TORONTO:  One more candidate (Pandor, Yunus) has jumped in the municipal elections race for City Councillor Ward-26. This is seen by the people as an attempt to divide the votes of the candidates expected to give tough time and even win. This is an old trick of political game played by invisible hands controlled by master minds. 


            According to an analysis of the situation in one of the most important election locations of Canada---Ward-26---In the lead is still Shaukat Ali Malik, by any parameter, evaluation and comparison of profiles, contributions and achievements.


Shaukat Malik believes in healthy competition and positive practical actions. He is ready to work with all and serve all. He has no ill-intention of dividing the votes or causing deliberate dent to people and communities. All he wants is to lead, help and serve the people. 


            On the other hand, attempts to confuse, provoke, mislead and harm the Muslim community, particularly Pakistani community, have increased. Everyday people hear nonsense of nuisance elements.


            One such nonsense is that the Great Leader and Founder of Pakistan, Mohammad Ali Jinnah, was an Ismaili. This is an attempt to give leverage and advantage to the Ismaili candidate, Mohammad Dhanani.


            Honestly speaking, it has already backfired and tarnished the image of the political party supporting this nonsense. Pakistanis are infuriated by this dirty politic of the political party and persons associated with it.


            The political party leadership must understand the seriousness, sensitivity and gravity of the situation. The graph has started falling rapidly and could lead to losing of the important federal and provincial hold in this locality.


            This will only create a mess and worsen the situation for Mohammad Dhanani as Pakistanis are not prepared to hear or tolerate any nonsense about their great leader. After this, no Pakistani is expected to give vote to any Ismaili candidate.


            Already, people have started asking as to where the millions have been used which were given to an Ismaili to help and support Pakistanis. They suspect that the amount did not reach the Pakistanis. 


            So there is a conspiracy to divide and pitch people against each other---like the Muslims against Ismailis, Pakistanis against Indians, particularly Gujaratis, Punjabis against Urdu-speaking people and so on.


            In the past elections, it is alleged that Punjabis avoided supporting Urdu-speaking candidate by labelling them as “Belonging to MQM or Karachi”. Now the Urdu-Speaking ones are saying: “When the Punjabis did not support us why should we support them. When they want our support they say they are Muslims and Pakistanis but when our turn comes they label us as belonging to MQM and Karachi.”


            Also, literature is being distributed about the management and facts related to the main mosque in Thorncliffe area. People are demanding proper monitoring and accountability by the concerned government agencies of the donations, funds and management affairs to end monopoly by a group and alleged misuse of funds.    


            In the greater interest of Humanity, Muslim community and all communities, all the shit, nonsense and nuisance must end forthwith.


            Instead of burning with hatred, living in darkness of illiteracy with closed minds and considering each other enemies, people must show sensibility, create understanding and start loving, supporting and helping each other in order to ensure unity of people and communities. They must learn from the best of Canadian people, values, society and system. Everything is before them but they don’t want to benefit from the facilities and opportunities.


            This situation is the creation of opportunists and exploiters, who for even few cents and dollars become traitors, Munafiqeen (hypocrites), pimps and tail-wagging dogs. To gain name, fame, position and to please their masters they have done this and sold their honour, identity and community. Yet shamelessly they call themselves Community Leaders and `Good & Respected People’.    


             It is time to stand up against all characterless characters, nuisance and nonsense and support good people and true leaders. Only this way we can help and promote ourselves. Nobody is going to come from the sky or below the earth to help us. Only we can help ourselves by standing firmly on the ground below our feet. This is what we need to understand.


            So stop listening to nonsense and stop following characterless people. Already much harm has been caused by our wrong approach and thinking. Now is the time to open our eyes and learn to live and work with all people and communities. We must learn to understand and love each other.


            Muslims and Pakistanis particularly must forget all differences and choose one good leader as candidate for representation. This candidate must have the good character, spirit, commitment and vision to understand and serve all with equality and justice. Whether he wins or loses, he must have the heart and courage to work and live with all in the best manners. This is what democracy and goodness demands.


            ---Javed Zaheer (JAZA), Free Expression Award Winner, Desi Idol Recognition Award Winner, Member/Honorary Director of NEPMCC, Veteran Active Member (VAM) of Toronto Press Club, Members of The National Club and The Ontario Club, Honorary Editor of English Weekly `Pakistan Abroad’, ex-Chief Editor (Honorary) of English Weekly `The Ambassador’, ex-Senior Sub-Editor of English Daily DAWN, Pakistan, is contributing purely on Voluntary and Honorary Basis in order to serve all people and communities. Contact: (416)696-0981/ To read more JZ’s exclusive articles, please visit the following websites: and (Home Pages & Editorial Sections. Scan years from 2004 to 2010), (Issues) and