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THE NEW BOARD 2021-2023

The New Board for the period of March 2019, to March 2021 will be:

Ex Officio Members of the Board:

  • Mohammad Tajdolati, Ph.D. “Humanities and Social Sciences” Chair of the Board, Ombudsman, Chief Electoral Officer, Chair of the Awards Committee.  Iranian
  • Maria Voutsinas,B.A. Executive Director and Commissioner For taking Affidavits and administering the oath for the members of the NEPMCC.
  • Daniela Spirlac. Director-coordinator of     Marketing and Promotions
  • Members of the Executive:

  • Thomas S. Saras: President, CEO and Chairman of the Board. “Patrides,
  • Susana Donan Senior VP,     Alternate President Latino
  • Maria Voutsinas, Executive, Managing Director, Senior VP,Greek
  • Hon. Joe Volpe, Senior VP, Membership and Programs Italian
  • Kathy L. Lin Senior VP, Professional Development Chinese
  • Hermie Garcia, Senior VP, Policy and Constitutional Affairs Philippine
  • Neel Nanda, Comm. Senior VP, Secretary General Hindi
  • Arif Ahmed, Senior VP, Treasurer.Bangladeshi
  • Logan N. Logendralingam, Senior VP, Internal Corporis Affairs, Tamil
  • Luba Cherny, Senior VP, Cultural & International Affairs. Russian
  • John S. Saraidaris Senior VP, Public Image Co/ Editor in Chief. Greek
  • Ahmed Shah Hotaki, Senior VP, Special Events Coordinator Afghani
  • Ned Blair, Senior VP, Education/ Training/ New Membership. Caribbean


  • Ricky Castellvi, VP, Public Relations, CNE and New Comer Days Pilipino
  • Sandie De Freitas, VP. TV and Cinematography. Caribbean
  • Paul Nguyen, VP, Social Media (New Trends). Vietnamese
  • Lydia Sun, VP. Public Relations, Community Outreach.Chinese
  • Margaret Bonikowska, VP European Affairs. Polish
  • Ranjit Wickramasinghe, VP, South Asian Affairs. Singhalese
  • Mila A .Garcia VP, Humanitarian and Immigration Affairs. Philippine
  • Dimitris Vohaitis VP, Issues of Justice and Equality. Greek
  • Eugenia Bakchinow, Human Rights and Free Speech. Russian
  • Mulugeta Zergaber, VP, Photojournalism. Eritrean
  • Saad Alsafar, VP, Free Press and Democracy. Arabic
  • Nishantha Don, VP, Marketing and Promotion. Sri lankest
  • Dumitru Popescu, VP Print-Membership, “Observatorul”. Romanian
  • Isa Melo, VP Events Organizer/ Magazine Membership Brazilian
  • Mohammad-Bagher Samimi, VP, Free Lance Journalists. Persian
  • Mieczyslaw Kolosowski, European Affairs.Polish
  • Emmanuel Ayiku VP, African Affairs “Ghanaian News”.Ghanaian
  • Teshome Woldeamanuel VP, Community Outreach. Ethiopian
  • Roberto Hausman VP, Senior Adviser to President. Latino



  • The Hon.  Basilio  Giordano  Chair Agent General for  Quebec Italian
  • Vahakn Karakachian, Co-Chair organizer. Armenian

  • Manitoba:

  • Helen Wang, Agent General, Chair “Manitoba Chinese Tribune” Chinese

  • Alberta:

  • Phillip Lam Agent General, Chair  “Vietnam Times Magazine” Vietnamese

  • British Columbia:

  • Vinnie Combow, Senior VP, Chair of Provincial Council. South Asian
  • William-Doyle Marshal, Board Member. Caribbean
  • Maura De Freitas “ Board Member”.Irish

  • “The authority and powers of the Agent General are equal to those of a Senior Vice President. Each Agent General represents the Council in his Province and is responsible to organize the members of the local Ethnic Press and Media, in the area of his/her jurisdiction.”

    The NATIONAL ETHNIC PRESS AND MEDIA COUNCIL OF CANADA, is a not for profit, non-Governmental organization (NGO), representing 850 Canadian Publications, and another 150 Electronic Media, (TV and Radio). Our members are serving 101 linguistic and cultural communities.
    The Head Office of the NEPMCC is located at:
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