Conseil national de la presse et des medias ethniques du Canada

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Office of the President


June 20, 2011



                         Survey 2011


Dear friends and colleagues, Sisters and Brothers in the Ethnic Press and Media:

As we are close to the end of the month I want to extend this letter to all of you calling you all to participate in the survey.

The Reason: The national Ethnic Press and Media Council is preparing a three day convention and seminar for the members of the sector for the next year in order to provide to all of you important information and education about the Canadian Laws on Journalism. To this extend we prepared this questioner with the help of Seneca College and asked the members to reply in order to make decision about the nature of the education they should prepare. Besides this we are working with the government in order to gate some benefits for the members. In order to be successful we have to show to authorities that most of our members are professionals and they are contributing to Canadian economy.

So we are going to ask the government to provide more help.

This is the reason that I am asking you all to complete the survey and at the end press the bottom “Submit” in order to go on line to University for analysis.

If someone don’t like or do not want to answer all the questions please feel free to do so, do not unsure the specific question. If you don’t want to place your name please feel free to do so, just put your organization.

There are ten days left for the completion of the survey, this is one great opportunity to help yourself, please feel it know and submit it. It is important for your future and this of your family.

The address again is :


I am looking forward to your cooperation,

In solidarity,

Thomas S. Saras

President an d CEO


To all of you which did not complete  the Survey please do it now.

It is very important for the future of all members of the sector.