TORONTO: Dr Kewal Dheer, Chief Editor of Adeeb International, a global journal of Urdu literature being published in book series (4 books in a year) by Sahir Cultural Academy, India, his invited attention of Urdu-Lovers and his friends.

               In a Press release, he said: “Series One has been published in 5000 number and sent throughout Urdu world. It is not simply a journal but a reference book of Urdu literature and we claim it unique in all respects.

               “We have planned its publication in four parts. Series 1 (already published) represents India, Pakistan and rest of the Urdu world.

               “Series 2 (forthcoming issue) will represent Urdu writers and their literary contribution from USA, Canada, Europe and UAE.

               “Series 3 will represent Urdu literature only from India.

               “Series 4 will pertain to Urdu literature from Pakistan. It will continue year to year.

               “Our aim is to bring Urdu writers and their valuable contribution closer. Distances, higher postal expenses and communication gap have created many problems in bringing global Urdu fraternity close to each other. Adeeb International has a cause of bringing the entire Urdu world closer.

               “Series 2 issue of Adeeb International is under process. I invite you and all those who are creative writers of Urdu residing in Canada, USA, European Countries and UAE to extend their valuable literary co-operation.

               “I also earnestly request you to subscribe Adeeb International and ask other friends to subscribe. Your financial contribution will enable us to go ahead with this ambitious literary project. Like me and many others, you are an Urdu-lover and treat it as a team work.

               “50 USD or equivalent is annual subscription amount (for 4 issues) in Canada, USA, Europe and UAE. You may submit this amount by Western Union, Moneygram or Bank Transfer in India.

               “You may send the amount by cheque (till 1st of September, 2011) in Canada. The cheque should be payable to ANIL KUMAR DHEER and sent at 50 Mirabell Crt Havelock Drive, ON., L6W 4K9 (Canada)

               “I am personally available here till this date. My cell # here is (647) 853 5800.

               “Your suggestions are most welcome.

               “With Best Wishes:

               “Dr Kewal Dheer (Chief Editor, Adeeb International), Chairman, Sahir Cultural Academy, B-116, B.R.S. Nagar, Ludhiana,141012, India.

Cell: + 91-98151 55800. Phone: + 91 161 462 8500.

               Note: Patron of Sahir Cultural Academy is I.K.Gujral, former Prime Minister of India, and Advisor is Prof Gopi Chand Narang, former

President, Sahitya Academy. India.”