TORONTO: The Pakistani Community activity in the Thorncliffe Park Drive locality of the Don Valley West constituency is gaining momentum. The TPD locality is one of the most crucial and important ones of Canada---both elections, activity and settlement wise.

This is being fast realized by all those who matter including policymakers and respectable and responsible members of the community, society and mainstream.

All those---Puppets and Players---who are still living with wild dreams of vested interests and in fool’s paradise and continue to neglect and ignore it deliberately may prove disastrous for their masters and parties and make them end up as losers.

The conspirators and exploiters playing games with the communities and people in the area and fooling them for a long time are being exposed now. This is all thanks to the awakening, proper awareness and understanding of the community members and search for the true leaders.

No doubt many rain frogs may emerge, jump in and start croaking to attract attention and eye leadership. Foxy brains will continue conspiring but this time more cunningly to create mess, confusion and division to keep dominating and harming the people of the TPD locality comprising mostly Pakistanis followed by Afghans and then Gujaratis of Indian Origin.


All of the above communities claim to be Champions of Muslim cause and community but have miserably failed to promote the noble cause and serve the Muslim community in the real sense. This is because of lack of basic understanding including of the Holy Quran and role, duties and responsibilities of the Muslim Ummah, unity and proper networking and most importantly exploitation by their cunning leaders and committed enemies.

They allow themselves to be exploited and harmed and just keep dancing on the tunes of others. Because of their helplessness, foolishness and selfishness, they themselves are the biggest hurdles in the promotion and progress of the Muslim Community in general and their communities in particular.

Canada cannot be blamed for this. This wonderful country has provided them the best opportunities, facilities and all freedom to live, work and preach peacefully, respectfully and responsibly. It is the Muslims who have failed to understand the realities and avail the opportunities.

Because of their own lacking and faults, mainly wrong thinking, approach and attitude, the Muslims become a victim of cunningness and exploitation. They are to be mainly blamed for their sufferings, lack of unity and proper networking.

Pakistan Community’s English Weekly `Pakistan Abroad’, which serves all communities and people, is playing a pivotal role in the awakening, proper awareness and understanding. It is trying to connect the Muslim and Pakistani communities and all other communities, create an environment and good sense to end petty disputes and differences and infuse the spirit of livingand working together and supporting each other. The pace of success is slow but positive and moving in the right direction.

This could be analyzed from the response it is getting from the community members and organizations. The Pakistan Canadian Association (PAC) is one such organization. Nawab Salim Khan ( ), one of the PAC Board Directors, sent the following email message on behalf of the PAC to Shaukat Malik, Editor of `Pakistan Abroad’ ( ):

“Dear Sir,

“Pakistan Association of Canada is proud of your esteemed publication `Pakistan Abroad’ sincere efforts and dynamic support in streamlining the affairs of Pakistani Community in terms of unity, growth and potentials to play successfully its due leading role in their new country Canada.

“The coverage of Pakistan Association of Canada in November 5, 2009, publication speak itself about your patriotism where our news item was not only refined but was made of rich potentials by the publication.

“You are well aware about the Pakistani community issues and problems due to lack of unity which provided opportunity to other origin minority to dominate. We are trying to bring a change in the situation where the minority wants to maintain status quo and trying their best to divide Pakistani community.

“The time is now changed and we will be very soon in command to get our visible and due share in all respect to work towards the betterment of our community in particular and other communities in general.

“We will be always looking forward for your expert advice and support to achieve this noble task. We are forwarding our press release in the form of a letter addressed to concerned corners and hope that your expertise will publish it prominently in your esteemed publication.

“With best wishes.”

Shaukat Malik replied as follows:

“Dear Nawab Khan,

“I acknowledge the receipt of your email containing PAC's press release, many thanks for your compliments.

“It is my understanding that you (along with other responsible members of Pakistani origin) have recently formed a platform to help our community come out of the obscurity into prominence by making sizeable contributions in all areas of the social and civic fabrics of our society.

“It is no secret to nobody that Thorncliffe Park and Flemingdon Park neighbourhoods are densely populated with the Canadians of Pakistani Origin. All these people need to unite and take actions for their common concerns in order for the clean, unspotted and elegant community-image be developed in the area. This can be achieved by displaying good character, attitude and impression from every member of our community.

“Pakistan Abroad is a community based institute that processes variety of useful information vital for all Canadians in general and new immigrants in particular and as such helps promote the cause of community organizations like PAC. Our mission is to Build Bridges of Understanding between people, communities and nations to promote love and peace so that we all can LIVE and WORK together.

“Pakistan Abroad is committed to provide its unbiased journalistic support to all individuals, groups, parties, associations, businesses and leaders who are quite avid to extend community and humanity service.

“Pakistan Abroad provides suitable coverage to everybody regardless of their political opinions, religious affiliations or involvements in particular social or ethnic groups and for this reason we respect your views on local, municipal, community or other issues and are ever prepared to give them coverage in equal measure, without prejudice.

“However, being a business entity, we sometimes undergo the low points that could render us unable to provide coverage to every press release and/or news report that you would forward to us. Under such circumstances we expect a broader level of understanding from your side in terms of looking at our position within the rational limits.”

 “Sincerely, S.Malik, Editor- Pakistan Abroad (South Asian Community Newspaper)

1468 Victoria Park Avenue, Suite 113, Toronto, Ontario, M4A 2M2. Tel: 416 751 1212

Fax:647 439 1394/Cell:647 521 0315.Email:


In the press release sent to the concerned corners and English Weekly `Pakistan Abroad’ as well, the Pakistan Association of Canada (PAC) strongly reacted and objected to the speech of Nawal Ateeq, President of Canadian Association of Pakistan Association (CAPO), and many other issues considered damaging and harmful for the communities in the TPD locality. .

 The PAC alleged and pointed to the negative references made to other associations in the CAPO president speech while highlighting the formation of CAPO and its two months activities.

Some of the points and issues objected and raised were as follows:

“M/S CAPO: We have received CAPO flyer at our email addresses. It is really surprising and we are trying to find out that on what grounds this flyer is sent to us and other members of Pakistani community. If we are the members of Pakistani community then why CAPO doesn’t invited us and other members of Pakistani community especially when preferred to invite their Indian origin patrons in the function?

“This one act is more than enough to prove that how much CAPO loves Pakistani community. Either CAPO was afraid of open entry of Pakistani community or with its assigned role of a Puppet Association?

 “CAPO has exhausted the golden opportunity to assemble the ten times higher participation of Pakistani community in the function in Mini Pakistan. CAPO was having Indian origin patrons and planners along with their business houses funding, political platform and projection support.

 “In addition to that the provincial minister participation and support, Liberal rides backingand TNO executive director sponsorship along with the TNO funds and resources and the musical program and free dinner were the special bonuses to boost the occasion.

“What an ideal combination and attractive situation and the participants were only around 50 families. The seminar at Greek community centre for doctors, engineers and credential evaluations attracted more participants even with the absence of music show and free dinner.

 “The comments regarding the existing organizations of Pakistanis in Canada are not justified by the puppet CAPO as installed by the political and TNO bosses through their employees who are bound to dance to save their employments.

“Their bosses will soon face the music as they bet on the wrong horses. Instead of commenting and criticizing the existing organizations of Pakistanis in Canada it will be better to make an assessment of CAPO to find out the answer to the following questions?

1. How the association was formed and when and where the open meeting was held?

2. When the Memorandum and Article of Association were circulated and approved?

3. When the election schedule was announced and who was the election commissioner?

4. What positions of body were announced and who were the candidates?

5. When, where and in which newspapers the circular, flyer and Press release were issued?

6. When and where the elections were held?

7. Whether the Pakistani community members were informed?

8. Why CAPO circulated membership form in the function for first time?

9. How come without member’s participation CAPO is formed?

10. Whether CAPO is born in the drawing room?

11. Who was the expert surgeon in CAPO case?

“It is surprising to observe that the CAPO launching ceremony was restricted to the projection of only two employees of TNO and Rob’s office assistant. Whether CAPO failed to find the candidates for the positions of General Secretary, Information Secretary, Finance Secretary and Directors or trying to find someone trustworthy ordon’t want to share publicity and projection with other members.

“Please try to learn fair dealing and control the attitude problems to deal with others as there is no long time guarantee of CAPO puppets employment continuation as once the bosses realized their mistakes and the incoming problems to themselves.

 “Ambitions are good but not through short cut approaches or on the basis of day times sweet dream which rarely comes. Most of all the patience and experience is very important to set the direction straight towards the goals and objectives otherwise the over speeding drivers not only risk their lives but also of the companions who are on board.

“Pakistani Community is well aware about the facts of the failed attempt to hijack the Pakistani community platform with the help of some Pakistanis under the plan designed by the Indian origin patrons.

 “The Pakistani community’s genuine representative body is Pakistan Association of Canada. PAC believes in open merit and consensus in the community members where every person has free expression right in the meetings and the association is moving forward towards its aim and objectives as an independent body, proudly as an independent body, free from any political affiliation. Our Association working boundary is on national level in Canada and we are macro players.

 “The Pakistan Association of Canada is proud of its potential members who are highly qualified and experienced and have the capacity to lead in right directions to fulfill its community developments duties successfully. We are fully aware that our association will play the decisive role in the future challenges in the field of community developments, social and cultural sectors, educational and sports sectors and to unite Pakistani community and to coordinate and strengthen ties with other communities.

“PAC will play a leading role in incoming local, provincial and federal elections and provide guidance to community members to participate in full swing purely on the basis of meritorious performances of the candidates. No party will be in position to ignore us due to our firm commitments in playing our role in Canadian Society towards unity and betterment of the communities and their multicultural richness.

 “Pakistan Association of Canada will not tolerate the conspirators and will give them a good psychological and community counselling treatment to improve their mental problem which will enable them to learn the fundamental of good life to live in society.

“Pakistan Association of Canada advancement can be seen in the group photos of two ordinary monthly meetings. The well qualified and impressive representation is clearly evident.

“We will soon organize a mega event and we will definitely invite every member of Pakistani community including CAPO team. We will treat them as our special guests and invite them on stage to perform their leadership skills to provide an opportunity to the Pakistani community to assess the both side’s potentials in line with their past and present credentials, contributions, achievements at national and international levels.

“It is strange to note that the TNO and political slot did not form any puppet association of Afghans, Bangladeshis, Sri Lankans, Greeks, Arabs, Turkish or other origin communities but chooses Pakistani community. Why? Because they were afraid of the awareness in the leading Pakistani community so they choose to make a puppet association by choosing its employees to safeguard the present prevailing minority so-called beneficiaries.

“TNO’s image of a non-governmental organization is tarnished. This organization’s top management failed to meet the community challenges. If TNO is community caring and willing to support project/programs then the result must be seen by the community. Where are those projects which can be seen in terms of results and performances?

“We have the experience of attending men’s networking program at TNO, which has been designed to collect the contacts to provide them to a political office assistant and he is using them for his objectives. When we asked from coordinator, we were told that the contacts information is the property of TNO and its distribution will be violation of privacy act. How contacts gone to puppets and why?

 “We know that CAPO was launched by the prevailing few beneficiaries from Indian origin in connivance with few puppets in Pakistani community. They also took the TNO and a constituency office on board to stab in the back of Pakistani Community. They are afraid of their activities through which they not only divide the Muslim community but also discriminated with the Thorncliffe community in general to favor only the near dears of a specific group to which they belong.

“They deprived the majority Pakistani community in particular and Afghani, Bangladeshi, Turkish, Greeks, Sri Lankan, African, Arabs and Romanian origin communities in general as they received funds from governments for social activities and spend all of them in near dears.

“We have a very simple question to ask that why Indian origin patrons installed CAPO? Whether they have started to love Pakistan? What is their agenda to achieve through the puppet association?

“Pakistani community is highly qualified and its potentials are very much proved to get it right place and lead in all sectors of community developments with the coordination of other communities purely on the basis of merit. TNO will be also streamlined soon and competent persons will be inducted to make it truly an outstanding neutral and non-political organization.

 “Please solve this complex problem:

1.How surprising that CAPO a puppet organization of TNO employees is making tall

claims that they will perform the TNO assigned events at the TNO facilities with the TNO funding and resources under the CAPO platform?

2.Whether TNO having huge funding, manpower and technical specialists has failed to

cope with its assignments so that CAPO is replacing it?

3.Whether CAPO office bearers forgot that they are the employees of TNO and getting

salaries against their jobs duties?

4.How come TNO employees at TNO facilities with TNO funds and resources project


5.Whether CAPO Recognition Award is given for the hiring and working for CAPO in


6.Whether this award is given on allowing TNO employees to work for CAPO at TNO

facilities by utilizing TNO funds and resources in addition to salaries?

7.Whether the TNO gathered information of community member’s utilization by its

employees for personal, political gain and projection is not illegal and if some members raised this issue under privacy act violation then what will be the consequences and how TNO will face that situation?

8.Whether TNO don’t know that Canada is not a banana republic but the most civilized

and modernized democratic country and eager to protect its citizen’s right and TNO will also be aware that Canadian government never allowed privacy acts violation?

 “If the TNO employees under the CAPO cover have real political and leadership ambitions and they believe that they have the potential to work in community developments to raise to the Councillor, MPP and MP positions then the best option for them is to quit their jobs without any further delay as this decision will save the TNO from the serious scandal as the other political parties and communities are taking serious note of CAPO activities for a specific political platform.

“The TNO patronizing of CAPO is a politically motivated move to divide the Pakistani community in particular and other communities in general. The creation of hurdles towards the Pakistan Association of Canada, the genuine and real representative body, will lead to demonstrations and protests.

 “TNO need to stop its funding and other resources immediately towards the CAPO projection at the cost of TNO. The TNO employees must be sincere and honest to the organization and immediately stop TNO damaging acts as they are bound under the organization administrative code of conduct.

“We hope that this petition will provide opportunity to all concerned to realize their mistakes and to take immediate steps to rectify them.

This Press statement was issued on behalf of the Board Directors and members including:

1.Nawab Salim Khan (Director), Adeeb Alam (Director), Nadeem Siddiqui (Director),Ihsan Ullah Khan (Director), Raees Ahmed (Director), Tanvir Ahmed (Director),M. Aslam Chhottani (Director), Khalid Awan (Director), Ibrahim Shaikh(Director), Tanvir Ahmed Khan (Director), Ibrahim Durrani (Director), Hanif Abdullah (Director),Shakeel Ahmed (Director), Masood A Khan (Member), Yunus Memon(Member), Naushad Ansari (Member), Zahid Nawaz (Member), Ahmed Zaheer(Member), Waseem Arab (Member), Iqbal Khowaja (Member), M. Waseeh (Member), Nasrullah (Member), S.M. Tariq (Member),Tariq Rehman(Member), Mehboob Magsi (Member), Ammar Khalid (Member), Baber Ali(Member), Salman Ali (Member), Imran Khan (Member), Usman Ahmed (Member) and Sheharyar Khan (Member).

In response to the PAC protest letter sent to all concerned corners including TNO, Jehad Aliweiwi, Executive Director, Thorncliffe Neighbourhood Office (TNO), replied to Nawab Salim, Board Director of PAC, with the following remarks, which were forwarded by the PAC to English Weekly `Pakistan Abroad’ for update of progress made:

“Dear Mr. Nawab:

“Thanks for your message. While TNO will not get involved in a debate about Pakistani community organizations and their internal issues, I want to correct few misunderstandings in the letter. TNO is very proud to support the Pakistani community in any capacity just as much as we are proud to support the Afghan, Pilipino, Spanish and Indian communities in the neighbourhood.

“Recently I attended an event by the Afghan Community in the Park, in the next two weeks, we will be participating in a Pilipino community event in Thorncliffe. At a personal level, I was thrilled to be at CAPO's event. I will also be very thrilled to attend, if invited, any event by the Pakistan Association of Canada.

“We will support in any way possible the effort of the community and support in any way possible the organizations that support the public good of any community.

“Finally, TNO is committed to working with all, we are not betting on any horse, we wish the Pakistani Community and all of its organizations, including CAPO and the Pakistan Association of Canada utmost success in serving this dynamic and deserving community.”

”Jehad Aliweiwi, Executive Director, Thorncliffe Neighbourhood Office, 18 Thorncliffe Park Drive, Toronto, ON, M4H 1N7. Tel: (416)421-3054 Ext.233. Fax: (416).421-4269. Email: . Website:”

Mazhar Shafiq, Constituency Assistant, Office of Rob Oliphant, MP, Don Valley West, Toronto, Ontario, approached Nawab Salim with the following remark, which was also forwarded by Nawab Salim to English Weekly `Pakistan Abroad’ for update of the progress made:

“Dear Nawab Sb,

“I would like to sit with you and talk about this issue. Please let me know what is the convenient time for you.”

Nawab Salim replied as follows:

“Dear Mazhar Shafiq,

“I appreciate your message, however, will reply after consulting with the board of directors and members of Pakistan Association of Canada.”.

English Weekly `Pakistan Abroad’ appreciates the very good, positive and sensible comments of Jehad Aliweiwi, Executive Director of TNO, and the good gesture of Mazhar Shafiq to sit and talk for removing the misunderstandings and to work together in the interest of the community and both the Pakistani community organizations---PAC and CAPO---. That is indeed a positive and constructive approach.

Instead creating a shameful, disgracing and harmful situation, all moves, efforts and attempts must remain positive and constructive and directed towards making the community and organizations very powerful and effective.This can only happen with good understanding, unity and networking. We need to keep repeating this message again and again so that it is properly understood and practically implemented.

Already because of childish and immature acts, attitude and behavior of some members, the organizations got entangled in disputes. Misunderstandings must be removed and petty disputes and differences solved so that the community does not suffer any major harm.

The Pakistani leadership has started to emerge and gain trust and confidence of those who matter at the federal, provincial and municipal levels. The respect earned must not be lost due to foolishness. No doubts attempts are being made and would be made in future also to exploit and cause harm but we need to move confidently and steadily on the path leading to the right direction.

This is how we can tackle and fail the exploiters and conspirators. We need to provide a strong platform and become a powerful voice of the people. Further than community, we must think and act in the interest of humanity and work for all to serve them practically and properly.

Community leaders like Nawab Salim Khan, who is also an active Liberal member, and Mazhar Shafiq, Constituency Assistant, Office of Rob Oliphant, MP, Don Valley West, are influential, highly educated, sensible, civilized, respectable and responsible members of the society and community and hopefully would not indulge in any act which would prove shameful and harmful for the community and the people.

There are hundreds of people who are crazy to become just leaders for name and fame sake. We must not fall into their traps. We have to think and understand seriously.

Instead of allowing organizations and crazy leaders to emerge like mushrooms and damage the common objectives and interests of the community, we need more sincere and good Pakistanis to come forward andassume the true leadership role under one umbrella of unity and networking which can connect people with people and communities with communities.

We need the community and people to flourish, instead of getting confused, exploited and harmed. We strongly need an organization which focuses on unity and networking in proper and practical sense

English Weekly `Pakistan Abroad’ is committed to serve all those involved in positive and constructive missions, efforts and struggles. It will keep supporting, promoting and connecting the genuine organizations and people in the interest of people, community and humanity.

We are very fortunate as this facility and opportunity has been provided to us by Canada, the best country in the world.No doubt, Canadians are one of the best and most loving, caring and supportive people.---Long Live Canada.

 ---Javed Zaheer, Free Expression Award Winner (NEPMCC---Canada), Desi Idol Recognition Award Winner, Member & Honorary Director of NEPMCC, Veteran Active Member (VAM) of Toronto Press Club, Honorary Editor of English Weekly `Pakistan Abroad’, Chief Editor (Honorary) of English Weekly `The Ambassador’ and ex-Senior Sub-Editor of English Daily DAWN, Pakistan, is contributing voluntarily in the media on purely Honorary Basis in order to serve the people and community with the spirit of community and humanity service. The objective is to make both the media and the community powerful, influential and effective. Contact: (416)696-0981/ .