Conseil national de la presse et des medias ethniques du Canada

                                                “Canada’s Other Voices”

Office of the President

October 23, 2011


Dear friends and colleagues, Sisters and Brothers in the Ethnic Press and Media:

As the day for our Awards is approaching and we get ready for this great significant event I want to thank all those helped for the preparation of the annual event.  Thanks goes mainly to Dr. Tajdolati and his committee members Irene Keroglidis and Asha rajak  for a job very well done. Taking this opportunity today I want to remind you that our monthly meeting for November is planned as scheduled for Monday, November 14, 2011 at the committee room N# 2, at the main legislative building, Queen’s Park, at 6:00 pm.

During the meeting we are going to distribute to attending members the new pin of the organization as well as the special agendas we prepared for the New Year. In my next letter I would tell you who our speaker will be. As this is going to be our last meeting before the “Annual Get Together Event” which is scheduled for Friday December the 16th at 6:00 pm at the Cypriot Community Centre at  6 Thorncliffe Park Drive at Thornicliffe  Plaza, Toronto East.

We are going to have a speaker on the occasion either from Ottawa or Queen’s Park,  as still I am working on the preparation of the Awards. There are 240 tickets available for this event of $ 30.00 value its one, according to your decision. If you want to participate with your family to this event, you are welcome to purchase your tickets as they are given on a first come first get it, basis. Please use the occasion of the November meeting and bring a cheque with you for the tickets. I am asking you all to use your cheque payable to National Ethnic Press and Media Council of Canada, or NEPMCC to p[ay for the tickets. No tickets will be given out without proper payment. The organization needs the money to pay for the needs of this event in which there is going to be plenty of food, halal meet, fish, lamb, suvlaki, Greek wine, and everything else you want for the occasion.

For more information please call  Asha Rajak at 416- 921 8926 or write to her  Or  Thomas S Saras or Ned Blair.

Thank you, I am looking forward to welcome you all with your family members.

Thomas S. Saras