City Councilor Michael Thomson

Like Mike Harris who pandered to that part of the society who reacted when he pushed certain hot buttons, City Councilor Michael Thompson wants to make a name for himself, by pushing the hot button of murders in the black community.

 Racial profiling as suggested by Michael Thompson is illegal.  He is advocating that the police break the law and for this he should not be in office, Municipally, Provincially or Federally. Come election time I hope electors remember this. 

By clearly saying that police target and stop young black men in neighbourhoods plagued by gun violence, and search them for guns, Michael Thompson has shown that the people of Ward 37 Scarborough Centre and all of us who supported him have made a horrible mistake.

 I suggest that all Black and African Canadians plus members of the larger society should telephone his office and voice your displeasure at his suggestion.

 At City Hall : (416)397 9274  Fax (416)397 9280

 In his bio the first line reads ďA tireless community advocate, Michael is a leader who knows how to get things done at City Hall.Ē No thank you Michael Thompson, as a Black City Councilor, you should know better.  Go do some reading and get au currant with the history and the issues surrounding racial profiling before you open your mouth.

 One of the fall out from his comments is that relations with the police will deteriorate or be suspect at best, since there have been much effort both on the part of the Police and the Community to build bridges and mend fences . 

If we want to look at a short term solution for the problem we must get the politicians to address the Judiciary and make sure that the perpetrators are placed behind bars for a long time.

 For the long term, the issue of Public housing has to be addressed.  90% if not all the shootings are occurring in Public housing or by person residing in Public housing.  Maybe it is time to hold the Ontario Housing Authority responsible for the safety of their residents.  The various levels of governments have to step up to the plate and provide programs and training for the disadvantaged.  There is no doubt in my mind that some of these issues stem from a lack of economic empowerment, self esteem and the feeling of hopelessness.

 All attempts should be made to ensure that education and training is available to all.  The safe schools act needs to be looked at by the provincial government and the borders need to be tightened so stem the free flow of guns.

 And to my Black brothers and sisters, you all are members of the Black and African community, which, brings with it responsibilities, one of them being to do right and protect our community.

 To the others I say come home, come home my brothers letís stop the killings.

 My name is Clyde Mc Neil for CHIN Radio, Viewpoint.