Office of the President


August 3, 2011


                      P R E S S   R E L E A S E

                To all the members of the sector


Dear friends and colleagues, Sisters and Brothers in the Ethnic Press and Media:

This is to inform you that we purchase a number of entrance tickets to CNE and also a number of inside the fair parking spots.

Asha Rajak, is holding them for Monday August the 8th, when she is going to release them according to demand by the members. Priority is going to be given to volunteers for the CNE and their demands will be fully covered. For the rest of you each one will get only 4 or maximum 5 tickets with one parking spot. As of today only five members register as volunteers for the event. I want to thank and also I wan t to inform them that together with Asha and Dr. Tajdolati decided to pay them a per diem of 100 dollars Per Day, besides the free entrance tickets, in order to cover their personal expenses.

Please be informed that after today’s email from Asha to which nobody responded, we will not accept any other volunteer, indeed we would cover our needs with students that we are hiring to stay in the exhibition during the CNE.

On Monday, August the 8th, quest in our meeting will be Mr. Ramzi Asaad, the new director of the Department of Canadian Heritage and he is going to explaining to you the new funding system of the periodical industry. Please make sure that you are attending as this is a very important meeting for all of you.

Please notify us by email if you are planning to attend. Also the same day Asha will distribute out the tickets. Please bring with you two copies (the latest) of your publication. Finally if it happens and you forgot to complete the survey please do it today or next year you are not going to qualify for any benefits. If you have problems of understanding of the questioner please call me at 416- 921 8926 and I will help you.

Thanks again for your understanding and cooperation,

Thomas S. Saras                                Neel Nanda                   Asha Rajak

President and CEO                            Secretary General        Executive Director