Office of the President


May 15, 2010


 A thank you note at the end of our successful exhibition.


Dear friends and colleagues, brothers and sisters in the ethnic press and media:


As tomorrow our exhibition is being concluded, I am taking this opportunity to express my thanks and gratitude to all of you who helped to build one more successful event. Our exhibition attracted more than 5,000 visitors, among them government officials, marketing authorities and young students from high schools and also schools of journalism. The 210 publications participated in this venue showcased the good quality and the ability of the ethnic publications and its publishers and editors to honour the principles, the traditions and  heritage of this great country of ours for a  free and independent  press.


Taking this opportunity also I want to express my gratitude to all of you who volunteered and helped with your time and enthusiasm during this great event. Special thanks goes to brother Ahmed Hotaki, Saad Alsafar, Mahesh Abeyewardene, Suleyman Guven, Neel Nanda, Logan Logarithman,Verad Dimitrova, Elizabeth E. Philbert. My gratitude goes one more time to Asha Rajak. Special thanks to Luba Cherni and Andrei for their fantastic job and the perfect entertainment they provided in a very multicultural environment.

I remain thank full to all of them for their dedication and many hours of hard work dedicated to this project. 


The opening ceremonies were attended by more than 700 guests and members of our organization, thirty eight members of the diplomatic corps in Toronto, Dr. Michael Ignatieff,  Leader of the Official Opposition and Leader of the Liberal Party of Canada, Dr. Eric Hoskins, Minister of Citizenship and Immigration of Ontario, Minister Sophia Angelonitis, Minister of Consumer and Commercial relations of Ontario and His Worship David Miller, the Mayor of Toronto with a great number of City representatives and Councilors.


It was a great event, and thanks to your participation. The exhibition now moves to its second phase for Montreal and Ottawa, as soon as we are ready for this move. Finally, I want to express our gratitude to Canadian Heritage, Publications Assistance Program, to Leonard Lombardy, President and CEO of CHIN International, Jack Kyriazakos, President and CEO of Brazilian Canadian Com. , Tom Michalopoulos, President and CEO Coffee Time Donuts, Kathy L. Lin, my brother John and Asif A. Khan for their financial support of the event.


Thank you all for your help and cooperation,


With all my respect in solidarity,

Thomas S. Saras

President and CEO