TORONTO: Partners of The Dark Angel---The shrewd & cunning conspirators and terrorists---with the help of their most obedient servants---Traitors and The Corrupt Lobby---keep painting very bad picture of all those people and countries which are not in their good books. They do this with the intention of causing  serious harm, extensive damage and massive destruction, just for their vested interests.

            The wonderful country Pakistan and the peace loving Pakistanis are also their target. Yes. This is the toughest challenge Pakistan and the Pakistanis are facing today. This is nothing new. It started since creation of Pakistan but the situation and condition kept aggravating gradually and has gravely worsened today.

            Instead of complaining, crying and expecting sympathy and mercy from the Terrorists, Conspirators and The Corrupt Lobby, Pakistanis and all others who are targets and suffering badly must fully prepare themselves to face the tough challenges, critical situation and the worst condition.

            The approach must be positive and constructive. They must remain composed and united, show good understanding, patience and tolerance.

In order to protect and defend themselves, they have to remain fully alert and become very powerful. This can happen only with determination and commitment. They must never underestimate the enemies---Terrorists and Conspirators. Both are two sides of the same coin.

            The Corrupt Lobby is proving most dangerous and damaging. It is helping the terrorists and conspirators by destroying institutions, system and society through massive corruption and exploitation of people at all levels.

Education is one of their most important targets and they are proving successful. This is what the situation and condition shows. People are battered and shattered and need help badly. Badly shaken and broken, they have started losing confidence in themselves and trust on others.      

             Recently the ethnic newspapers splashed news about a poor but brilliant Pakistani student, Naveed Asif, from Nahranwali village Okara, Punjab, Pakistan, who scored 919 marks in Matriculation examination and got second position in BISE, Lahore. His school was 7 KM away from his house and he used to walk 7 KM everyday to go to his school.      He seated at stairs after receiving his second position medal. He couldn’t find any seat in Alhamra Hall, Lahore, Punjab, to sit in a function which was arranged to honour position holders. Later, Shahbaz Sharif, Chief Minister of Punjab, offered him seat.

            There are thousands of such examples. Our precious gems and valuable assets in the shape of such brilliant students, professionals and people in all walks of life are being discouraged, exploited, humiliated and insulted by The Corrupt Lobby.

            It looks everything is upside down and there is total darkness prevailing but nothing like that. Throughout the world, many Pakistanis are contributing tremendously and achieving remarkable success.

            They are very helpful, supportive, cooperative and capable of facing the toughest challenges and tasks. All they need is opportunity, facility, promotion and support.

They are mostly highly educated, intelligent and civilized. There are some who are highly emotional and impatient, which makes them act senselessly. They leap before they think and utter without realizing. This proves disadvantages for them and advantages for others. Such Pakistanis are suffering and making others suffer as well. They are bringing bad name to the whole community.

Pakistanis are otherwise definitely one of the best and finest people in the world. It is the sinister conspiracy, venomous propaganda and evil deeds of The Corrupt Lobby members---who exploit and loot the people, make millions and hide the booty abroad--- which gave them the dirty label of one of the worst in the world.

The corrupt ones will remain corrupt wherever they are. It is only we who can identify them, expose their deeds and get them punished.

The problem of the emotional and impatient Pakistanis is diagnosed. The solution is in their hands. They need to change themselves and their attitude and approach must be based on sensibility, responsibility, tolerance and patience.

Instead of cursing, pushing, pulling, grilling and wrestling with each other, they must extend the helping hand, firmly hold each other’s hand and allow and support the deserving ones to achieve success and progress.

            Pakistanis settled abroad are playing very important roles but can play much better roles to help Pakistan and the people living there and anywhere in the world.

            When the story with picture of the poor but brilliant student of a very remote area, Naveed Asif, who secured second position in BISE, Lahore, was published several Pakistanis in Canada contacted English Weekly `Pakistan Abroad’ and kept inquiring to help him and his family. Such was the great response.

            Now, I am introducing another Naveed, who is also brilliant, poor and belongs to a remote area of Punjab Province, Pakistan. His name is Naveed Sultan. Despite the challenges of poverty and exploitation, he obtained 850 marks out of 1000, achieved First Position in Tehsil Jaranwala and Third Position in District Faisalabad, BISE, Faisalabad.

            Naveed Sultan was born on January 01, 1994. He lives in Chak No: 363GB, Tehsil Jaranwala, which is 50 kilometres away from Faisalabad city. He is the second eldest child of Sakhi Muhammad and has three brothers and two sisters.    

            Naveed is now studying engineering (first year) in the highly reputed Government Postgraduate Science College, Samanabad, Faisalabad. He wants to become Electrical Engineer. His middle class family including his father, who is a farmer, and his elder brother, Amanullah, who is working in Tehsil Jaranwala Courts, are meeting his educational expenses.

            One brother and two sisters of Naveed Sultan are studying in CDF Higher Secondary School from where he passed his Matriculation (Grade-10) examination. The school is only five minutes away from his home. The population of his village, Chak No. 363 GB, is 10,000.

            CDF Higher Secondary School is a true non-profit institute that provides free education to poverty-stricken children. CDF also helps these children with free school uniforms, course books, meals and cost of their hospital stay or medical treatment.

CDF stands for Children’s Dignity Foundation, which is a registered charity. The Ontario Corporation Number is 1670594. CDF was approved in Canada as a charity-MCBS on September 15, 2005.

            The Children’s Dignity Foundation (CDF) is playing an active role in stopping child abuse (physical and/or sexual), child neglect, child abandonment and child labour.

            CDF prevents child labour before it starts by offering courses, seminars, conferences, meetings and/or educational sessions to the child’s parents and by providing free education to the children at primary, elementary and/or secondary school levels.

            The mission of CDF is to deliver to the underprivileged children not only the hope but also the pragmatic processes for their successful and productive growth.

            The CDF Higher Secondary School for Boys (Grade 1-10) is registered and has 225 students. The CDF Higher Secondary School for Girls (Grade 1-12) has 300 students. This school is not registered.

            Expansion of the schools project and provision of facilities are ongoing process. Land has been purchased. There are 18 teachers in the two schools. The principals and teachers are all highly qualified and on payroll. The cost of running the schools is approximately $1000 per month. A nominal amount, ranging from Rs 50 to Rs 100, is charged as  fund from those who can afford to pay. Others are provided free facilities.

Children from nearby villages also come to the CDF schools. If transport facility is provided to this village and other nearby villages then more children from those areas  could benefit from the CDF educational facilities.

            CDF is trying to help the poor children get good education, better quality of life and bright future. It is facing great challenges as well due to lack of resources.

            It is becoming difficult to maintain and improve the free facilities provided. Still efforts are being made to provide the best possible facilities, support and help to the students. Focus is on poor children who are getting spoiled due to poverty and anti-social activities. They are encouraged to join school and get educated.

            The Founder of CDF is Riaz Hussain, who is publisher of the NEPMCC Award Winner English Weekly `Pakistan Abroad’, published from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Shaukat Ali Malik is President of CDF and also Editor-in-Chief of `Pakistan Abroad. Visit Email: CDF

            Both Riaz Hussain and Shaukat Ali Malik are Canadians of Pakistani Origin and successfully running with the help of their team two important prestigious community projects---English Weekly `Pakistan Abroad’ and the Children’s Dignity Foundation.

            Javed Zaheer, a Professional Journalist, is also their team member. He provides  professional help as Honorary Editor of `Pakistan Abroad’. Since his arrival in Canada in April, 1999, he is involved in community and humanity service on voluntary basis.

            This would not have been possible without the sincere encouragement, help, cooperation and support of people, particularly like Dr Shahid Hashmi, Chairman, Canpak Chamber of Commerce, a distinguished figure, who keeps introducing, supporting, promoting and connecting people to the community and mainstream circles.

            There are so many others who play such very important roles in supporting and promoting him including Thomas Saras, President & CEO of National Ethnic Press & Media Council of Canada (NEPMCC), Mohammad Hameeduddin Ahmed, Matanat Khan and Shaheen Khan and of course Riaz Hussain and Shaukat Ali Malik. All of them reputed media personalities.

            Youngsters too always came forward whenever needed for help including the family members, particularly Irshad Haroon, Sohabe Hashmi and Asad Rizwan.

Sohabe Hashmi is the eldest son of Dr Shahid Hashmi and extending with the help of Vitaly, his team mate, great support in promotion of the writing work. They are effectively using the platform of Canpak Chamber of Commerce for this purpose and their other ambitious plans to serve the community, people and the country.

The purpose of mentioning all this is to give confidence to the community that there are always people who are ever ready to come forward for sincere help and support. All they need is positive people, responses and good environment. They need people who are ready to work as a team with the common objective of benefiting all and not some.

It is easy to form mushroom like organizations and institutions but hard to run them practically and successfully. This is why most of them die their death, remain on the paper only and used for vested interests.

For success of any idea, plans, organizations and institutions, right persons for the right jobs with trust and confidence reposed in them are needed. These persons must possess positive and constructive attitude and approach.

If we are not in a position to do anything then we must support all those who are serving the community and people in the right ways. This is the best we can do for ourselves and others.

             Children’s Dignity Foundation (CDF) is one example to prove that even being thousands of miles away from your near and dear ones or people you want to help you can do it practically and successfully. Monitoring and accountability is a must to check misuse of powers, funds and inclusion of wrong people. This is very important.       

            With determination and commitment, Shaukat A. Malik, Riaz Hussain, team members and supporters are moving ahead as a team to serve the people in Pakistan and Canada with the help of Canadians anywhere in the world. For this purpose they have formed CANOPI (Canadians Active Networking Of Peoples Interest). 

CANOPI will help connect people to right people and places within and outside the community, Canada and worldwide to solve their problems and provide them proper guidance and solutions. It will prove really beneficial for all communities and people, particularly Pakistanis.  Without active and practical support of  the people, particularly community, it cannot be done and success can never be achieved.

            They have also formed Global Diversity Media Corporation (GDMC) to implement plans of media expansion and improvements. 

            Shaukat A. Malik is a Canadian of Pakistani Origin (CPO) since 1992 in Canada. He is serving South Asian Community as a writer, a teacher, a legal practitioner, a volunteer, a counsellor, a community activist, a community development worker and a strong advocate of humanity. He could be reached at (416)751-1212 or email: and

             Riaz Hussain has spent a number of years contributing time to community initiatives. Since 1992 in Canada, he is providing community orientation that familiarizes

new immigrants with their social suitability in Canada.

            He is the active vice-president and member Board of Directors at Children Dignity Foundation. He is the founder of CDF Secondary School in Pakistan     

            Visit editorial page of `Pakistan Abroad’ at for details of both Shaukat Ali Malik and Riaz Hussain. They could be reached at (416)751 1212 or email:

            Rushna Khan, a young, creative, aggressive and dynamic female member of the community, living in Toronto, Canada, is contributing tremendously for welfare, protection and promotion of children. Her work has won recognition.

            `Stolen Lives’, a short documentary on child labour in Pakistan, has been included in the University of Toronto Film Festival and will be screened on March 13, 2010. `Stolen Lives’ got nominated in Kara film festival 2010
and will be screened on culture unplugged in June.

            For details about `Stolen Lives’, joining the group and her works, email Rushna Khan: or visit Facebook. People like her need support.

            If we look around, we will find hundreds of such people. We only need to search for them and promote and support them.

            Such people are making Pakistan and the Pakistani community anywhere in the world and the people and countries where they are settled proud with their tremendous contributions. They are struggling hard for recognition and achievement of their aims, goals and missions.     

            It was not my intention to write such a long article but I could not stop myself. This I do realize. However, it was important to share and spread the important message and inspire and motivate the community members to come forward and join those who are involved in creative, positive and constructive work and making all of us proud.

            This is how we can promote understanding and awareness and this is how we can help each other.  Indeed, it is true that united we stand and divided we fall.

             ---Javed Zaheer, Free Expression Award Winner (NEPMCC---Canada), Desi Idol Recognition Award Winner, Member & Honorary Director of NEPMCC, Veteran Active Member (VAM) of Toronto Press Club, Member of The National Club, Member of The Ontario Club, Honorary Editor of English Weekly `Pakistan Abroad’, Chief Editor (Honorary) of English Weekly `The Ambassador’, ex-Senior Sub-Editor of English Daily DAWN, Pakistan, and Honorary Director of Canadian Active Networking Of Peoples Interest (CANOPI) is contributing purely on Voluntary and Honorary Basis in order to serve all people and communities with the spirit of community and humanity service. The objective is to make both the Pakistani media and the Pakistani community powerful, influential and effective. Contact: (416)696-0981/