Trust, Unity Needed to Face Challenges





Once upon a time there was love and peace in this world. People were enjoying everything. Even beasts used to respect their kills and say to them, Sir, I am thirsty and hungry and need your blood and flesh. I hope you wont mind if I tear you up mercilessly because its in my nature. Please forgive me for this heinous act. The reply usually was: Go ahead. I am all yours. I have no choice and would have no problem as long as you wont disturb love, peace and the world. This was the level of understanding and cooperation. The world was heaven and the devil jobless and extremely worried.

        Then came the Criminals In Action (CIA). They asked the devil to retire and sit at home and just watch the horrible and terrible happenings. The criminals told the devil: You are of no use now and just sitting idle. Your days are gone. You are a history now. You were master and we are grandmasters. You are simply a criminology student and would graduate only when you fulfill your commitment and promises. Seeing the very poor performance and failures, even your chances of passing are very less. We on the other hand are born bastards, beasts and criminals. Any degree or title is meaningless for us, keeping in view our talents, skills and capabilities. We are no doubt the best in our field and the worst for the world.

        Ever since the Criminals In Action (CIA) became active, the world has become a hell. They know only one job---Destruction----and have made the lives of people completely miserable. They stoop to any lows to achieve their goals and objectives. It has become difficult for the people to even breathe in many parts of the world. Millions have died due to starvation, poverty and sickness. Thousands have been mercilessly butchered and blown into pieces. Beautiful towns and cities have been turned into rubbles.

 Governments are toppled like anything and anytime. The credit for all these goes to these criminals. They claim to rule the people, the world and are invincible and more powerful than THE GOD. This they think, boast and claim. They have challenged The Almighty and only He can destroy them, like their types in the past.

We can only pray to The Almighty for help and protection and prepare ourselves to face the worst challenges and times. Even beasts fear these dreaded creatures and pray for safety.               

        The Criminals In Action (CIA) are in reality the worst committed enemies of mankind. They only focus on their vested interests. They can never be friends of anyone. Those who think are stupid, idiots and fools of the highest order. By accepting their hand of friendship, they have chosen death and destruction. Many have been given no option but to sign the Black Warrant and compelled to commit suicide. We can only helplessly watch their destruction.

        How foolish are the people not to understand their bad intentions, dirty politics and conspiracies. Narrow and negative thinking have made minds of the people sick and full of hatred. They never look beyond their mindset. Most of such people are literates, highly qualified and renowned personalities,  community and national leaders, etc. People are fooled, exploited and looted. Unfortunately, they put the blame on the poor and illiterates.

        I belong to South Asia and witness such foolishness, madness and craziness a lot. You can find many Mullah Pakistanis and Pundit Hindustanis in both parts of the Sub-Continent. For centuries people have been living together peacefully but since the last five or more decades are bloodthirsty and committed enemies. The conspirators are taking advantage and waiting to make them their slaves.

            The slogans Pakistani shows and Hindustani dramas just to create tension and hatred must be stopped. The South Asian touch would remove the misunderstandings and help bring the people closer. When are we going to learn the lessons? Because of the extremists and foolish elements, people of both sides are suffering and paying a very heavy price. This will only lead us towards destruction and slavery and nowhere else. Mindset idea will only work if people use their minds.

 What I am seeing is worst for the people of the sub-continent. It will take many generations to come on the track and get rid of the narrow and negative thinking. Not the illiterates, it is the literates who need to be controlled and corrected. It is they who need to use their minds and knowledge properly. There are many sick minds. Instead of vested interests, they must focus on the interest of the people.

Whatever happening in South Asia is directly due to our stupidity and conspiracy of the Criminals In Action. They are just waiting for the right time and opportunity to blast the region. Everything is before us yet we are blinded by our wrong thinking and vested interests.

The criminals have prepared many bogeys like fundamentalists, extremists and terrorists to trick and fool the people. They actually want to create extreme hatred in the mind of the people so that the people will support them in their nefarious designs and to crush all those who do not agree with them. This is their intention and plan. Lets all join hands to face their challenge, protect ourselves and save the world from destruction. With unity only, we can achieve our goals. 

            Javed Zaheer (Masters in International Relations), Canadian of Pakistani Origin (CPO), Professional Freelance Journalist, Veteran Active Member (VAM) of Toronto Press Club, Council Member of Karachi Press Club, served as Senior Sub-Editor of Pakistans leading English Daily DAWN (1986-1999). Address:  1709-35 Thorncliffe Park Drive, Toronto, Ontario, M4H 1J3, Canada.  Tel  # (416) 696-0981.