Conseil national de la presse et des medias ethniques du Canada

                “Canada’s Other Voices”

Office of the President


March 1, 2011


                                E  L E C T I O N S   2011


Dear Friends and Colleagues, Sisters and Brothers in the ethnic press and media:  As we are preparing for our general elections to be held at the March 14th, 2011 meeting, I would like to remind you all of your obligations and rights.

According to our constitution every member organization News Paper or Radio and TV Program has only one vote during the elections. If one organization has more members than one, then it is up to them to decide which one is casting the vote for the medium they representing.

According to the third amendment to our constitution we are electing for the next two years March 14, 2011 to March 2013, 29 members for our board of directors, representing the 468 member organizations.


The Executive Branch :

The vote is for:

One President, CEO and Chairman of the Board.

Two Senior Vice Presidents (One Man and One Woman)

A Senior Advisor to the President

An Executive Secretary to the President

One Secretary General

One Treasurer

One V-P Public Relations

One V-P Finance



Following 17 Vice Presidents with special responsibilities to each one of them, in order to better serve  the needs of our members.


Finally, Four Agents General. Each one of them  representing the organization to the province he/she is responsible.

The Powers of the Agent General, are equals to those of the Senior Vice Presidents and they are part of the Executive.


In order to qualify participation to elections the member should be financially in good standing, which means he/she renewed the $ 30.00 membership for the current fiscal year 2011.


 As our ombudsman has been elected just recently and has been serving for the last few months only, he remains in his position for the rest of the 24 months period.

Nominations for the board and the renewal of membership ended on February 28, 2011 and only members acted in accordance have the right to vote and to be voted from the list of candidates.

As the list of the candidates is under the jurisdiction of our ombudsman and Chief Electoral Officer, I will inform you of the names of the candidates during the week and as soon as Dr. Tajdolati send me a copy of it.


The elections are going to be on Monday March the 14th, 2011 at the Main Legislature Building, Committee room N# 2, main floor west, Queen’s Park. Toronto Ontario.

The right to vote remains with every member all over the dominion of Canada.

Members outside Toronto could vote by email at or or by telephone to 416- 921 8926 or 416- 996 4229.


The Hon. Sophia Aggelonitis, Ontario’s Minister of Revenue will be our visiting speaker before the elections.


I am looking forward to have the opportunity to welcome you all in person at the meeting and thank you all, for your participation in the democratic process of renewal of the board of directors, of our organization.


With respect and gratitude,

Thomas S. Saras

President and CEO