JULY 31, 2011


Agenda of the Business of the day monthly meeting of August 8th, 2011


        Main legislative Building, Queen’s Park, Committee room # 2, Toronto




1.      Welcome Remarks by the Chair                    6:00


2.      A call to order                                                   6:05                              




The Hon. Jim Karygiannis MP and Indira Naidoo-Harris and also


Ramzi Saad, (To be confirmed) from Canadian Heritage will be with us and  will make a presentation




3.      Minutes of the previous meeting                                                7:30


4.    New Business (motions)                                                               8:00


5.    CNE Tickets for the families of the members.






6.      Adjournment                                                                                  9:30




During this meeting our Executive Director Ms. Asha Rajak, would distribute tickets for entering the Ex. The tickets have purchased by the organization on behalf of the members and are distributed free of any charge to members in “GOOD Standing” with the organization. This is the only opportunity for the members to get their tickets and if they ordered them earlier to Asha.


Our next meeting is scheduled for Monday September 12th, 2011, at the Toronto City Hall, Committee  room N# 2, from 6:00 to 9:30 pm.


Thomas S. Saras


President and CEO