TORONTO: Expression of immense love for Canada, thanks for embracing and accepting people from all over the world as a part of this wonderful and beautiful country and providing them and their families best opportunities and facilities, recognition of remarkable tremendous contributions and achievements of individuals and organizations, promotion and support of causes, youth and women were some of the very important features of Canada Day Celebrations organized by Canpak Chamber of Commerce.


            For over a decade, Canpak Chamber of Commerce has been successfully organizing Great Celebrations of Canada Day with a cause. This year’s event  included support of women’s rights, human rights awareness in conjunction with Church of Scientology, introduction to the audience and community of one of Canada’s popular, renowned, dashing and beautiful singer Angelica, support of Flemingdon Food Bank and remarkable award presentation for York Regional Police Chief Armand P. La Barge.


            Canpak Chamber of Commerce organized the 2010 Canada Day Celebrations on July 4 at its popular venue, the prestigious Holiday Inn, 7095 Woodbine Avenue, Markham, Ontario. For info/details of the event along with compliments and comments of those attended, Canpak Souvenir with messages, visit


            Police Chief Armand P. La Barge was presented the `Lifetime Achievement Award’ by Canpak Chamber of Commerce. In his very impressive speech, he praised Shahid Hashmi for promoting and supporting causes and youth.


            He said: “Pakistan has contributed much to Canada. Pakistan is also a beautiful country. There is beauty in both Pakistan and Canada. We recognize the great leadership of Mohammad Ali Jinnah, Founder of Pakistan, and commend his contributions as well.”


            He thanked Dr Shahid Hashmi, Canpak Chamber of Commerce and all the team members for the recognition and honour.


            Police Chief Armand P. La Barge was also given certificates, flags of Canada and Ontario and T- Shirt.


                        Akbar Adil Shah, Consul, Consulate General of Pakistan, thanked the Police Chief Armand P La Barge for remembering and praising Pakistan in such good words. 


He praised the Canadian people and values and said: “Canada Day is more than just celebration. Canada is a sanctuary for others. Pakistanis feel proud in representing as Canadians.”


Yasmeen Ratansi, MP, said: “This is an important event to attend. There is a spirit behind the celebration that shows that we are the best. Canada is good because people are good and they accept all. This is why Canada is the best country in the world.”


She praised the importance and recognition given to the women in the event and said: We can work together to end injustices to women.”


Rev. Earl Smith of Church of Scientology said: “We must ensure that the youth know and understand what their rights and responsibilities are. This is very important.”


Lois Brown, MP, said: “As a community leader, the Canpak Chamber of Commerce plays an important role in supporting its member while assisting many worthwhile charitable causes. I commend the Canpak Chamber of Commerce for recognizing women’s rights and their struggles this year, an important issue that affects women across the globe.”


She said: “Equal participation by women in all facets of our society will provide enormous  economic and social benefits and contribute to a civil and just society.”


Lois Brown said: “We have good reason to be proud and to express our pride loud and clear including our pride in peace, freedom, and citizenship from which we all benefit as Canadians.”


Karamatullah Khan Ghori said: “In bowing our heads before God in thanks for His blessings to us on this Birthday of Canada, all of us---Canadians of all ages, stripes and persuasions---must also remind ourselves of the burden of responsibilities that comes along with this great favour. Let us hope and pray that we don’t fail this crucial test.”


There were innumerable VIPs and distinguished guests and families including Sayed Akbar Adil Shah, Consul, Consulate General of Pakistan in Toronto, Jim Karygiannis, MP, Lois Brown, MP, Yasmeen Ratansi, MP, Chief of York Regional Police Armand P. La Barge, Deputy Mayor of New Tecumseh Rick Milne, Nicole Brown of Lions Club International, Rev. Earl Smith of Church of Scientology, Karamatullah Khan Ghori, ambassador (Retd),  Syed Iftikhar Haider, Nasim Syed, Abdul Hayee Patel, Mazhar Shafiq, Sonia Ahmad, Naheed Faridi, Hameeduddin Ahmed, Dr Shahnaz Dar, Pervez Salahuddin, Rahim Anjaan, Wali Alam Shaheen, Gul Nawaz and Sultan-uz-Zafar. The list is very long. In short, the hall was full and the audience enjoyed the event.


            Both Angelica and Saima Khan are young, dashing and beautiful, have very sweet and magical voices and are very popular and renowned. They have earned very good name, fame and recognition internationally. In the event, they not only sang many songs but also made speeches, won applause and impressed the audience. Angelica beautifully sang the famous Hindi song `Ore Piya’ To know more about their talents, contributions, achievements and performances, visit: and


            Flemingdon Food Bank, one of the largest in the city of Toronto and serving 200 families a week, was awarded with Outstanding Volunteer Award. The guests brought food gifts for the Flemingdon Food Bank stall in the hall. Dr Shahnaz Dar presented $500 to the food bank.


            The other awards included: Syed Iftikhar Haider (Lifetime Achievement in Urdu Literature), Abdul Rashid Malik (Entrepreneur of the Year), Rev. Earl Smith of Church of Scientology (Outstanding Citizen), Fahim Ahmed and Sabika Hassan (Outstanding Academic Achievement), Ghazala Nighat (Citizenship Award), High-Tec Driver  Education and Nature’s Emporium(Outstanding Business Achievement), Heerah Dar (Volunteer Appreciation), Stuart Sweeney (Outstanding Volunteer) and Nicole Brown (Youth Citizenship Award).            


            In the end, cake cutting ceremony was held.


            Shahid Hashmi, Chairman, Canpak Chamber of Commerce, was praised by all for organizing Canada Celebrations and doing an excellent job.


            Shahid Hashmi thanked all those who helped in organizing the event particularly his family members. The active participation and support of family members is always seen in any program.


            Sohabe Hashmi, Administrative Director, Canpak Chamber of Commerce, was the MC. He is benefiting greatly from experiences and guidance of his father, Shahid Hashmi, and lending him full support along with other family members. The family works as a good team in making the events really successful.


            Refreshment was served in the end.


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