The 82-year-old, Muhammad Abbas Ali, commonly known as Maj Abbas, of Muslim Welfare Centre too is in the forefront and has made both the Pakistanis and Canadians proud. He is a Volunteer Charity Walker. Since 1986 he has walked over 10,000 KM in various countries to help the poor and needy people.

Maj Abbas is the first Muslim to skydive 10,500 feet, 6000 feet free fall and 4500 feet with parachute, at the age of 77 in September, 1998, to raise funds for the welfare project `Support A Child Save The Nation’.  This project will cover the Indo-Pakistan Sub-Continent--- Pakistan , India and Bangladesh . It has initially been introduced in Pakistan . The aim of this project is to eradicate Child Labour.

His walk for Hajj from Abu Dhabi to Makkah and Madina (2500) across the desert in ninety (90) days hit the world media headlines. His efforts to serve the needy, irrespective of religion, nationality, caste or creed, are made under the banner: `Service To Humanity Is Service To Allah (The Almighty)’.

With the help of his wife and volunteer Qaiser Naqvi, he established the Muslim Welfare Centre in 1993 and Muslim Welfare Home for Needy Women and Children in 1995. Both are first of their kind in North America and open to all faith. The Muslim Welfare Centres are located in Scarborough , Mississauga and Whitby . The MWC has established three Halal Food Banks and Halal Meal On Wheels in Toronto to serve the less fortunate ones. Now he has established the Muslim Seniors Club, located at 28 Rural Ave. Agincourt .

There are many such Pakistani and South Asian organizations and people working hard and round the clock to serve the people, irrespective of their caste, creed and religion. The immigrants sacrifice everything to settle in Canada for a better quality of life. Their aim is to live and work together peacefully and happily. Some elements of all communities and of any position or status must not be allowed and encouraged to harm the people of any community and pollute the richness of the society.

Like my friend, Jim Karygiannis, MP of Agincourt-Scarborough, says: “While remaining in Canada we must not forget the people back home. What we have gained must share with them in order to make them strong, happy and prosperous as well. This is our responsibility as a good and responsible citizen.”

Our people back home need our attention and help. We must come forward and help in all possible ways. The world is ready to help, provided we step forward first. We are fortunate that the Pakistan Consulate in Toronto , under the leadership of Ghalib Iqbal, Consul General, followed by his team, is actively busy in helping the people. We must take full advantage of this opportunity and approach. The campaign against Poverty and Corruption must not be delayed any further. We must save the women and children from the clutches of the corrupt elements at all cost and by all means. We must prepare ourselves for the struggle and sacrifices with constructive and positive approach.