Conseil national de la press et des medias ethniques du Canada.

                 Canada’s Other Voices

February 6, 2011, 


                                               AGENDA of


 Main Legislative Building, Queen’s Park, Committee room N# 2, Toronto.

                The meeting is called for 6:00 pm.

   1.  Welcome Remarks by the Chair                                      6:00

     2. -A call to order by the Chair                                             6:05

3. - Minutes

   4. -   Report by the President –                                              6:15

     5.-    Report on the Treasury of the organization                7:35

         Questions period                                                    

      6.-    Letter by the Minister of Revenue (Exemption)          8:30

                        7. - New Business (Motions)

                        7b.- New Members                                                

 8. - Adjournment.                                                                    9:30


If you have any problem entering the building, please contact Security Services at 416- 325 7996 or my cell 416- 996 4229.

This month’s meeting is taking place to committee room N# 2, First floor.

The Next meeting is scheduled for Monday, March 14, 2011. The April meeting is scheduled for Monday April 11, 2011 and the next May 16th, 2011. Please allow me to remind you of the upcoming general meeting and elections for the renewal of the Board of Directors. 

Every member in good standing has the right to be a candidate for the board. If you willing to do so, please send an email to and inform our ombudsman about your intensions. In this year’s elections will be called to vote all the members from every province of Canada. They could vote either by telephone or be email at or

This is an official call according to our constitution.

Coffee, refreshments and pastries will be served by the organization.

 Thomas S. Saras