Minutes of the Monthly Meeting held on November 14, 2011 at Committee Room No 2, Queens Park


Thomas S. Saras

Saad Alsafar

Bikram Lamba

Ali Comeedimahboub

Assad Zarrin Meher

Ahmad Rostanijam

Mohamad Ahmadi

Irene keroglidis

Dumitru Popescu

Sultan Ali Shunbuli

Neel Nanda

Ihssan Taghavi

William Doyle-Marshall

Aaron Berhane

Ramnath Eeswaran

Isa Mela

Teshome Woldeaman uel

Marek Goldyn

Nishantha Don

Khan Khoda

Ranjit Wicks

Ahmed Hotaki

Parry Long

Raffi Der-Bogmossiam

Rakhi & Sandip (Asian Conections)

Gerald Paul

Viara Dimitrova

Beagoja Ristic

Noda Reikanman

Logan Logabndralinab

Chanla Devasayaym

Hermie Garcia

Mila Astorga Garcia

Jonathan Annolbil

Emmanuel Ayiku

Jose Donan

Susana Donan

John Saraidaris

Ned Blair

Moorthy Sellathurai

Paulraj Rajapandian 



1. Welcome Remarks by the chair.


2. Minutes of the previous meeting


3. Report of the President


4. New Business


5. Adjournment


Welcome Remarks by the Chair:

Dr. Lamba chaired the meeting and declared the meeting open. Irene Keregolidis moved a motion to approve the agenda and William Doyle Marshall seconded it. The motion was carried

Minutes of the previous meeting:

Irene Keroglidis moved a motion to approve the minutes of the previous monthly meeting held on September 12, 2011 William Doyle Marshall seconded it. The motion was carried.

Presidentís Report/Discussions


∑ NEPMCC Awards. On October 28 NEPMCC organized the annual Awards ceremony. Awards in different categories were awarded during the ceremony. President Thomas Saras acknowledged the help and contribution of the minister the Hon. Dr. Hoskins, for a grant provided to NEPMCC in order to help the preparation of the material needed for the ceremony. The awards committee worked very hard towards the event. President had special word of mention for Asha Rajak for her outstanding effort towards the annual award ceremony. President Thomas Saras thanked all the members who participated towards the success of the event. President also expressed warmest gratitude to Lieutenant Governor, The Honourable David C. Onley and his office for all their support in hosting this event this year as well as all the previous years.


∑ Word on the street festival: President Thomas Saras thanked Ahmed Shah Hotaki and other volunteers who participated in the event. President Thomas Saras also expressed disappointment at the rate of participation as some members did not participate and thereby losing the opportunity to display their publication to a large and knowledgeable audience who come to the event every year.


∑ President Thomas Saras will meet officials of Heritage Canada to discuss on the circulation and audit of ethnic newspapers as well as different components of CPF. There is new director of CPF and the President hoped there will be continued cooperation between NEPMCC and the department to serve for the cause of the ethnic media industry. Thomas Saras educated the members on various aspects of the CPF (Canada Periodical Fund) He answered all queries of the members including various aspect of filling out the application form and its criteria.


∑ Canadian National Exhibition (CNE). Thomas Saras thanked all volunteers for their participation in this yearís exhibition. This year we had a space in the International Pavilion for the CNE ethnic press exhibition. Thousands of people at CNE were impressed by the display of NEPMCC exhibition that took place for 18 days. The opening ceremony took place on August 21, 2011 with a lot of fanfare and speeches from all three levels of government. Members who had decided to volunteer were given passes... The last Sunday/closing ceremony of the exhibition, (September 4, 2011), NEPMCC celebrated Canadian multiculturalism by sponsoring a number of multicultural shows at the great stage of the Hall B International Pavilion. Thomas Saras expressed disappointment with the rate of participation after more than 850 CNE Tickets and more than 150 parking passes were distributed to the members in order to attend the venues of the NEPMCC at the exhibition.


∑ Asha Rajak, a great worker with a wonderful performance in the business of the Exhibition is back to school and she was unable to attend todayís meeting. The President wishes that soon she will be able to join the board again.


∑ Annual Dinner: Many discussions took place regarding the annual dinner on December 16 and tickets were also distributed during the meeting against a very nominal donation of $30 which includes full dinner wine and pop. President Thomas Saras also suggested that Lamb to be included in the dinner along with other meat. The annual dinner is going to be another spectacular event with live entertainment along with the presence of very distinguished guests. Luba Cherny is taking care



of the entertainment and Isa Melo is bringing a special team of Brazilian Dancers for the night. This yearís event is dedicated to Hon. Dr. Eric Hoskins for his services to humanity, to people of Ontario, to international community and to our organization. Minister Kathleen Wynne, will be also recognized for her services to NEPMCC. With us are going also to be Minister Margaret Best and Charles Sousa. From the Federal Parliament we are expecting Jim Karygiannis and the Liberal Leader Bob Rae.


President Thomas Saras is expecting that the Hon. Dalton McGuinty, Premier of Ontario, along with a number of cabinet ministers as well as the Hon. Bob Rae and Jim Karygiannis will be with us, celebrating our humanity.

New Business:

Mila Garcia made an announcement on the memorial of victims killed in Maguindanao Phillipines in 2009 on November 23. 32 of the 57 killed were journalists as a result November 23 is observed as the International Day to End Impunity. She invited all members to join the observance on November 23 at St. Luke United Church from 6:30-9:30pm


 Irene Keroglidis moved a motion to adjourn the meeting, Ahmad Shah Hotaki seconded it. The motion was carried. The chair adjourned the meeting at 9:30 pm. The next meeting would take place on December 12, 2011 at Queens Park.