TORONTO: Are most of us dumb and brain dead? Are we not really normal? Don’t we live in a state of imagination? It seems so, looks like and what we act like: Knowing reality and basics but not prepared to understand and accept anything except those of our interest and attraction. Yes, this is the condition and lifestyle of most of us.


            Just look at the mirror of reality and see the sad truth: Most people of all religions and communities definitely respect, love and fear The Almighty but they certainly do not obey most of His commands.


            They mostly knowingly fail to practice what they are taught, know, understand, preach and teach. This is because they like and love themselves, the desires and their world more than The Almighty. Most of this creation of God tries to become and act like God but end up becoming extremely dangerous and devil. This is their biggest problem and mistake.


            They enjoy this negative attitude, approach and character. This is why they do not listen but get frustrated and agitated when reminded or corrected. This makes them killers and murderers. They dared killed prophets and saints. Even destruction and punishment due to Wrath of The Almighty on many occasions did not stop them. Their generations become the same: shaky, sinners and shameless.


            They are non-stoppable. Not because The Almighty cannot control or destroy them completely but He has given them options to choose between good and bad. They mostly choose the bad one.


            One can imagine the mass population of Hell. Every eight or nine persons out of ten are bound to land there. Only the Greatness and Goodness qualities of The Almighty can open the door of Forgiveness and allow them access to Heaven.


            What to say about human nature and character. Still they keep blaming The Almighty for their sins, sufferings, failures and for not helping them as they desire. They do not please Him but make Him really angry and yet instead of wrath still they expect love and forgiveness from Him. Human beings are really strange. 


            The devil knows and understands the human nature, desires and weaknesses very well. He knows very well how to play with them and lead them to Hell. He never forgets the commitment made to The Almighty to mislead the people. Only the people forget this and get trapped by him and harmed. This is why they are suffering.


            The important questions before us are:


HOW, despite weaknesses of the people and cunningness of the devil, most people can be helped and made fully aware of the consequences and end results?


            HOW they can be made to properly understand and follow the divine messages and truly obey The Almighty’s commands?


            HOW the devil and his team can be effectively checked and prevented from stopping people from true worship and obedience of The Almighty?


            It seems imaginary and extremely difficult but is certainly not impossible. Without becoming disappointed and losing heart, we just have to keep creating proper awareness through education and understanding. This way we can do something to protect the people from the devil and his powerful team.  


            Certainly, everybody knows that almost nobody cares and simply want to enjoy the life accordingly to their own will and ways. Despite this fact, we have to connect the people with The Almighty and His true followers.


            The good thing is that most people like and love The Almighty very much. They keep searching for the good people and true followers, who can help connect them with The Almighty.  This is where the devil and his powerful team come and take advantage of the weaknesses. This is how people get lost and trapped by the devil and company.              


            The effect of the evil spell is extremely harmful. It creates a mirage in the mind and affects the sense and ability to differentiate between the good and bad. People are brainwashed. This is how they get disconnected from The Almighty, the true followers and all good people. The love and search for truth and The Almighty remains but the people lose direction and get lost in darkness. The devil loves and enjoys this very much. 


            The evil professionals, practitioners and hypocrites, who are the devil’s team, cunningly trap and exploit the people who keep searching for The Almighty and His true followers. The evil spell is so magical and powerful that it is hard to escape it.


            The culprits pose as good people, true followers and lovers of The Almighty in order to attract the people and win their trust and confidence. They effectively use all ways and means including the media, religious places, social, cultural, friends, family and general gatherings.


            This way the culprits become highly respectable and very powerful. This is how they run their money making business and destructive activities. People dance on their tunes, blindly follow them and donate generously thinking that they are pleasing The Almighty and getting proper guidance from good persons.


            The naïve people keep doing this despite being cheated, put into mess and miserable conditions, harmed and destroyed. They do it just because of Love for The Almighty, to please Him and get His attention and help.


            In the holy month of Fasting (Ramazan), these evil professionals, practitioners and hypocrites knowing that Muslims donate generously to the poor and deserving ones in the name of The Almighty, become very active. They are expert and use every means to fool, cheat and harm people. They succeed because of weaknesses of the people.    Muslims become an easy prey and victim of Molviria Spell of the evil professionals, practitioners and hypocrites. This extremely dangerous and harmful spell has ruined lives of most Muslims. All efforts to make them realize and understand prove a failure. Such is the powerful grip and influence of the spell.


            Molviria means those people who are posing as Molvis, Mullas and True Followers of The Almighty but actually belong to the devil team.


            The Molviria Spell seriously affects the important mission and work of real Molvis, Mullas and True Followers of The Almighty, because the people get disconnected from them.


            So it is extremely important to check the criminal, anti-social, anti-religious and anti-people activities of the evil professionals, practitioners and hypocrites and protect people from Molviria Spell. This can only and effectively be done through proper awareness, education and understanding.


            People need to be properly educated and updated about The Almighty, His divine messages, true followers and their mission. Holy Quran is the only source to protect the Muslims from the Moliviria Spell, which has since the advent of Islam over 1400 years ago caused the most damage.


            The Molviria Spell and its extremely dangerous effects have caused massive damage to the Muslim community everywhere. They are not able to realize, understand and unite. Islam has been portrayed and labelled as bad and Muslims as terrorists.


            Translations of the Holy Quran in different languages are extremely important to understand the messages and commands of The Almighty. Reading Arabic only and without understanding the meaning will never help. We are getting small Sawab (Reward) for reading Arabic but big Azab (Punishment) for not understanding.


            Arabic is important but translations are extremely important. Only they can make us understand the Holy Quran and protect us from Moliviria Spell and the dangerous evil professionals, practitioners and hypocrites posing as Mullas and true followers.


            The governments and the people in North America and other countries can greatly help in protecting the Muslims from Moliviria Spell by starting closely supervised and monitored proper education and understanding of Quran in the schools and religious places including mosques and institutions.


            Special after school arrangements can be made in the schools and libraries to impart religious education to Muslim children. This way they can also be effectively protected from the illiterate and anal-sex hungry Mullas, who prey on them.


            One good example is the Valley Park Middle School in Don Valley West area of Toronto. Here the TDSB took a very wise decision of allowing Muslim students to offer Friday prayers in the school premises. This way both the children and their education were monitored and protected.


            Before this important and wise decision, most of the Muslim students used to leave the school for mosques but were found loitering elsewhere. They were found lying and getting spoilt.   


            Religious education to all Muslims under proper supervision and monitoring by the government will effectively help reform the Muslims. This is essential to protect them from frauds, cheats, opportunists and exploiters.   


            At present, Muslims are charged heavy fees by most mosques, madressas and religious schools. Most people cannot afford to pay the heavy fees. All this has been commercialized. It is no more religious but mostly business. People are aware of the happening and situation but they are helpless. Yes, they are helpless before the Commercial Mullas.


            In the name of Humanity and The Almighty, all must join to help protect the Muslims from the extremely dangerous and destructive effects of Moliviria Spell. 


            Muslims must understand that in order to please The Almighty and help the people it is good to donate generously but to the right persons, institutions and for a just cause. There is no sense in making the crooks and criminals powerful. The more they become powerful the more harm they will cause.


            During the month of Ramazan and Eid festivals, thousands of professional beggars come out on the street and make your life miserable. They use all means to get money. Similarly, dozens of people and organizations emerge suddenly and start making appeals for donations and charities. There is no monitoring and accountability of their anti-social and criminal activities. They are actually a mafia.


            All this must be effectively checked and discouraged. All such professionals are definitely part of the devil’s team. Their objective is to cheat and harm people. They are a potential danger to people, society and system.             


            Islam is against helping and encouraging beggars. It encourages only helping the deserving ones. So it is important to judge before blindly promoting beggars and criminals and neglecting and ignoring the deserving ones. We must understand this.

            ---Javed Zaheer (JAZA/JAYZEE/JZEE), Free Expression Award Winner, Desi Idol Recognition Award Winner, Member/Honorary Director of NEPMCC, Veteran Active Member (VAM) of Toronto Press Club, Ex-Member of The National Club and The Ontario Club, Honorary Editor of English Weekly `Pakistan Abroad’, ex-Chief Editor (Honorary) of English Weekly `The Ambassador’, ex-Senior Sub-Editor of English Daily DAWN, Pakistan, Chairman, CANOPI, and Director, Canpak Camber of Commerce, is contributing purely on Voluntary and Honorary Basis in order to serve all people and communities. Contact: (416)696-0981/newsviews@hotmail.com.To read more JZ’s exclusive articles, please visit the following websites: www.letstree.com (Pressing needs section), nepmcc.ca  and nationalethnicpress.com  (Home Pages & Editorial Sections. Scan years from 2004 to 2011.