Conseil national de la presse et des medias ethniques du Canada

    “Canada’s Other Voices”

 Office of the President

     June 15, 2011

     All the members of the Ethnic Press of Canada

Dear friends and colleagues, brothers and sisters in the ethnic press and media:

 As July the 1st is coming close I want to remind you all that the NEPMCC as your representative is organizing a celebration on Saturday July 2nd, in order to participate in the national celebrations.

 The event is taking place at the McNeil Room of the Whistler’s at 995 Broadview Ave., (Broadview and O’Connor), just three blocks north of Danforth Ave, on Broadview. There is going to be a full seating dinner with wine and also other drinks will be served. Also we are going to have live music and colorful entertainment. The ticket for this event is only $ 15.00 dollars per person and the children are free to attend. This event is subsided by the organization and private donations.

  We have invited a number of VIP’s to share with us our love to Canada.

 Until today we do have about 100 tickets available to members of the industry, this is a perfect opportunity for us to meet and know its other and our families. This is the reason that today I am sending out this message asking you to get your tickets as soon as possible as we are running out of them.

 For your tickets please call:

416- 921 8926  or 416 – 921 4229  Asha Rajak

 Or email at  


   Thank you,

 Thomas S. Saras